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About Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches. Users in the United States and India can also use an iOS device, albeit with limited functionality.

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Google Pay: Young payment platform developed by Google

It has become a habit, so to speak, for each corporate giant to develop its own means to send and receive payments electronically, and it is understandable that each one, for economic and growth reasons, wants to participate in this business...See full review

Google buy with alot of feature

Hi dear users, I am using a digital wallet platform and an internet transit payment system and its called google pay. I found this platform to be more than great because it is It makes it easy for users to take many steps. I can say that it is my...See full review

(Google Pay): is a payment method created by a large corporation.

(Google Pay): is a payment method created by a large corporation, directed and managed mainly in its operating system Android, comes to market as a simplified payment method supported by large developers and has a catch that allows free marketing...See full review

Google pay, the future of contactless transactions.

experience; It is exiting when one of the biggest tech company, owning the biggest search engine could own an online payment system. With there experience and proficiency in developing a user friendly interface for its product, it has shown...See full review

Google Pay: Paying for the Basic Digital Services of the Internet

Google is for sure, the highest digital industry in the world because is a leader in the promotion of the internet. It is a company with thousands of workers and different locations in the world. It has given the chance to many people of entering...See full review

Is it better than its competitors as a payment system, or ...

A payment method that allows you to shop online using only your mobile phone. After confirming your card once, you can pay without the need for another card, especially Google Play offers a very fast shopping opportunity for purchases for the...See full review

G Pay: An awesome Andriod-favoured contactless payment platform that has a minimal contact with iOS

I have always been quite fascinated by the integration of technology in the finance industry. I am a fan of online transactions and mobile banking and I usually prefer to pay for services through transfers rather than paying cash. Therefore, I...See full review

All in one Google pay...

Google pay is a company designed to enable its users to pay using Android and iOS. It is another amazing online payment method which is very convenient. Unlike many other payment methods, it allowed me to enjoy the benefits of using my credit cards...See full review

Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile support payment wallet mobile application design and develop by google for users to make transaction online it support merchant transaction such as purchase of service and product with the application which is compatible...See full review

Google Pay offers the best service you can dream of

Google Pay or G pay for short is a digital wallet platform online payment system designed by Google the largest search engine in the world. It was released into the market in 2015 as Android pay and metamorphosised into Google Pay in 2018. It...See full review