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Review on LGBTQ Network Foundation by Okaner Demir


It is a successful company with an impressive history of philanthropy and support of various strata of society.

This company has forty - five years of experience in protecting LGBT rights, and through its career it has achieved many of the goals that I will now speak of.

First, it was able to provide all means of livelihood for many poor and needy homosexuals and also to protect their rights and support them financially and morally. Secondly, she created her own cryptocurrency and a lot of gay people are trading it so that she entered a lot of international exchanges and became a niche in the crypto market. Thirdly, the establishment of a charitable organization that collects donations from the people to provide the needs of gay and integrate its community is strong, as this institution includes the training team volunteered to train the LGBT discover their talents, develop and achieve their projects and even their dreams.

Fourthly, this institution has created special places for older people and gay people to live in complete comfort.

Fifth, it contains many economic walks and commercial movements in the world, and it is considered one of the companies that positively affect people's economic and financial lives.

, it provides decent jobs for gays and transsexuals to be an important and useful component of its society.

In the end in my personal opinion that her achievements are fantastic and when she donated to the organization everything was easy and fine and the team style is very respectable.

They deserve fame and everywhere.

Pros & cons

  • Contains a charity to support seniors and gays
  • It has its own cryptocurrency and global business and economic activity
  • No cons...