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About FasterCapital

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai. We help early stage startups by becoming their technical cofounder and building the whole product from A to Z. We also invest 50% of the money they need in the technical development. FasterCapital was established in 2010.

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The project entrepreneurs should try: FasterCapital

Good day everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will share with you my review of the FasterCapital project, one of the prominent projects of the week. I think I have had the opportunity to examine the FasterCapital project enough and that's why I...See full review

Faster capital is an accelerator with offices world wide

Faster capital is both an accelerator and incubator. This means that they help scale already existing business as well as investing in idea. The company was established in 2010 and it is strongly rooted with its lits large investor base that...See full review


Fastercapital com is a platform that aims to offer products and services in the area of ​​technology in the most varied branches, from help to increase your capital, to help to obtain visa documentation, among others. First of all, I come to say...See full review

Support from the beginning until the take-off of the projects.

The search for support to develop an enterprise is one of the main characteristics that affect the positioning of a brand, product, project or service and it is for this reason that these types of companies are seen with good eyes, as is the case...See full review


This one of the program that help startup to achieved there goal by helping them and equip them. I love the program because it is online program for 4 months. This reduced the stress and the cost of moving from one country to another. It has been...See full review

Financial Support For Grassroot Business Firms.

Financial Capital is an incubator company that was launched in 2010 to help start up projects by entrepreneurs achieve their goals and by so doing boast the nations economy by providing multiple job opportunities to many eligible individuals. The...See full review

FasterCapital Accelerator Company Has All It Takes To Help Startups And Entrepreneurs To Build Their Own Business.

FasrerCapital is an accelerator Platform created in 2010 from United Arab Emirates. The platform program base on Raise capital, Grow startups, Tech Co-founder, Idea to product and Finding monitors for startup. It grow, find and invest in...See full review

FasterCapital: Mission to establish innovative ventures in Canada

Startups in any country are called to be a necessary ingredient for new economies and something necessary for societies, these new companies and more if they are global in nature generate significant foreign exchange earnings to any country, and...See full review

A company that supports its users at every stage and produces ideas.

FasterCapital, this company is an entrepreneurship platform whose main building is in Dubai. FasterCapital, a company that started to serve in this sector 11 years ago, has signed many good collaborations and very successful stories during this...See full review

FasterCapital is one of the most successful accelerators in the Arab world

FasterCapital is an accelerator company that makes smart strategic plans and multiple programs to support initial projects, support startups and entrepreneurs, and collaborate with investors everywhere. The company was established in Dubai and...See full review