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LGBTQ Network Foundation

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About LGBTQ Network Foundation

Creating a Social Networking Community IOS & Android Microblogging App with support LGBTQ People from all Around The World. Ability to create Own Community. Communicate among themselves, in any languages, using technical capabilities. Legal support for LGBTQ community. Supporting different LGBTQ Crowdfunding Campaigns. Sponsorships & Scholarships for LGBTQ Students & local LGBTQ Community all Around The World.

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my opinion about LGBTQ.

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LGBTQ Network Foundation

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contributing to gender equality

Gender discrimination has been from ancient times to the present day one of the manifest evils of world society. Not surprisingly, multiple changes have been made to laws and institutions with a…See more


This is a Company with a great reputation in the History of Philanthropy and it helps in some of Strata of Society. The company over 45 years of protection of the LGBT right in the society today…See more

A respectfull platform

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LGBTQ Network

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"We are here if you need us"

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My thoughts on GBTLQ.

The main purpose of this enterprise is to create an iOS and Android Microblog app that supports GBTLQ people from all over the world. He also has the ability to create his own community. You can…See more

A project which displays the power of blockchain in pursuit of equal rights

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LGBTQ Network Foundation brief about wallet ...

It is well known that the LGBTQ Network Foundation has the ability to create IOS and Android Microblogging programs that support LGBTQ people from all over the world. It would be great to say that…See more