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Review on FasterCapital by Kehinde Oluwakemi

FasterCapital Accelerator Company Has All It Takes To Help Startups And Entrepreneurs To Build Their Own Business.

FasrerCapital is an accelerator Platform created in 2010 from United Arab Emirates. The platform program base on Raise capital, Grow startups, Tech Co-founder, Idea to product and Finding monitors for startup. It grow, find and invest in industries such as internet, software, Healthcare, HR, Legal Tech, AdTech, Cloud and others.

FasterCapital has various funding source like Raise capital program, Investors, and partners like incubators, accelerators and venture capitals. It offer marketing assistance through expertise in market research, market validating that will help the startups and entrepreneurs to grow their business. It use the network of representatives, mentors and partners worldwide to help find new sales channel and sign strategic partnership worldwide. It also help expand into international market by connecting producers with customers and partners in different markets.

Finally, the accelerator company has what it takes to support startups and entrepreneurs to grow and create their businesses. It has financial model, Technical development, Business development, Technical and business support which currently it support almost 500 startups with value wart $48•4m, it has 170 partners worldwide, more than 900 entrepreneurs, more than 1000 Regional partners and Representatives with more than 1000 mentors. It has online call where interested startups and entrepreneurs from around the world request for calling, apart from requesting for online call the team can also be contacted through WhatsApp number, phone number and office

Pros & cons

  • The company consist of capital Raising, Grow startups, Tech Co-founder, Idea to product and Finding monitors for startup.
  • It has various funding source that help to support startups to build their business
  • It use expertise in market research, it use network of representatives, mentors and partners worldwide, and help to expand into international market.
  • It offers request for online call which enable startups from anywhere around the world to make request.
  • I did not notice any negative side for now.