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Review on Apple Pay by Douglas Cachazo

Apple Pay: Exclusive payment service for IOs operating system

Each large corporation has chosen to have its own payment platform and that is understandable, there is a struggle to provide the best service in a segment where there is a large market such as platforms that facilitate sending and receiving payments. Everyone has the infrastructure and platform for it, that is why the technological giant of personal computers and mobile devices Apple develops its own payment platform but it does so exclusively for equipment developed by the company that have the IOs operating system in the case of cell phones and Mac Os for laptops and Tablet.

I compare it with what happened in the old days when each manufacturer had its own operating system in which only ran products or applications developed for it, they called it proprietary systems, that changes to then take steps to open architectures with free software. In the case of Apple has always been closed in its environment, its excellence is not in doubt, and the case of Apple pay is no exception to this. Platform well developed by the company,

The service consists of a physical card that you must configure with your international credit card, on the platform you can make payments at merchants and countries accepted, you can also receive payments, transfer money between friends and family, all in an easy way from your cell phone Iphone or tablet Ipaq, you can also operate it from your portable Mac.

Its main feature is the security and ease of operations. Apart from alliance with good partnerships such as Stripe whose platform can operate Apple pay. Definitely if you have an Iphone device in versions of IOs higher than IOs 5, applies from Iphone 6, you can count on this excellent payment service, even more if you travel or reside in the United States where it is accepted by all banks and credit cards operating in that country, it is also accepted in European countries and even in China and Japan but with some restricted features.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent payment platform from the corporate giant Apple
  • Easy to use and with maximum security
  • Partnership with companies such as Stripe
  • Works with almost all international credit cards
  • Accepted by almost all banks in the U.S.
  • Used by many, many people and accepted at many merchants
  • Only works on Apple devices