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Review on Skrill by Özgün A

You may have trouble getting your money

I have never had a good history with Skrill.

I'll tell you a memory.

Last year, I sent 60 euros to Skrill from the survey site marketagent. Later, when I wanted to withdraw this money, I got a warning from me that this is not possible now, your account may be a fraudulent account. I wrote this situation to the customer representatives, we had written for a long time and they said that the problem in my account was not caused by me and that such problems might occur.

It has been a day since this problem was fixed and I wanted to withdraw my money again. This time, they stated that I could not withdraw all 60 euros, I had to deposit money into skrill, and that I could withdraw all the money in my account by depositing money. I also deposited 100 euros in Skrill. I should now be able to withdraw the money from my account. I wanted to request 160 euro withdrawal again. He wanted to cut a full 71 euro transaction fee from 160 euros. Yes you did not hear wrong!

I think Skrill is a purely fraudulent wallet. I will never use it again.

Customer representatives talk to you as if they were making fun of you.

Be careful; Skrill records the account where you withdraw your money. Don't let that happen.

Pros & cons

  • There's no good side
  • They don't want to give you your money
  • Transaction fees are excessively high
  • They deliberately freeze your account
  • Transactions are extremely slow