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Description of KfW

KfW gives impetus to economic, social and ecological development worldwide. As a promotional bank under the ownership of the Federal Republic and the Länder (federal states), it offers support to encourage sustainable improvement in economic, social, ecological living and business conditions, among others in the areas of small and medium-sized enterprise, entrepreneurialship, environmental protection, housing, infrastructure, education finance, project and export finance, and development cooperation.


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Type of review

The KfW or Reconstruction Credit Bank was founded in December 1948 as part of the post war plan known as the Marshall Plan, by Hermann Josef Abs and Otto Schniewind with the firm purpose of financing the German economy devastated by the effects of the Second World War. KfW Development Bank is considered an experienced bank or development institution with financing expertise, which has been helping the German Federal Government to achieve all its development policy and international…

  • KfW shows expertise in development policy and many years of national and international experience.
  • It supports the establishment of framework conditions and economic and social infrastructure in developing countries.
  • It promotes entrepreneurship at the local level to create better living conditions and prospects.
  • Supports the German and European economy and finances corporate investments, exports and imports.
  • none at this time

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KfW is a German investment and development bank and also the 3rd largest bank in Germany. (on balance sheet basis) KfW cares more about the environment and therefore promotes environmental and climate protection worldwide. It offers opportunities in many areas such as energy and environment, medium-sized enterprises, and start-ups. German banks have always been like this. KfW is one of the world's leading promotional banks. 40% of the funding volume goes to climate and environmental…

  • KfW is a big bank. It is the third largest bank in Germany. it is very successful.
  • services within the scope of environmental and climate measures
  • financing development projects around the world
  • nothing for now, i will update if i do

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A huge investor

KFW is very different from other investing companies. Because KFW company is one of the largest investment companies worldwide. KFW is an investment and development bank. This company provides massive support. KFW's supports are divided into 3; 1) Support for private customers: Support for properties, for Educational institutions and for starting a business. 2) Support for companies: Support for the expansion and scaling of organizations, support for energy institutions and environmental…

  • It is a very transparent company/bank. It presents its monthly and annual reports transparently to its customers
  • It has the power to invest in small-medium-large all stage companies and institutions
  • It provides opportunities for education and career
  • -

KFW for me is remarkable among other business banks that exist today. It has been offering its assistance since 1948. It is difficult to state in this overview all of the benefits and responsibilities that KFW offers, what I can promise you is that they are a careful bank zeroed in on monetary, social and biological improvement in Germany and all through the planet. If you enter their online interface you will really need to see the worth in all that this uncommon bank does. Its need is

  • In spite of the way that it is arranged in Frankfurt am Guideline, it has legitimate depiction in around 80 particular regions, making business openings for more than 6,500 people.
  • KFC places assets into headway and what's to come. Propelling the progression of adventures related to sensible new development, among them we find, for example, the usage of feasible force sources.
  • If you enter its online interface you will ponder about the amount of undertakings that KFW maintains, in a comparative morning you will encounter enthusiastic affections for the advantages and openings it offers.
  • It is a bank centered around improving the financing market for inventive developments.
  • It offers a great deal of remunerations in different money related principles.
  • Move your delegates by offering them different social benefits.
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My research and review about this Bank (KFW)

KFW as a commercial bank, to me and what I have researched and know about this bank I think is one of the best commercial banks that is still exist today and the bank have been providing support and help to many organization and even countries since 1948 and still doing it now but what make be think that this bank worth recommending is that they are very responsible bank and very committed to economic, environmental development and even social development in Germany and even all around the glob

  • They provide help and support to many organization
  • They are among the best commercial banks of the world
  • Found nothing

KFW for me is outstanding amongst other business banks that exist today. It has been offering its help since 1948. It is hard to state in this audit every one of the advantages and commitments that KFW offers, what I can guarantee you is that they are a dependable bank focused on monetary, social and ecological advancement in Germany and all throughout the planet. On the off chance that you enter their online interface you will actually want to see the value in everything that this incredi

  •  In spite of the fact that it is situated in Frankfurt am Fundamental, it has lawful portrayal in around 80 distinct areas, creating work openings for in excess of 6,500 individuals.
  • KFC puts resources into advancement and what's to come. Advancing the advancement of activities identified with supportable turn of events, among them we find, for instance, the utilization of sustainable power sources.
  • In the event that you enter its web-based interface you will wonder about the quantity of activities that KFW upholds, in a similar morning you will begin to look all starry eyed at the benefits and openings it offers.
  • It is a bank focused on improving the funding market for imaginative advances.
  • It offers a lot of rewards in various monetary standards.
  • Rouse your workers by offering them various social advantages.
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The Promising bank KfW in our future

KfW is one of the world’s progressive promotional banks. This bank tries to improve and develop economic, social and environmental living conditions all over the world in the name of the Federal Republic of Germany and the federal states since 1948. I want to note that KfW has own subsidiary KfW Capital, and together they help to promote young and innovative companies with their ideas and visions. All can trust them because of first-class credit standing, high reputation in the international…

  • first-class credit standing
  • high reputation in the international capital markets
  • Excellen page on website
  • KfW's bonds As a safe investment.
  • big opportunities
  • improving the venture capital market for innovative technologies
  • Nothing to add

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A big investor supported by government

KWF was founded in 1948 in Germany. The target of the bank is supporting sustainable improvement to economic, social and environmental conditions around the world. The activity is focused on the future of the whole world, as well as on the acute problems that the world faces on a daily basis. KWF supports all individuals, companies and government institutions in their investments in the future. You can look at the bank's portfolio, and see the results achieved with the help of their services in

  • Globaly investments
  • Support developing countries
  • Activity on the future of the world, and in daily problems around the world.
  • The 5th biggest investment company around the world
  • Noting negative

Revainrating 4 out of 5

An immense financial backer

KFW is totally different from other contributing organizations. Since KFW organization is one of the biggest speculation organizations around the world. KFW is a speculation and improvement bank. This organization offers monstrous help. KFW's backings are isolated into 3; 1) Backing for private clients: Backing for properties, for Instructive establishments and for beginning a business. 2) Backing for organizations: Backing for the extension and scaling of associations, support for e

  • It is an exceptionally straightforward organization/bank. It presents its month to month and yearly reports straightforwardly to its clients
  • It has the ability to put resources into little medium-enormous all stage organizations and establishments
  • It gives freedoms to instruction and vocation
  • Nothing.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

KFW: A great bank that thinks and invests in the future!

KFW for me is one of the best commercial banks that exist today. It has been providing its support since 1948. It is difficult to state in this review all the benefits and contributions that KFW offers, what I can assure you is that they are a responsible bank committed to economic, social and environmental development in Germany and around the world. If you enter their web portal you will be able to appreciate all the work that this great bank does. Its priority is to support people…

  • Although it is based in Frankfurt am Main, it has legal representation in around 80 different locations, generating employment opportunities for more than 6,500 people.
  • KFC invests in development and the future. Promoting the development of projects related to sustainable development, among them we find, for example, the use of renewable energies.
  • If you enter its web portal you will marvel at the number of projects that KFW supports, in the same morning you will fall in love with the advantages and opportunities it offers.
  • It is a bank committed to improving the venture capital market for innovative technologies.
  • It offers a considerable amount of bonuses in different currencies.
  • Motivate your employees by offering them numerous social benefits.
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An excellent company in every way.

I have to say that KfW is a platform that was established more than 70 years ago and has attracted a lot of attention of users and followers with the work they have done. The working principles and conditions of this company, which was established in Germany and aims to reach all over the world, are also extremely good. This company, which does not only focus on its own business, also has many social responsibility projects that it has done and participated in. It is a platform that is in a

  • They are involved in many social responsibility projects.
  • It is a company that attaches great importance to human developments and needs.
  • It is also a very good platform in terms of social media diversity and usage.
  • Absolutely nothing.

KFW is a specialist bank. It is totally different from the usual banks commonly characterized by deposits and branches. KFW was established since 1948 and it was founded for the purpose of providing funds for developmental purposes and sustainable development. It is a public company, owned by German government. As a matter of fact, 80% of its equity belong to the federal government of Germany and the remaining 20% belong to the federal state. As a result, it is obvious that the funds are…

  • Its operation is geared towards the development of the country as a whole
  • The federal government is likely to influence the operation of the bank

Revainrating 4 out of 5

About KfW.

Speaking of KfW, the crew got off to a terrific begin to the 2021 marketing yr. In the first three months, the quantity of advertising reached 24.Five billion euros. Thus, the amount of commitment in the Inner Advertising commercial enterprise has increased notably, and due to the ongoing call for for KfW coronavirus help. Energy-green housing financing additionally noticed an increase in demand for 7.8 billion euros. KfW Capital Obligations amounted to € seventy four million. As predicted…

  • Historically a strong start is a new year of advertising.
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