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LeadX Capital Partners is multinational dedicated team, Where they invest technology and expertise to help with investment, financing and entrepreneurship. They helped me improve the efficiency of my work, and my sales capabilities, also develop the marketing in my practical job. which they gave me tips to expand my business network. With more than seventy companies, LeadX work with the most important digital business that connects consumers with companies, where they target startup companies whSee full review

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Emerson Collective , It is an institution to preserve human rights, whatever he is , and protecting the rights of immigrants those who do not have legal paperwork. They cannot get their right to work, learn and live because of their immigration They give them their rights, and help them get a better reality. This is the right of every human being to live with dignity, and the right to education for children, providing a good learning environment for everyone who needs it. I attended their humanSee full review

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RHODIUM is a big team supports beginners in their start-up businesses, And they support all entrepreneurs in their financing and help them with the practical and legal experience they have They have extensive experience around the world in business and an important network in leading businesses They help ambitious and energetic entrepreneurs and people with distinctive and innovative ideas, as they leave an important impact in this world. When I tried to contact them to support me with my greatSee full review

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Financier Saint James, It is an institution aimed at reconstruction and interested in all commercial and real estate activities. Where it has legal, technical and commercial experience to monitor and follow up on all real estate projects professionally. in addition to its 20% stake in the emblematic Paris Beaugrenelle shopping center , they buy buildings and real estate to re-improve and develop it with the best tools and with the most skilled architects. The specialists in this artistic, commerSee full review

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Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is a humanitarian organization to support people around the world. Where it provides the best types of education for those who cannot obtain it, It provides also scholarships for low-income people to let them get their rights in good education with high quality schools until graduation. they support the schools and the educators with needed tools and all education stuff to improve the learning environment. one time i have met a family where they had been helpedSee full review

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Baby and Child Store is a company for babies engaged in the sale of baby supplies of baby carriages, car seats, children's room furniture and toys at competitive prices and suitable for everyone. The company is an international retailer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. It offers outstanding service in the SE6 London industry and has premium brands on its website. This company comes with BabyandChildStore and its products are all fully guaranteed and offers fast, efficient deliveSee full review

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Appliances Online Store was founded by John Winning in 2005. This store has become one of the largest retail stores in Australia. It distributes washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, faucets, cooking ovens, small electronic appliances, furniture and bedding. And because he was determined to offer convenient and easy shopping. Where this store is famous for its fast fulfillment of orders and dealing with international brands known worldwide. Appliances Online StSee full review

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Furniture Direct UK is one of the leading furniture companies in the UK and this company is run by a family of leading furniture industry professionals with more than three decades of experience working in large brands in their field to provide the best furniture for the home. Over the years she has worked in retail and developed her skills and this company fully supports work and customers. It has bedrooms, dining rooms and office and it helps the buyer to give him the best type, high quality aSee full review

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Leader Storesis to sell all home and decoration products and operate in well-known brands this company offers doors, floors and lighting which are of high quality in the UK and great service. Its main goal is to sell online to facilitate the purchase and search for new home and outdoor furniture every week customers browse the website. The company is one of the fastest growing e-commerce retailers in the UK and has 100% success and stores thousands of products in a wide range of styles, types anSee full review

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Furniture Loft is one of the largest furniture stores in the East Midlands with the highest quality and lowest price furniture in the UK with over 50 years of experience in the furniture industry. It has incredibly elegant pieces of furniture to make the House distinctive in the designs and warm and comfortable and it does not only work in furniture made of oak and dyed furniture but offers a range of antique furniture and can shop on its website and has a store that can come to and see all the See full review

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Spotted Penguin is the company making furniture, home office, work desks, and specializes in providing a wide range we office furniture online. You deliver to your premises with an option for a complete installation service. The company includes desks, chairs and a storage desk and offers free delivery in the UK at affordable prices. These products are more comfortable and suitable to work at home and in the nearest relationships that have been formed in the place of action between the ball and See full review

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Home Zone Furniture was established in 2007 and has grown to include 77 stores across Texas. It gives customers personal attention and care and offers stylish and durable furniture. The prices of this company are reasonable for other companies and it offers competition in price and can enjoy a comfortable environment without commissions. The company's partners are there to help buyers, and it has sales representatives to guide the buyer. In this company transparency is important and honesty throSee full review

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DImples Baby is one of the stores that offers a lot of products such as car seats for babies and toddlers, strollers, toys, accessories, baby dining chairs and bedroom furniture. All Dimples Baby store products are of high quality as they are famous for the quality of their products and have become a valuable name that everyone knows. They also have very convenient and imaginative prices that you will not see in any other store. They deal with a lot of international companies and brands includinSee full review

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US Appliance company is one of the best home appliances and electronic companies founded in 1963 and is one of the largest retail companies in the national level. Offering all the premium brands in the field of hardware and catering to the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. It is one of the largest home electrical dealers and one of the largest online home appliance vendors in Michigan and has experienced sales consultants to help you choose what customers need and wheSee full review

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Factory Direct Craft distributes all kinds of lace, fabrics, flowers, home decorations, wedding decorations, accessories, lighting, banners, dishes, candles and many more things that we need for an elegant and unique decor. This company began its work with a special place for cars. Then expanded the company's business and expands its inventory. Established catalogue of all its products in an orderly manner so that you can get what you want in less time. They also have their own website since 199See full review

megahobby logo

Megahobby is a company based in the USA founded in 1999 and established to support hobbies. The company has attracted a lot for them sholarly her website and find everything you wished customer company owns megahobby a variety of paints and supplies, books, shopping and all the needs of its customers. The company has expanded its work to include puzzles and paint by numbers Group Science and works with a passion found over three generations to give its customers passion and happiness with theirSee full review

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A Cherry on Top Crafts is one of the largest e-commerce stores for Scarpbooking. This works to display all the necessary crafts of paper, needle crafts, stickers and adhesive and also the colors of many things that anyone needs to carry out his hobby and profession and school supplies of books, notebooks and bags. This company provides every craftsman with all the necessary equipment. In case you are a novice craftsman and you want to get extra money . This company receives people to hire and prSee full review

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Bluemoon Scrapbooking is one of the companies that owns paper towel products with uniquely and specially decorated drawings or book covers that an individual may need . These products are offered at very low prices to suit everyone. They also have an online platform that I recommend to follow because they offer a lot of products of different shapes. Bluemoon Scrapbooking platform offers a lot of offers and discount coupons randomly to all its customers. They also have staff who work amicably andSee full review

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Biblio is a company located in Seville, North Carolina that supports independent and community companies and makes great efforts to find triple profits. It is a small, independent, private company with more than 100 million used books and offers all the rare books and the best writers. He played an important role in literacy and reap big profits. It built 16 libraries in the South American village in 2004. What impressed me about this company is that it provides all the lost books you find in thSee full review

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ValoreBooks is engaged in the sale, purchase and rental of all. Textbooks and has a customer support team to provide convenience, time and money to university students and save on students exorbitant amounts. It is a student-friendly company which is why it has given students the option to rent and more than 18,000 vendors and rental providers compete to offer books at the cheapest prices. Therefore, I recommend that you be one of the pioneers of this company because it guarantees you the sale See full review

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