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ROOBEE Crypto Project At A Glance

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ROOBEE is an international blockchain based Digital asset investment platform that runs on artificial intelligence which is highly transparent. It is designed to aid people in making profitable investment choice with little token of 10 dollars, with multiple choices from Cryptos, IPOs, stocks, investment funds, real estate among others. ROOBEE is a bridge builder, allowing both private and less experienced investors have equal access with old timer investors by providing viable alternatives wiSee full review

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hJABMO is a frontliner account centred marketing and tech advancement industries with cut edge approach to developing key accounts. B2B solutions providing is JABMO stock in trade, solving evolving Challenges that come with the domain. Due to current trend and quest to bounce back from global pandemic, JABMO has developed technology and services with over 100 companies which include BD, Siemens and Millipore Sigma among others relys on JABMO to run their digital B2B marketing. Its unique featurSee full review

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TON Swap is a community based network also engineered by Broxus as a decentralized exchange that comes bearing convenience, satisfaction while serving as an earning platform that accommodates both expert and novice traders. To access the many benefits offered by Ton swap you will need a TON Crystal wallet which is readily available on Google chrome with your 12 seed phrase for secured log in. If you are not a new user like me all you need do is to use the WalletV3type, seed phrase and choose youSee full review

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TON Bridge is designed by Broxus to link protocols of the Ethereum blockchain with that of free TON. This linkage as given Crypto currency investors the opportunity to manage and store their funds making use of Free TON Bridge while transferring their funds from one network to another. To make this frictionless, a Bridge token is in place that will run the administrative decentralized autonomous organization. Another major advantage with bridge is voting right granted to users for certain adminiSee full review

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The unique make ups of an outstanding Crypto wallet are: security, affordability, interoperability and speed. TON crystal wallet offers you all the aforementioned and many more. Here's why I said so. TON crystal wallet is a google chrome browser extension, which gives you a platform to access your seed phrases, wallet and both private and public keys without having to exit your browser. Not just these It also allows users import thier existing keys, creation of new ones and puts you also in charSee full review

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Free TON Network is a people interaction driven blockchain DeFi governance Tech, it was lunched in May 2020. On it users can connect,grow,earn and make contribution through its diverse offers presented on its web. NFT projects and transact you can get linked to Grand Bazar, Crypto numiz and Nifi all just a click away from its web. Through its wallet you can send, receive exchange crypto with links to TON surf,kilox and Extra TON. Tonlive and explore aids your monitoring of transactions statisSee full review

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Ethereum the next big thing after Bitcoin

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when talking about a cryptocurrency that has carve a niche for itself and built a reputation in the crypto world, Ethereum ranks high among the perk It is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and second only to Bitcoin. Ethereum is a decentralized open block chain with smart contract functionality feature Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain world over which operates on cross platform OS proposed in 2013 and went live on 30 July 2015, with 72 million coins premierSee full review

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Ignis was lunched by developers 4 years back as a child chain on Ardor blockchain platform which is absolutely a PoS and highly scalable that is unuseful data are automatically esponged. With Ignis you can make account settings, issue Assets globally,issue stateless lightweight contracts and seamlessly swap tokens, digital Assets and coins. Best part for me on Ignis is that it is permissionless,so everyone can use it without limitations. Ignis fastracks payments prescheduling, polls setup, iSee full review

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Ardor is the baby of NXT and it runs on its Security protocol and Tech. It is a scalable blockchain service and business facilitator developed by Jelurida and was founded some four years ago. It has a unique architecture that provides an ecosystem that allows company to build their apps, products and services via its child chain Ardor like Nxt makes use of proof consensus Algorithm that has removed mining competition and nodes using amazingly low energy and economical gears. I believe it is See full review

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I have always had my reservations for Exchanges coming from Turkey. My bias is stemed from no other point but from my experience most Exchanges from this place are fake. However BITEXCLUSIVE is different. It won't really surprise you as credence to this fact is that REV Token Is listed on this platform. Bitexclusive is an exchange that provides order books that is highly liquid facilitating Seamless exchange of BTC, ETH, Tether, Litecoin, Ripple among others at minimum slippage. It has on it 16See full review

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The pivotal role of funding for businesses and enterpreneurs can not be over emphasized, startups requires funding from the ideation stage to stability of customer flow and increase. You as a business founder don't have to do it alone, that's where Growth Circuit comes in. Growth Circuit is a Startup accelerator offering ODTU TEKNOKENTS Investment fund investing in seed and early tech enterpreneur with additional investment in line with the company's progress and investment success It is headqSee full review

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World of Golf was founded in 2003, by Naresh Bhagwanani a commerce professional and a golfer by hobby. It is located in Pune, coming from the motivation that golf stimulates life in many ways and teaches alot about having an easier living World of Golf offers the following products Trolleys, Drivers, Bags, Bells, Iron Set, Shoes, Gloves, T-shirt, Umbrella and Gloves. You can reach Its customer support via phone lines and Email from Monday to Friday. 10am- 8 Your privacy is guaranteed on its platSee full review

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BitMart was lauched in the year 2018, as a centralized exchange resident in Cayman Islands. It has four offices located in New York, and major part of Asia. BitMart supports spot trading, OTC trading, and USD trading. Its sole mission is to drive the world towards a better financial system. With its over 176 active market and 2million and counting Crypto investors, running on a global ecosystem coupled with around the clock multilingual customer service. You can be rest assured that BitMart isSee full review

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Its last kkbowMeschain which is otherwise called MES is the baby of Genesis Crypto Technology thats committed to reforming the World via digital currency and Technology. It offers MES as a Token a solution for saving time, quality, efficiency and provision of professional services in safe environment. Meschain See full review

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Fishing Floats is an Hungarian company supplying the finest of Fishing accessories. It has affiliations with top brands like Fogas, Exner, Cralluso, Perfect, Serie Walter, Maros Mix among It supplys products every in the EU via courier services Fish Floats retail shop is the largest best Velence Lake Hungary. It sells the following products: competition floats, Predator Floats, Hook and survei, lines and accessories, Baits, clothes, Key rings, Sun glasses and more. It has forged a business relSee full review

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Mobility First Incoporated is driven to provide solution to any and all your mobility challenge, matching the right mobility solutions for your medical needs It has been in operation since 1997, in the city of Kensas with Vast brand of top quality brands like Golden, Pride, and Drive among It provides for your mobility comfort: chairs, scooters, vehicle, accessories, lift chairs and more Aside the products mentioned it has medical equipment experts to help you find what best soothe you. It hasSee full review

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Rackets Trader which used to be called second hand Rackets is the best stop for all you club tennis players. Its stock in trade is only pre-owned top brands performance racket like: Head, Wilson, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Yonex among others. It could be new or one in an excellent condition at a fraction of new retail recommended price If you are looking to buy, sell, or exchange part Rackets Trade is just the right place for you. It has free expert advice guides and recommendation via maze TechnolSee full review

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When it boils down to the best of Fire arm services, aesthetics, and functionality Bishop Defence is your surest bet. Here's why. Bishop Defense products gives you the rest mind of that it comes in finest quality, it is equally intentional about every decision with precision It has in the recent times seen well above 100 percent growth and still accepting dealership It offers the following products: Glock slides, which comes in various tiers, Magwells, Glock Base Plates, fire Pins, Back PlatesSee full review

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ARNO is a Nano technology project. A physical project blended with high liquidity potentials. The technological know how that drives Nanomaterials particularly carbon Nano tubes, Intercalated graphite and Implemented for industrial use it is on for couple of years now, producing addictives of various types for various fields of application ARNO its native token serves has the main medium of payment driving the economy of the project. The totality of its economic system runs on active use of theSee full review

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Apex cricket is an online retail store for first-class cricket gears. It started out of the bond of friendship and love for the game of two buddies in the late 2 Richie and Viral are both players of the game and pro of international repute Apex Cricket supplies cricket Bats, Pads, Glover, Protective, Helmets, Bages, keeping, clothes,shoes, accessories among You also get to select from shop brands like Addidas, DSC, Gunn&Moore, Kookabara, MRF, SG, SM, among It does occasional free shipping, See full review

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