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About Stripe

"Stripe is a global technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size from new startups to public companies like Salesforce and Facebook use the company’s software to accept online payments and run complex global operations. Stripe combines economic infrastructure with a set of applications for newbusiness models like crowdfunding and marketplaces, fraud prevention, analytics, and more. Stripe navigates global regulatory uncertainty and partners closely with internet leaders like Apple, Google, Alipay, Tencent, Facebook, Twitter to launch new capabilities. Stripe wants to help more companies get started and thrive and ultimately to grow the GDP of the internet. It was founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, California."

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Stripe: all in one payment system.

Stripe is great, it's not difficult to utilize and I like that it's accessible on such countless merchant's sites to look at. I generally utilize that choice when it's free, and it has set aside my…See more

Global payment system that unifies payment methods

Stripe is a payment platform that provides financial support for applications on the internet. This project is a global scale project. It eliminates procedures restricted by international laws…See more


One of the things I love about this service provider is transparency. If you are interested in online processing platform for your business this is one of the platform you can make good use. I…See more

Stripe: A payment platform that emerges on the hunt for the queen Paypal.

I have no doubt that paypal is still the most important payment processing company in the world, but I applaud the fact that similar companies are still emerging, and this is the case of stripe…See more

The Elementary Global Payment Network of the New Decade

Stripe is a world-famous company for payments that works with great efficiency and support to provide more than simple solutions to execute the payments, but also have access to a highly supportive…See more


An American financial service with headquarter in San Francisco, Ireland, California and Dublin founded since 2010 the company was generally initiated to primarily offer payment processing software…See more

Payment gateway for online stores with cards.

This service is mainly used by online stores to accept payments with bank cards anywhere in the world available with international payments, the objective of this payment processor is to make…See more

Stripe: expanding the digital commerce network worldwide

Platforms for electronic payments have become globally popular in recent years, due to their comfort and practicality of use and the opportunity they provide to access unlimited opportunities in…See more