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About Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank works with technology, life science, cleantech, venture capital, private equity, and premium wine businesses. SVB provides industry knowledge and connections, financing, treasury management, corporate investment and international banking services to its clients worldwide through 27 U.S. offices and seven international operations.Banking innovative companies and exclusive wineries, Silicon Valley Bank’s diverse financial services, knowledge, global network, and world class service increase its clients’ probability of success. Forbes Magazine ranks SVB among America’s Best Banks and Fortune Magazine named SVB one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2012.

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The bank has been working with several companies for a long time. It is mainly serviced by premium wine organizations, such as oil refineries. I am successful in this endeavor. A number of U.S…See more

Silicon Valley Revenue Bank.

Silicon Valley Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. One of the main goals of this bank is to provide employment and development assistance. Provides assistance to organizations in…See more

Safe and Affordable

I switched to Silicon Valley bank mostly to lower my fees and try to earn a little better interest rate on my money. The experience has been nothing but positive. I have avoided many of the fees…See more


Silicon Valley Bank has been recognized by Forbes as one of the best banks in America which boasts of over $75billon in assets with a wide range of investors deposits and investments. SVB has…See more

Silicon Valley Bank. Safe bank.

Silicon Valley Bank works with innovation, social sciences, oil refining, finance, private value and premium wine organizations. The SVB also provides industry data and associations, financing…See more

Silicon Valley Bank.

Silicoin Valley Bank is a financial institution that seeks to support a large number of technology and life sciences companies to enhance their business. With a large presence in the American market…See more

the best ally for your business management

Traditional banking has been incorporating new technologies in its financial institutions, in order to expand the range of services and products offered to the business sector and individuals. In…See more

Silicon Valley Benefit Bank.

In any country in the world, the best trait of this bank is to support technology entrepreneurs - to help them and to advise them so that they can grow with technological tools and work together. I…See more

My review about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

Hello to everyone. Today I will be writing about the Silicon Valley Bank platform. We know this platform as SVB for short. As can be seen from the name, this is a bank to the platform. But we are…See more

Silicon Valley Bank For Start-ups

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a technology commercial Bank based in the United States that was established sometime in 1983. The bank is a very big one and is headquartered in California. The bank…See more