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About LGBTQ Network Foundation

Creating a Social Networking Community IOS & Android Microblogging App with support LGBTQ People from all Around The World. Ability to create Own Community. Communicate among themselves, in any languages, using technical capabilities. Legal support for LGBTQ community. Supporting different LGBTQ Crowdfunding Campaigns. Sponsorships & Scholarships for LGBTQ Students & local LGBTQ Community all Around The World.

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Great app idk if it for me but maybe for you

Was very good experience I tested it not for myself but just Quality of app has very smooth running , not too to much lag but definitely lil laggy , I would recommend any app for spending if it hasn’t related to you personally excepted treatment…See full review

It can be for everyone

experience is not for everyone and can cause diversity so make it known that anyone can get in. I think people in the lgbtq circle will really benefit but hope it doesn't cause more separation. We as a nation are divided so keep it equal . it can…See full review


As the LGBTQ empire go through different ups and in many parts of the world, they have shown great improvement in the past few months. Using LGBTQ for awhile now, and it has been great all the way... But after a while I noticed few glitches…See full review

my assessment on LGBTQ.

Rainbow wallet is a keen wallet and appreciates the simplicity of managing, making the wallet and putting your own data and your things and this wallet ties down you to send coins from one companion to another and you just need to send the location…See full review


l have been using lgbtq for sometimes now and has found it useful in so many ways. It features are nice and well developed.lgbtq is an online exchange platform, it seeks to strengthen relationship between everyone through exchange. Lgbtq is has…See full review

The most reasnable coin for LGBT community

As the LGBTQ community faces segregation in many parts of the world, the crypto project has gone beyond to ensure that the community is included in the global community. The main goal of the project is to bridge the gap between the awareness of its…See full review

Adding Pink to the Crypto-conomy

At the heart, the LGBT Network Foundation is a non-profit organization that has one goal in mind: to create a Pink Economy. It is apparent that the network has realized the space that cryptocurrency has in 2021 and the necessity of implementing…See full review

Very Interesting

I must admit that I have never heard of this company. I informed myself a little, even if it was difficult because the link on Revain does not lead to anything. I googled it but found many links leading to realities with similar names. On Medium I…See full review

Big-ups for LGBTQ Network Foundation!

I am always in favor to those project taking care of social matters, especially if they are aimed to support minorities, discriminated group of people or social issue impacting as all. The LGBTQ Network Foundation is a brilliant idea, a very…See full review

LGBTQ Blockchain Project

I find it extremely cool that the LGBTQ community can use their own project on the blockchain, this would mean great and successful support. So many people who are aware of the cryptographic world can know more about the LGBTQ community…See full review