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Description of Venmo

"Venmo is a service that makes it easy, safe, and fun to pay your friends. Venmo's iPhone and Android apps allow you to make and share payments with friends for rent, utilities, dinner, drinks, movies, concert tickets, birthdays, laughs, and anything else. Paying with your debit card or bank account is free, and you can transfer money fromyour Venmo account balance to your bank account overnight."


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Type of review

Venmo started operations in 2009 in which it was just a small social network between friends to make transactions between them in which they could make payments between themselves, share payments, in short a network between friends with whom they could make easy money transfers. As a web designer I think that your portal, although the design is very good, I must criticize the way they present the information, too separated contents of the same topic and make it repetitive in many sections…

  • Excellent application for sending and receiving funds
  • It belongs to the giant and world leader Paypal.
  • It has evolved and now has a debit card
  • Possibility of being accepted in stores
  • It has a portfolio of millions of customers
  • Available in Windows, IOs and andriod
  • High commission of 3% when transferring to credit cards

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Venmo is a kind of peer-to-peer method of transaction which enables the transfer of funds among members.Venmo enables the easy transfer of funds to famil, friends and loved ones without any transfer charge Venmo allows the payment of bills such as electricity bill, satellite dish subscription etc. It also allows individual request for funds from another Venmo account user without any intermediate or third party Venmo has been upgraded to the extent that they now have a Venmo app which

  • It is one of the fastest means of making payment or making of transactions.
  • It allows peer-to-peer transactions.
  • It is very easy to Operate.
  • When transactions have been processed, you cannot undo.
  • When using a credit card,a transaction fee of 3% is applicable.
  • Delay in processing transactions
  • One can easily be scammed through venmo account

Revainrating 4 out of 5

About Venmo

Venmo can be described as a social finance application rather than a personal one. Because Venmo, where you can add your friends like a social network, simply open the application and choose your friends to share the account, pay rent or bills. Sending and receiving money via Venmo, which is free, is as easy as texting. As such, the application priority market is very popular among young people. Venmo's payment feature appears alongside other payment options in online purchases, and Venmo…

  • Venmo is an effective way to make your wallet fully digital. This app is used as a quick and simple way to send money to other Venmo users that you may owe money to, such as friends and family.
  • Generally, after someone pays the account in the collective venue, other people send their shares through venmo. so justice provides
  • none

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Venmo payment card.

First of all, I wanted to write about Venmo’s registered cash portions with the help of Paypal Inc., an authorized supplier of the Cash Exchange Administration, provided by Paypal Inc. to convince customers in the Venmo payment phase. I would like to say that there is a direct financial support to Aboveok, and customers all over the world can use the Venmo program to exchange money online with their loved ones. The project is also a retail outlet on the sales page. The project has a large…

  • It is also possible to use skilled organizations to sort any goods.
  • You can earn more cash.
  • There is an available project card that customers can apply for.
  • This project is only available in the United States.

Have users ever imagined of having access to a world of social finances? Do they think it is possible to connect their media accounts to professional services to invest in? Well, those questions where answered for these support team of Venmo, the global social payment company chosen by their community. This is an attractive development that has served purposefully and incredibly high number of users everywhere and has permitted them to make their transactions normally as if they were in a…

  • Social payment network that permits to connect to the world through an app designed with all features of a social media account.
  • It permits the community to have fun while waiting to execute their payments. They enjoy talking to users and helping them with whatever they need. For every single piece of advice, users receive like that increases their popularity within the service.
  • It is connected to world-leader companies. Providers work efficiently in the system and offer more chances to integrate new companies.
  • This service is connected to almost all basic human needs, including payment services for a living, shopping, and health.
  • It has excellent designed. It is up to date, and clear. The page is easy to manage and have a simplified version for users.
  • It is not available for some countries, and for others, the services offered are limited and not so much effective. It depends on country laws.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Venmo a peer to peer mobile app

Here are my submissions about Venmo, it is parented by paypal and a good reason for you to use it is that the person you are sending money to may be using Venmo. Venmo is highly known for peer to peer payment mobile app. It ensures frictionless flow of money between you and a recipient. Splitting payments, requesting money, and moving funds into your bank account are part of its services. Venmo has a debit card for your quick access to fund at a go. Venmo is a mobile payment app worth consi

  • Sending and receiving cash is effortless
  • Can be used on some sites and apps that accept PayPal
  • Default privacy setting shares your payment history with the world
  • No payment protections
  • Can't pay people via website

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Venmo: payment system always at your fingertips

Technology always pursues the comfort of its users as an end; for this it makes use of many resources that contribute to this end. Venmo is a digital solution for mobile devices that provides its local users (USA) with the convenience of accessing the secure payment system based on blockchain technology at any time. This service is offered by the PayPal company. Functions: The basic function of the mobile platform is to serve as a payment gateway for the transfer of assets between users…

  • Access to payments from the comfort of your mobile device
  • Easy interface exchange system
  • Non-custodial payment system
  • Transfer service valid only within the United States

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Venmo a Social media inclined payment platform

Venmo is a digital wallet owned by PayPal that gives you a ground to make payments and have fun with your friends. It was launched in 2009 and has handled well over 12 billion dollars in transaction. Account holders with Venmo can make transactions through their mobile app either Android or iPhone, both sender and receiver must reside in United Venmo runs on both Adriod app and iPhone app on which you can pay for your dinner, movies, house rent and utilities Payment on Venmo via debit…

  • User friendly interface that works well on Android and iPhone
  • Venmo gives you more than just a payment services it equally fooster social media community bonding.
  • It charges no fee for sending money from linked account and only charges 3 percent for sending funds via linked credit card.
  • It has a hack history and users are open to the risk of privacy exposure.
  • Limited to only US residents.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Venmo is among the most preferred in the world.

In its present structure, Venmo clients coins utilizing a telephone number or email through the authority Venmo application for iOS and Android. On the off chance that you've sent cash by means of Venmo and don't have a record yet, you can make one for nothing in a flash. From that point, you can match up your Facebook record or telephone contacts to discover different companions and associates utilizing the administration. Since its introduction, Venmo has filled in both the quantity of…

  • mobile compatible.
  • easy registration process.
  • It is used a lot, although not long before it comes to market.
  • low transaction fee.
  • sometimes the process takes a lot of time.
  • the daily shooting limit is very low.
  • I could not see any other negative side.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Venmo First for users credibility on Venmo payment platform I will start by saying Venmo a registered financial payment platform under the service of paypal Inc. a licensed provider of money transaction service provided by paypal Inc. With the above laid It's transparent financial approved sector I'd say users around the world can use Venmo application and make basic transaction online to friends and family the app can also be used in business administration for making payments of service and

  • Recommended well registered peer to peer mobile payment application for sending and receiving funds among friends and family with business available features
  • Easy registration process using either facebook account or email
  • Low charges on transaction
  • Available on ISO and android
  • Well active social platform with high engage users
  • Users transaction can be made public if set on default

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Venmo: Financial Transactions made easy for US Citizens

The world is going paperless in all works of life and this transition does not leave the financial sector behind. Every day, people are looking for the easiest way to complete their financial transactions without leaving the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days when you are only limited to accessing your funds by being physically present at the bank, as payment and financial transactions services have gone virtual. Venmo is a type of virtual P2P (Peer to Peer) mobile payment platform…

  • Businesses can easily register to accept Venmo payments
  • The platform is so easy and flexible to use.
  • The Venmo Mastercard can be used anywhere
  • Venmo supports up to 8 variety of valid documents that can be submitted for the KYC and proof of address
  • Venmo services is available on Web, iOS, and Android
  • The platform is only available for US residents
  • It can be easily exploited by fraudsters due to its dynamic nature of KYC registration