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About Skrill

Skrill has been making digital payments simple, secure and quick since 2001. We’re an acknowledged world-leader in developing global payment solutions for people’s business and pleasure, whether they’re buying online or sending money to family and friends. We also meet the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base anddrive growth.

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The application for payments to freelancers.

For some people it is one of the best payment alternatives between people, personally it has a tangible utility with highly competitive rates compared to other payment processors. With more than 20 years in the market, it is a reliable service to…See full review

What is Skrill and what is it used for?

Hello everyone, I'm Tural. Today I will talk about skrill, an e-commerce portal. Skrill is an e-commerce portal that allows online payments and money transfers. Skrill was acquired by Investcrop company in March 2008 for 105 million euros. Skrill…See full review

Why Skrill

Skrill is an online payment wallet used to e receive or send money to different people across the world. The wallet has become so very popular because of its good attributes,the wallet can be funded by over. 100 different payment methods with…See full review

Skrill serves okay but I personally don't have interest in it.

Skrill is a payment system with a versatile mobile wallet with headquarters in the United Kingdom. It offers many easy services but I refused to sign up for it because of some restrictions I would share as you read. Skrill really offers good…See full review

Skrill / electronic payment institution

Skrill is an electronic payment provider. e-commerce transaction through which you can easily transfer money. I used to use it once, I can say that it cuts a lot of commission. It accepts payment in many areas (such as websites, workplaces), but…See full review

Skrill: it is a means of payment that allows to work autonomously.

Skrill: is a means of payment that allows to work autonomously, considering one of its commercial alternatives, at a personal level its purchase and sales processing is high since it allows to make purchases and consider several types of commercial…See full review


Skrill is one of the best payment methods that has come to stay and has really made payment easy without stress, fast and also very secure. Skrill as a payment method was established on the 21st of June,2001 but got to be launched a year Skrill…See full review

Skrill another fast and secure payment platform

Skrill was created on June 17, 2001, but it was not until April 1, 2002 that it was launched. Since then, it has become a very reliable tool to receive money online from anywhere in the world, besides being one of the recognized world leaders in…See full review

You may have trouble getting your money

I have never had a good history with Skrill. I'll tell you a memory. Last year, I sent 60 euros to Skrill from the survey site marketagent. Later, when I wanted to withdraw this money, I got a warning from me that this is not possible now, your…See full review

Trusted platform for online payments.

It is perhaps the most usually utilized payment method and, a truly helpful tool to send and receive money online. Regardless of where the other individual is found, you can move funds effortlessly. I truly like the platform bolsters a decent…See full review