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About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web. It is supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.Apple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices you use every day. You can make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web. And you cansend and receive money from friends and family right in Messages. Apple Pay is even simpler than using your physical card, and safer too.

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I am never getting my wallet with me!

I use it everywhere I can pay by just tapping it. It's absolute game changer for me, however at first I really didn't like an apple products, now whole family and I use every version of it (phone, watch, mac, airtags for our pets and even…

Apple Pay: Exclusive payment service for IOs operating system

Each large corporation has chosen to have its own payment platform and that is understandable, there is a struggle to provide the best service in a segment where there is a large market such as platforms that facilitate sending and receiving…

Apple Pay Provides iPhone Users With Limitless Payment on POS Terminals At Affordable fees

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service from Apple Inc. It was released to the public in 2014 allowing users of iPhone devices make payments in person on iOS apps and on web via Safari Apple devices like iPhone, wrist watches iPad…

Simple solution for online shopping

Hello everyone! I love all Apple products. And Apple Pay is one of them. At first I was afraid to enter card details into my phone. This was until the moment when I tried Apple Pay in business. It is so convenient and fast that now I send all my online payments only through Apple Pay. Firstly, it is convenient to add a card to the wallet, you can simply point the camera at the card and all the data will appear on the phone screen. Secondly, in offline stores, it is enough to bring the phone screen (even if the screen is inactive) to the terminal for payment, and the application itself opens and offers your cards for payment. Thirdly, it is more necessary to go for a card or look for a photo card in order to make an online payment in an online store. Everything is so fast and simple that I am delighted. But there is also a downside. I personally noticed that I began to make impulsive purchases online more often precisely because of Apple Pay, because it is enough to start with one

A payment system brought forth by Apple

Apple pay is a payment system that was established by Apple, it allows anyone to make payment comfortably either online or offline use a secured and contactless payment system that works anywhere in the world working faster than you can ever imagine and the super interesting fact is that they don't take a dime for transaction fee. It's one of the convenient payment allowing you to connect either your debit or credit card to your apple using your iPad, Mac or iPhone to make easy payment or purchase anywhere it's acceptable. There's no cause for alarm using the payment gateway, it doesn't store your debit or credit card details on its servers this helps to eliminate loss of funds due to hackers activities or any doubt that Apple pay developers might gain access to your funds, in the absence of that it's absolutely secure for anyone to use.

An apple to die for!

My detailed experience has been fantastic. Like google pay only better Apple integrates the quick and reliable transaction speed of any other pay application. It’s easy to use process and reliability while keeping your assets safe and secured with an amazing firewall. Apple is very good and security I give them that. Apple Pay just needs to come out with a Apple Pay card to access your money and pull money out. Only downfall is you have to transfer funds to bank account to access unless purchasing over the web.

Payment system used by millions: Apple Pay

Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will present you my review about the payment system Apple Pay. It was a payment system that I used when I used the Apple Pay payment system when I used IOS devices, so I can easily say that I am experienced. Especially in this pandemic period, it is necessary to say many things from outside. For example, it was very comfortable to say what I would buy in the food or clothing sector easily on my phone. Since I find it comfortable to pay for these things, I can easily and quickly handle my transactions by making contactless payments through the Apple Pay system. The only thing you need to have to access this non-vulnerable payment system is to have an IOS, Iphone or Mac device. You can use the Apple Pay payment system as you wish from these 3 different devices and you can easily make transactions. For security, you can trust this payment system more easily by making a security system that only…

Apple Pay, payment system near you!

In the search to offer comfortable and safe payment options; developers make use of technology to create decentralized solutions as secure payment alternatives for their users. One of them is Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a payment mechanism for Apple devices; that allows you to pay in local businesses, virtual stores and in electronic payment applications safely. How does this payment mechanism work? Apple Pay uses the contactless technology mechanism so that its users can execute payments virtually from their registered Apple phone. Why do users prefer Apple Pay? This virtual payment system offers users total autonomy and comfort; by dispensing with conventional payment mechanisms such as credit and debit cards and fiat money. In addition, it eliminates the need for the client to carry out cryptocurrency conversions in the market; which would incur additional costs. Coupled with its easy interface and payment processing speed; Apple Pay represents an ideal tool for the acquisition…

Apple pay,the easy and convenient way to make payments

Apple pay is an online electronic wallet/payment platform that allows it users to send and received funds via it mobile app. The wallet's payment system works only on IOS devices like Iphones,iPad,Apple watch,Mac and on websites using Safari.The wallet can be used to make payments online,at merchant store where payment with iOS devices are accepted and any other place where a user can see a NFC logo on the sale's location. The wallet has gained popularity in countries like American,China,Japan and lot more ,in this places the wallet is used for almost all kinds of payment such as payment at restaurants,for library services and transport fares at train stations or in a taxi. Every user is mandated to link their debit cards,credit cards,prepaid cards and bank account to the wallet to be able to make purchase , a maximum of 12 cards can be used on every iOS device and the users are free to make decision on which card they prefer to use for the payment. Many people are beginning

Apple Pay makes our payments easy

Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology for Apple devices. It was designed for physical wallet users to move into a world where your debit and credit cards are on your iPhone or Apple Watch, allowing you to pay with your device instead of a card. Features: It is compatible with most of the major credit and debit card providers, including the Apple Card. You need to use a participating bank, but most major banks now support Apple Pay. It is supported by hundreds of thousands of stores and restaurants around the world. We can use it in many applications and through the Safari web browser, as well as in public transport. There is no limit, so we can pay for a store weekly. Many apps support Apple Pay, spanning travel apps, shopping apps, entertainment apps, and service apps. It is available in more than 40 countries. In my opinion, this is one of the best technologies implemented by Apple, since it has practically become an extraordinary option to facilitate payments

Apple Pay; Truly, Cashless made Effortless

The Apple Pay service is an integral part of apple devices such as iMac, iPhones, Apple Smart watches which can be used to make payments in various points of sales that supports the use of this payment option. Apple Pay is very popular in it's host country and so therefore, many merchants makes use of Apple Pay as an option for their transactions. This payments can be done using simple touch like Fingerprint and Face ID to make this payment. The Service is actually limited to only Apple devices and Android devices can not access it. Making use of Apple Pay starts by linking with bank cards in the supported bank in America and not only does Apple Pay links credit cards for purchases but also Student ID cards for easy access to Library services, canteen etc. The use of Apple Pay service isn't just limited to merchant stores but even public transits like Trains and Coaster buses by simply scanning barcodes for payments. There is cash rewards for using Apple Pay and the way Apple Pay…

What is Apple Pay and its Posibilities

What is Apple Pay and its Posibilities Apple Pay is a technology that allows end users to pay quickly, easily and securely via NFC technology via credit and debit cards and Apple devices. Personally, I have to state that I am extremely far from this technology. Because this is entirely due to my relationship with Apple. I haven't used any Apple devices until now. My first choice has generally been Android phones, and it continues. Although I am not using it, I have to say that this technology offers many advantages to people. Because NFC technology is available in many devices today. For this reason, it should be said that the use of Apple Pay can be extremely practical. We can say that the effectiveness of Apple Pay may increase in the coming days. Current sense to use in Turkey still seems unopened. I will definitely revise this review if I have Apple experience and access the Apple Pay experience in the future.

ApplePay is the best payment system

Hi, today I will talk about the world's easiest payment system. The name of this system is Apple pay. This system works on iPhone only and contains a lot features and facilities that are useful to users. The payment system contains NFC technology that makes payment via This system is much easier than other payment systems. With this system, users can purchase games, music, movies, and even gifts to their friends. In addition, users can deposit their money into a credit card Its name is Apple Card. This card shortened and facilitates many steps and procedures during payment or purchases. In addition, this card works without touching. The propulsion system has a very strong and high protection system. This means that the system is impenetrable and that the personal information of Users is very secure. I want to say a positive point about the system of this payment It is not necessary to enter a PIN at the time of purchase or payments for anything. In the end, I want to say that I hoped

Best payment option right now

As a IPhone user I think the Apple pay is the must to start using. I was unable to find any cons. It is the best secured and private way how to use your payment cards without even needing them. Completly free. Simply upload them to your phone wallet. It is really easy to use (easy as my old mum learned how to use it). It is secured and encrypted (moreover I am using face id within my phone). It is also great in sending transactional data which are really hard to be scammed. It spares my time as I do not need searching my cards anymore. It is an fintech innovation worth to be following. I like the apple pay implementation all across the web and also in stores. I really like for example using apple pay with Revolut (another fintech). There is only problem that the Google user cant use it.

Pros & cons

  • secure type of payment
  • easy to use
  • it spares the time
  • none

Apple Pay

Apple Pay comes in handy in these pandemic period where iphone users can make contactless payment from their phones, health wise I'm sure these has been a good preventive measure that have been used to keep users from having physical contact transactions. Using Apple Pay which can be only accessible by iphone, mac and other iOS supportive device, it support buying applications, music, videos and making payments for some service and product from NFC support centers and online. With the Apple Pay app users can make payment quick at near field communication centers (NFC), Anonymously make transaction securely by keeping their credit card details safe from fraudulent users, directly from the app users can manage gift cards book for tickets online including movie tickets and other entertainment, there are also high reward earning for using the app for making transaction. In terms of security Apple Pay has incorporated in it app wallet basic layer of security system such as face ID…

Apple Pay: closer to blockchain with Apple!

Electronic payment systems are increasingly oriented to provide comfort and security to their users. So much so that they have adapted their platform to the teams closest to the individual: mobile devices. Apple Pay is a mobile application that allows its users to quickly and easily access a secure payment system using NFC technology on Apple mobile devices. What makes it stand out from other payment systems? • Its security, based on the use of a reliable verification mechanism that uses an NFC or SE encryption chip (depending on the Apple device model) linked to credit cards to generate the codes that authorize commercial operations. In addition, the application requires the digital identification of the user to execute a commercial transaction. Apple Pay also has within its mobile infrastructure a chip to save the financial history of its user; which is not stored in the device memory. The combination of these two security mechanisms makes the application free of electronic…

Apple payment system

.Apple Pay enables iPhone users with an option for paying both stores and friends. Apple has been over the years a channel through which millions of people could buy music, movies, and apps. With Apple Pay, you can buy nearly any product simply by holding an iPhone over an NFC terminal at the store. It also now allows you pay other people and maintain funds using its Apple Cash feature. Its latest addition is the innovative, highly beneficial Apple Card credit card. Apple Pay has obviously proven the most successful beyond its initial sphere of dealings into the new world of cash-free, card-free shopping. And in these days of COVID-19, contactless payment systems are more advisable than ever. Apple Pay is embraced by a lot of stores in the likes of American Eagle, Gap, GameStop, Walgreens, and even White Castle. Apple Pay is a perfectly structured, secure option, and the addition of Cash and Card make it even more useful. Apple pay is Quick with easy NFC-payment system, its…