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Review on Emerson Collective by Okaner Demir

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My review on Emerson Collective.

Emerson Collective , It is an institution to preserve human rights, whatever he is ,
and protecting the rights of immigrants those who do not have legal paperwork.
They cannot get their right to work, learn and live because of their immigration
They give them their rights, and help them get a better reality.
This is the right of every human being to live with dignity,
and the right to education for children, providing a good learning environment for everyone who needs it.
I attended their humanitarian work to achieve the right to work for an immigrant person,
where they helped him preserve his right and obtain his proper legal papers.
They also care about the environment,
and they follow global climate problems Where their interests be.
They support in all areas, human rights , environmental , educationalز
Emerson Collective deserves respect.

  • Is the most powerful multinational services in the world
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