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Review on Apple Pay by JB CRYPTO

Apple Pay, payment system near you!

In the search to offer comfortable and safe payment options; developers make use of technology to create decentralized solutions as secure payment alternatives for their users. One of them is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a payment mechanism for Apple devices; that allows you to pay in local businesses, virtual stores and in electronic payment applications safely.

How does this payment mechanism work?

Apple Pay uses the contactless technology mechanism so that its users can execute payments virtually from their registered Apple phone.

Why do users prefer Apple Pay?

This virtual payment system offers users total autonomy and comfort; by dispensing with conventional payment mechanisms such as credit and debit cards and fiat money.

In addition, it eliminates the need for the client to carry out cryptocurrency conversions in the market; which would incur additional costs.

Coupled with its easy interface and payment processing speed; Apple Pay represents an ideal tool for the acquisition of goods and services; since it allows fast and safe commercial transactions; without complex procedures and without financial intermediaries.

Apple Pay makes life easy for you by allowing you to make payments with just a click, touch or a glance to your Apple device (Mac, IPhone or iPad) to give you access to a myriad of services and items offered in a globalized market compatible with the platform .

Why is it a secure payment system?

The Apple Pay application combines several reasonable security mechanisms that give confidence to its users, they are:

• Employs a 2F verification mechanism

• Does not store the information of your cards

• Generates an operation code linked to a single device

These are compelling reasons for users to prefer Apple Pay as their ideal payment system.

Pros & cons

  • Allows you to pay from your Apple mobile device
  • You are not limited to any schedule
  • It is an easy-to-use platform
  • Allows you to pay in shops, applications and online stores
  • Exclusive for Apple devices