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Greetings to you all I'm here to talk about ROOBEE. First of all what's this ROOBEE people do talk about? ROOBEE is an investment platform which allows its users to purchase various types of products for Investment. the minimum amount starts from $10 only. I've developed an interest on this platform some months back which made me do a lot of research about how the platform works, how it operates, its lapses its advantage and its disadvantage. I also came to understand that this investment platSee full review

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Hash bit block chain is among the top notch block chain in the crypto world. It was created and launched about a year ago. Some individuals around the globe are yet to discover what Hash bit could offer for its purpose. This block chain known as Hash bit is a decentralized block chain which has the capacity to be among the top block chain in the crypto world. Important features to note about is its fastness , very easy and safer those are the unique features it posses. Secondly when it comes See full review

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Now adays there are over thousands of CRYPTO currency exchange platform available and suitable for traders depending on your choice and type. As an investor as I am I make use of 3 exchange platform but that doesn't means I won't try other exchange platforms. Some exchange platforms differs from each other because of unique features present in it. Now I wanna lay some emphasis on BKEX exchange platform. BKEX is an exchange platform that I feel was developed by the Asians (China specifically) bSee full review

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My little review on this company called bityard company

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Exchange as we all know is a market place where commodities and many different types of financial instrument are traded. The main functions an asset perform is that it ensure that a fair and orderly trade occur. Exchanges also provides top companies also with the government a good platform to sell to the common public. Now bityard, bityard has its headquarters in Singapore. This exchange platform(bityard) has a unique platform and also a friendly platform that makes it very easy to use. It aSee full review

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Thanks to the revain platform who brought about about this company called disrupt motion to my knowledge and I'll be sharing my experience with you on disrupt motion. Disrupt motion as we all know is a crypto house as I normally to call it which sees reason of merging video production and DeFi in other to propel a good branding and marketing products. However to illustrate critical marketing and peerless skills, it takes on a lot of professional in block chain and DeFi in other to station ProjSee full review

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Many investors today are looking forward to having a pure and legit exchange platform but on the other hand many crypto exchange has evolved in recent past but not all is being used because of it lacks what investors needed most.. I will be talking about this crypto exchange called Thousand Ex. This exchange came into light last year though not that popular like other exchange platforms.. It has a goal to be a diversified ecosystem that will offer a digital market for fungible and none fungibleSee full review

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sCoreto is a highly recommend projects that allows digital currency traders. This platform also has its own token known as COR.. Users can gain and get benefits from this token. You can also stake the token etc.. This platform is a great platform.. The Coreto platform uses a very high security block chain Machine learning etc.. Coreto came with a mission to develop a global system. I might not be a Coreto user but I'm looking forward to try it out because I'm just hearing about it for the fiSee full review

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Gargarin launchpad is platform for new investment projects which are about to be launched into the market. The Gargarin launchpad currency can be bought and use it to invest on their site. If you as an investor encountered or face any problem or challenges regarding any project, I'll recommend you to try using the Gargarin launchpad site. Many investors are looking for a project one way or the other that can multiply their investment The Gargarin launchpad will be of help to this investors.. See full review

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Wodo network is an interesting projects with a good inter phase with a software solution. Wodo network allows users be able to tackle their problems giving them a solution to their problem. They have a team which are always working around the clock to make sure they see the success of the project. Wodo also has an aspect which is termed as wodo academy In this academy you'll get to learn alot and benefit alot. The platform is an open source platform so therefore there will be a lot of APISee full review

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The best way as an individual and as an investor to earn some extra cash is through passive income And the best company to give you this is GENIUS ASSETS. Thus by investing in Genius assets, you will benefit and also gain a passive income. Now some people may ask what is GENIUS ASSETS and what's its aim and purpose. I would answer that below Genius assets is a place for users to buy, sell and also transact high value assets and its aim is to help crypto currency enthusiast to invest in variouSee full review

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LGBTQ network foundation issues LGBTQ token crypto currency. This company is an organization whose aim is to maximize task and to deliver crypto currency worldwide in other to leverage the USD market. As a business personnel, if you meet the needs of LGBTBE you will be certified. Also LGBTQ is a non governmental civil right and community which promotes the civil and right of human. LGBTQ now provides Android and iOS devices which delivers LGBTQ token for free and also for sending cash andSee full review

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Ton bridge is a cool project with a goal. Its aim is to upgrade the ability of blockchains so as to enable communication with one another. This TON bridge is also given room for bridging of the ethereum block chain. Like we all know, ethereum very well its fees(gas fee) is too high and that has been one of my biggest challenge coping up with the issue of their gas fee but with the introduction of TON bridge, its now easy compared to before to bridge ethereum over to the TON block chain. TON bSee full review

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Ton swap exchange as the name implies is a friendly user interface. I made a deep research and I found out that this TON swap is a replacement of centralized exchanges. So easy to use, very simple to navigate. Even the least individual with the little knowledge can make use of TON swap thereby making it a starting point for the Novice and amateurs. I haven't been opportune to make use of this exchange platform but believe me this exchange platform(Ton swap) is a good choice and option for a ToSee full review

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BTC winex

Revainrating 2 out of 5

This exchange called Btc winex used to be an exchange that gives users the chance to earn while they are trading. Many good transactions were executed on the platform and many users normally receive income inform of BTC as this service was available then to offer good promotions and airdrops. But right now the site is out of service and its totally down. And there is no other way one can access the main page. No one actually knows what really happened to the site. And according to my researchSee full review

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

365stream is a centralise exchange that was launched in the year 2018. and right now there is no clear information about this platform neither its developers. This platform doesn't have a good inter phase and it also seems to be very dull. But it still have clear and navigable dashboard. The exchange is also national and international platform that is accessible. It comprises of English language, Chinese language, and Japanese language. As for me, i don't really have trust in this exchange platfSee full review

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Revainrating 2 out of 5

Exenium was never an exchange platform as it claimed to be. This project is a huge scam to users and its actively and currently functioning in the market today. It has one platform which is giving access to one casino that's still unknown or maybe a network that's a gambling site. This platform in available in Russian language therefore making the content very difficult to read There is no reliable source to show that this exchange platform was once an exchange platform. The platform has a loSee full review

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

This is block chain platform that's impossible to reach. The platform was released as an exchange platform and its idea was to make sure it serves the crypto community. Moreover this page was not really known as of then by traders. And instead of it growing up, it got outdated. The team of the platform wanted it to be successful. They did everything possible to improve. Though they earn less Since there was no much transactions it was difficult to measure the tragedy in the market place. OfSee full review

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My little reviews and facts on lulu company

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Lulu is an emiranti multi-national company which operate a chain of hyper market and also retail companies. Its headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi in united Arab emirate. This company was founded in the year 2000 by a man known as Yusuf ali from India. The company has a total number of 57000 employee and has a revenue of 7.4billion USD. And the type of business it runs is a limited liability company. From my own perspective, Lulu is the fastest growing retail chain right now in the middle easSee full review

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My research about RECOTAP and its beneficial aspect

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Today I will be talking about RECOTAP. I will start by explaining what RECOTAP is all about. RECOTAP is a next generation ABM platform which helps various marketers to be able to carry out targeted account based engagement. This RECOTAP is good for development of start ups and enterprise that seeks to better their marked performance. And also from my last research, RECOTAP is rated 4.7 out of 5stars. And also RECOTAP is usually used by the information technology Another interesting fact abSee full review

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Beex is a nice trading platform that is face so many issues down to accessing its web page. Right now it is impossible to access the web page because because there is an error code there. And as i speak, this issue has not be resolved. And i think that the team doesn't even know whats happening on their webpage because they are not working actively. And its not easy to contact their company nor find any help. many users like me are trying to understand this project but i have only limited iSee full review

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