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Harvey Nichols is a network of stores that is nearly two centuries old and experienced in providing the best and highest quality to satisfy its discerning clientele. Since Benjamin Harvey opened his first store in 1831, the Harvey Nichols Corporation has led the market by offering the best brands and the most desirable and fashionable designs. Harvey Nichols has stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where you can enjoy award-winning food markets and restaurants. Everything about this chainSee full review

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Good afternoon fellow Revain members, I am back to this community after an arduous battle with COVID 19, from which I came out victorious. Today I will talk to you about SKIN RENEW, a company that specializes in the care of the most extensive organ of the human body, the skin. SKIN RENEW, has more than two decades of experience in skin care and beautification. It has locations in various cities in Malaysia with its headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur. SKIN RENEW in addition to its physical hSee full review

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HalfPriceBanners is an online store that is in charge of designing and creating banners, banners and signs for all types of companies, businesses or whoever may request their services. It has been in business since 2002, and lately has become the fastest growing online vinyl sign company in the US. They use state-of-the-art and top quality printing techniques, thus perfecting the printing and finishing of vinyl signs. With the combination of modern printing techniques, unsurpassed qualitSee full review

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Ardor is version 2.0 of NXT, which is a Blockchain platform launched and developed in 2013 by Jelurida and was the first completely PoS, which ensures that its energy consumption is much lower than those using the PoW protocol such as Bitcoin. Ardor was born out of the need to correct some problems that had been presented at the corporate, business and project level, such as the limitation in the speed experienced by transactions and to be able to scale to sustainable levels for high-level usSee full review

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PetSutra is an online store based in India, where you can find everything related to pet care. Here you can find quality pet supplies that will help your pets in all stages of life, as well as guidance on choosing the right dog food, supplements, treats, toys, grooming products and accessories for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, birds and aquatic animals, which eliminates many problems for pet owners when raising pets. PetSutra selects the products it sells in its store aSee full review

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KV Supply is an online store that specializes in pet and farm animal care. It was founded in 1979 and since its inception has become a marketer of products for dogs, cats, horses, birds, ferrets, fish, other small animals and even livestock: cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry. It also supplies veterinary supplies, pet medicines and supplements. It also offers pet food, pet accessories, and many animal health-related products. KV Supply has a wide variety of high quality products for pets and faSee full review

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FJ Labs is a venture investment firm that supports early stage companies and entrepreneurs. Its investments are aimed at markets and consumer-oriented startups. FJ Labs was created in 2016 by OLX co-founder Fabrice Grinda, a Frenchman by birth and philanthropist by conviction. After leaving OLX in 2012, Fabrice Grinda was looking for a business with which to establish himself, without much success. Until he partnered with Telenor Group, a Norwegian telephone company with a strong presenceSee full review

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I will never cease to admire initiatives such as those offered by these venture capital firms, which are dedicated to contributing to the development of seed companies, companies so necessary in developing countries like ours, where support for entrepreneurs is so necessary and so scarce. And even more, companies like Floodgate, which in addition to investing in the ventures, become accomplices of them, in order to become more deeply involved in the projects and make them successful, with the coSee full review

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Blockchain technology allows the creation of decentralized online platforms, where all kinds of information can be processed and stored with absolute reliability. This technology, despite its short life, has the potential to grow far beyond initial expectations and is destined to become an indispensable ecosystem in business life. Since its inception in 2,018, Consensus Lab has been dedicated to investing in ambitious blockchain technology and application projects. Despite being a ventuSee full review

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In general, industries and education have never shared the same space to help entrepreneurs develop their knowledge with executives and experts that leverage the growth of new technological developments and the potential they offer to the growth of new companies. Galvanize is an educational platform, where students and entrepreneurs, startups and established companies interact to develop knowledge and encourage new entrepreneurs to meet their knowledge needs in the world of new technologies. See full review

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Roger's Gardens garden center was created by Roger McKinnon in 1965 and since then it has become a paradise for nature and gardening lovers. It is located in Corona del Mar, California. Roger's Gardens has more than 100 employees. Its facilities offer courses, seminars, events and weekly educational workshops. At Roger's Gardens you can also find all kinds of decorative or ornamental plants, fruit trees of many types and varieties, fences, vegetables, legumes and any other plant you canSee full review

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Auto Parts Shop is an online store that distributes auto parts, accessories and tools within the US territory. It has a huge catalog with an excellent classification by type of part, model, year, part number, manufacturer, very complete with more than one million parts and accessories for sale. On its online platform you can very easily find the right auto accessories. The user interface has a very well designed user-friendly design that can help you make a safe purchase by brand or partSee full review

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In 1956, brothers Jack and Arnold Miller decided to launch a venture they decided to call Quill Corporation. A retail store originally supplying office supplies, it was based in a vacant room in their father's poultry store. Today, Quill is one of the largest office equipment supply companies in all of North America. In addition to the sale of office equipment, Quill also has an extensive trade in technology equipment, janitorial and break room supplies, furniture, safety products and professSee full review

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Papersmiths is an online bookstore with physical stores in the UK. Their main products for sale, are stationery and paper items, but with a unique collectible style. Both the online stationery store and the physical store, look like a real museum dedicated to stationery items, such as notebooks, pens, books and everything related to this type of business. In addition, in this stationery store you can find products created by renowned designers and manufacturers from around the world carefSee full review

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Water is the most vital and important element we possess, without water there could be no life on our planet as we know it today. But in order to be consumed by humans, water must have specific biochemical and quality characteristics, so it needs to be treated with chemical, physical and biological mechanisms to ensure its purity. On the other hand, water after being consumed by man must return to the environment with minimum purity conditions in order not to contaminate the environment orSee full review

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The most important thing to have a boat always operative and in good working condition is to have a good preventive maintenance plan. For this reason, the hull of the boat or dinghy must be kept free of marine growth. This is achieved with one or more coats of quality antifouling paint, essential to keep it working at its best. Keeping the hull of the boat clean is safe, fast and efficient if you have the right materials to do it. Since 2009 Bottom Paint Store has positioned itself in the See full review

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Northern Lights, Inc. is a manufacturer of marine diesel generators. These generators are considered by their users to be the best marine product in the industry. Northern Lights marine diesel generators are high quality equipment, designed and manufactured for long life and ease of installation and serviceability. Northern Lights marine diesel generators are used in all types of marine vessels such as yachts, tugboats, fishing boats and others. The platform offers free online trainingSee full review

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NauticExpo is an online platform, directed to nautical sportsmen and professionals of the nautical sector, with an incredible proposal, that of supplying all the necessary information, referring to the sale and commercialization of nautical equipment, materials used in navigation, boats, yachts and everything related to this world. For this purpose, it uses a type of negotiation called B2B, which refers to direct business to business dealings, without intermediaries. All the information provSee full review

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Tata Cliq is like an Amazon but Indian, with the difference that it has the backing of the Tata Corporation, a commercial giant with more than a century and a half of experience, which sells its products all over the world. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. On the Tata Cliq platform you can find items by categories such as, Electronics , Fashion , Footwear and Accessories . Tata CLiQ, also has a category for premium and luxury fashion and lifestyle for discerning users who are alwaysSee full review

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Mjolnir Arms Review

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Mjolnir Arms is a firearms sales and restoration store. They specialize in the restoration of antique and modern firearms, both civilian and military. Their main focus is to offer the construction of hard to obtain parts and accessories to restore antique and obsolete firearms, as well as the sale of new and antique original civilian, military and police firearms.. Mjolnir is the name of Thor's hammer, god of Norse mythology and superhero of the MCU, In addition to its physical store MjolSee full review

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