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About JAFCO Japan

JAFCO operates a series of funds to channel risk capital to start-ups in Japan, US, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, and Singapore. Targeting high-potential companies with innovative and creative management strategies, JAFCO provides support for enhancing corporate value and expanding business through deep involvement in management. JAFCO currently manages total capital commitments of approximately 460 billion yen.

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Jafco Japan: A Japanese Venture With The Aim Of Helping Japan And Impacting The Global Market By Contributing To People's Lives Through Technological Innovations.

Jafco Japan is a Japanese firm has can be obviously assumed from its name. that plays the role of incubator and a private equity firm. The main aim of Jafco Japan is to lift Japan out of stagnation both financially and in other aspects, majorly...See full review


experienc An important observation I made while making review about JAFCO Japan startup support company is its credible high profile business investors and CEO users that support the company and gives it high users trust and transparency. There is...See full review

It has been struggling for many years without getting tired.

I had known JAFCO Japan for a long time, but I didn't think it would gain such popularity now. Even if the general service focus was initially on the country where the company is located, now the number of countries where customers are located is...See full review

The company is growing slowly, slowly.

The project was created several years ago in Japan. And the creators launched the project. And the company will grow very quickly in sectors such as venture capital funds, private equity and incubators, firms. They choose a painstaking company that...See full review

The goals are great, but the service it provides seems a bit lacking

The company was founded by a large team in Japan many years ago. In fact, although it failed to attract a large customer base in the first years of its operation, later people realized the benefit of its service and gained popularity. Currently...See full review

JAFCO Japan...

It is an international investment system that works in American, Japanese and Asian companies and works in the development of Technology, Information and electronic services and does large works to reach hundreds of millions of investors to develop...See full review


JAFCO is a company which is dedicated towards supporting and enhancing the growth of startup with an outstanding management skill to boast the start-up innovation. JAFCO is mainly interested in investing into start-up with a plan or aim of taking a...See full review

Review on JAFCO

Hello, today I will tell you about JAFCO Group Co Ltd, which was founded in April 1973 and still exists and operates now. From the date of its establishment and the fact that it has invested in more than 4000 projects, we can understand how...See full review

JAFCO JAPAN is a National broadband company.

JAFCO Japan is a perfect trade avenue operating in one of the richest countries in the world.The Japanese government is under a constitution to check every trade that is conducted in it country through a lincensed system.Every business operating in...See full review

JAFCO Japan: Venture fund for technology ventures

The very accelerated dynamics in which it is moving in the new financial world ventures play an almost leading role, there is a chain composed of: Ventures, Accelerators, partner companies and Financiers. The financiers with their funds for...See full review