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Description of EVER Wallet

EVER Wallet (ex. Crystal Wallet) is the native wallet of the Everscale blockchain. The wallet lets users manage their seed phrases, accounts and keys while protecting data with encrypted local storage. Use the wallet to connect to the network's bridge, DEX and other services. Additionally, there are a number of possible future integrations to different DEXs and NFT and gaming projects in the works.


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A few words for the introduction Honestly, I've come across many wallets, but using a wallet has always been difficult for me. That's why I keep my own crypto assets on an exchange that I use most of the time. I understand that this involves a great risk, but I have always found crypto wallets difficult to use, so I have to take such risks. Over the past few months, I've expanded my research in the crypto industry and realized that holding assets on an exchange has far greater risks. So I…

  • Easier to use than most crypto wallets I've come across
  • A wallet that attaches great importance to security as well as ease of use.
  • A large number of users' feedback is high, which I think is another proof of the great interest shown to users by the authorities.
  • Although the size of the wallet is small, I can say that it has quite a lot of functions.
  • I don't think there is any problem with the wallet

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Complete guide to using TON Crystal Wallet.

Design-wise, the TON Crystal wallet is very simple, which is OK for me. For newbies, it offers everything they need to get started in a nice and inexpressive manner. It is a digital wallet that is designed specifically for use with the TON Blockchain. In addition, it is linked to your web browser as an add-on where you have the capability of holding and spending (TON). Most cryptocurrency users store their cryptocurrency simply in the wallets that are connected to the exchanges on which they…

  • Excellent design and ease of use.
  • It is very easy to download and create an account.
  • It doesn’t have access to any of your information.
  • Also, it has great security, if you logout from your account, you have to put the seed phrase again to login.
  • The only concern I felt was the lack of mobile support.

The great hype and revolution that cryptocurrencies have had in recent months is impressive and represents an opportunity for many projects and developers to seek to offer alternatives that allow these cryptocurrencies to become widespread, and have increasingly varied use cases. One of these alternatives is cryptocurrency wallets, and today I want to talk to you about the Ton Crystal wallet, which is leading the way in many ways and due to its ease of use, (in an environment where there are hu

  • A contest was held to create a web extension for ton Crystal tokens with support for the main current browsers with a prize for the first 4 places of 220,000 TON Crystal tokens.
  • At the end of October 2020, a contest proposal was made to improve the design of the wallet, in which almost 50,000 crystal tokens were awarded among 5 winners.
  • The user interface is extremely clear and easy to use, you don't need to be an expert to make any transaction in this wallet.
  • The implementation of its new Debots feature is something that will undoubtedly facilitate the massification of the Free Ton ecosystem.
  • The wallet does not yet have an official support system but you can receive help directly from the broxus telegram chat
  • It is an open source wallet and access to the source code is available to all users
  • The wallet still does not have the button to send tokens, (at least in the version that I have installed in my browser) something that has me confused because I have seen some images in the chrome store where that button does appear. in any case I hope the implementation will happen soon.

To be honest, I haven't used a wallet plugin since the first day I got to know the crypto world, so I didn't know anything about it. However, I decided to try it by doing some research and using this wallet, whose name is constantly mentioned in the social media accounts of the revain platform. First I did some research on this on the search engine, of course first of all I read user reviews on several review platforms including the revain platform. User reviews are generally good, but what…

  • easy download and easy installation.
  • It has been recognized by many recently.
  • A wallet strong enough to advance with the strongest opponents
  • Launched by a very experienced team and company
  • very little cryptocurrency support
  • it took my time to have less language option while registering
  • I'm worried that I might be hacked at any time

TON's creators took really seriously the fact of creating good impressions among users. This company keeps up with an excellent job. Since a blockchain project cannot be ready without a wallet, developers were steps forward to create not one but many different wallets for their users. So they have now the chance of receiving and seeing their worth of TON in their devices in comfortable spaces. A NEW SPACE FOR YOUR TON TOKENS In this review, I'm going to show the different options traders have

  • The official page offers direct access to the different links. All of them are operative.
  • The options for holders are massive. All wallets are easy to download and use.
  • There are many good reviews on the sites where the wallets are available. The community is mostly downloading the wallet extension for Chrome and the one for Android.
  • Mobile wallets offer proo-of-stake. These options are yet in development, but really promising.
  • They were developed thanks to the usse of Github and testnet on its different faces.
  • Some of the wallets available need improvements because they take so much to sync data.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

TON CRYSTAL WALLET, Good wallet and easy to use.

What parameters to evaluate when deciding which crypto wallet to adopt. The financial world with the emergence of cryptocurrencies has been evolving in a dizzying way, the convenience of transferring currency from one person to another in a fast way without intermediaries is the raison d'être of the wallets, that is precisely the first parameter to take into consideration when choosing a wallet, It is very easy to write about wallets, They all pursue the same functionality, only the…

  • Easy to use wallet, very simple and intuitive environment.
  • Fast person -to-person transactions
  • Fully decentralized development
  • Open source available in Github repositories
  • Well-secured for an online wallet
  • Can operate on multiple networks
  • Low commissions in its use
  • I can customize and add tokens at my convenience.
  • Nothing against

ton crystal wallet chrome extension Hello dear users of the crypto world. Cryptocurrency wallets are a bridge that helps you store your private key and interact with multiple ledgers depending on the type of wallet you have set up. The most popular among these wallets is the Ton Crystal wallet, which runs on the Blockchain and helps you store the cryptocurrencies it supports. With this wallet, you can easily access decentralized applications. Today, I would like to talk about my 1 month experi

  • Easy installation and quick getting used to.
  • create multiple accounts
  • You can use it as a chrome extension from any device
  • Transfers happen fast.
  • successful team
  • users are concerned about security
  • I couldn't find the mobile app
  • There are not enough cryptocurrencies.

TON Crystal wallet is a dedicated wallet for the Free TON project, which of course has the ability to hold several other currencies (you can see an example of holdable currencies in the screenshot below the review). I installed this wallet, which is dedicated to Google Chrome, to check this wallet. This extension can be downloaded directly from the google chrome website, so there is no need to worry about the security of the device, as it is approved by this browser. Build a new wallet in the

  • Ability to maintain several different currencies in addition to TON Crystal currency
  • Ability to add Custom Tokens
  • Ultra-comfortable user interface
  • Ability to make wallets based on several different encryption methods
  • Appearance compared to MetaMask
  • It can be used in several different versions, including Chrome extension, windows wallet, Linux wallet and macOS wallet
  • Mobile version of wallet not available
  • Few currencies are supported by default compared to other popular wallets

TON Crystal Wallet, is based on a wallet for the use of decentralized finance, being a Dapp wallet that has ample security, guarantees to perform transactions in cryptocurrencies efficiently, is an easy to download wallet that installs correctly, in web browsers and guarantees secure and fast transactions. TON Crystal Wallet, is composed of an efficient wallet, which has the native token TON Crystal, being a secure token, with its own network and ensures secure transactions, broad utility and…

  • The wallet supports a variety of digital currencies, ensuring efficient and fast transactions.
  • It behaves efficiently as a Dapps, with good decentralization, extensive security and it facilitates the recovery of the wallet with the utility of its recovery phrase.
  • Creating a wallet is easy, allows an easy choice of network to use and the wallet works efficiently, from web browsers.
  • It makes it easy to create multiple wallet addresses from the Dapp.
  • Integrates notification center, ensuring that you receive notifications efficiently.
  • It has not added many configuration tools for the wallet.
  • It has not added the function to change the account name.

TON Crystal Wallet is a platform created for the purpose of keeping your cryptocurrencies that you own or intend to buy securely. I can say that this wallet, which uses blockchain technology, is extremely good in terms of usage and functionality. You can set up this wallet, which also cooperates with different and well-known browsers, like many other wallets via Google and you can start using it easily. This wallet is also very beautiful in that it has many features. What users always care

  • Extremely fast.
  • Security procedures are pretty good.
  • Processing speed is fine.
  • The developer team is extremely high quality.
  • Nice to set up and use.
  • I didn't see anything negative.

TON Crystal wallet is software where users can store and manage their TON and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is stored on the TON Crystal blockchain and you access your cryptocurrencies using public and private keys (a kind of cipher). Wallet looks like any financial app and allows you to save with TON Crystal, It allows you to send, receive, exchange and perform other operations. You can get this wallet in the form of Apple Store, Google Play or chrome extension. It is very eas

  • simple and user friendly interface
  • low fee
  • dapp connect function to other sites
  • Fast and convenient
  • wallet is easy to access, as it is available on chrome as an extension
  • it supports a small number of currencies

TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet where you can safely keep your assets belonging to many projects on the TON blockchain. TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet that works integrated with google chrome. This gives comfort to users. Because your wallet is just a click away. Let's talk about some of the features of the TON Crystal Wallet.. 1) The user interface is quite simple. In this way, learning or using the wallet is quite simple. 2) I likened TON Crystal Wallet a bit to ''Metamask''. Some…

  • It is a wallet that cares about protecting users' assets
  • It allows multi-directional trade
  • You can add extra security options. You are in total control
  • I think there are interface bugs

Revainrating 4 out of 5

TON Crystal Wallet Extension For The TON Blockchain

The TON blockchain has a mobile wallet! Of course you weren’t expecting that such a cryptocurrency project like Free TON, would leave it’s users and enthusiastic investors stranded with no options on how to store their tokens did you? Well the good news is that, the TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet made to operate with the TON blockchain, offering anyone who has the cryptocurrency, a safe place to safely store and spend the coins. Now this wallet is a little bit different from the wallets you’re…

  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Easy access. All you have to do is add the wallet extension to your Chrome browser
  • Easy registration and sign-in
  • Limited supported cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile support feature is unavailable
  • Internet based wallets are susceptible to external attacks

A user may receive and send payments in TON coin and TIP3 tokens using the TON crystal wallet, which is accessible via extension modules for a variety of web browsers. The TON crystal wallet is the only TON-compatible wallet that supports tokens on the TIP3 protocol. There are no other TON-compatible wallets. When creating your first TON wallet, you should start with the TON crystal wallet. A team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts is working on it, and it will serve as a sort of DApps…

  • This wallet has been enhanced to provide a more realistic range of options.
  • It is extremely advantageous to do TON transactions.
  • You may continue to use your TON wallet on it.
  • It provides customers and traders with cutting-edge activities.
  • In general, this is an excellent development.
  • Nothing major to mention.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Ever wallet is really good and has the features I want

Ever wallet was developed only a few years ago, thus it does not have a lot of experience. People who work with cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, recognize that experience isn't necessarily necessary. That, I believe, is demonstrated by the Ever wallet. I've used this wallet for about a month and have had very few issues. Since this wallet has nearly all of the functions that a user may desire. It is quite dependable, and it has no security issues, in my opinion. The wallet employs various…

  • I don't believe there will be any problems utilizing it.
  • Security is highly protected
  • So far, I haven't had any issues.

Hello to everyone. The review I want to write today is about the TON Crystal Wallet. TON Crystal Wallet is a crypto wallet that hit the market some time ago. As we know, there are quite a few crypto wallets in the market, but people keep looking for a more innovative and more reliable wallet. TON Crystal Wallet has many differences from other wallets, but before I talk about these differences, I would like to say that I have very high hopes for the future of this wallet, which has a very small…

  • Advertising is given great importance by the developers, so the number of users of the wallet is increasing.
  • More convenient and easier to use than most wallets I've come across
  • Thanks to the great importance given to user satisfaction, the satisfaction is well above the average.
  • There is indeed a great deal of emphasis placed on safety.
  • There is no feature about the wallet that I rated as bad

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A wallet I just came across, but I really like it

Recently I was evaluating crypto projects to innovate and came across Ever wallet. The number of users of this wallet, which is not very common among people, is also very small. In fact, I doubt that this number may be over 1000. The wallet operates on the Everscale network. This must be another reason why it is not common among humans. Because I haven't heard anything about the Everscale network until now. But that doesn't mean the wallet or network is bad, on the contrary, I rate these…

  • The Ever wallet keeps the features that many people are looking for.
  • It has its own cryptocurrency.
  • When I used the wallet, it felt very comfortable.
  • Nothing.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A crypto wallet that always thinks of its users

Hello my friends. My review today will be about the Ever wallet. You probably haven't heard about the Ever wallet because it has only been in business for a few months. But my guess is that it might be one of the names you'll hear the most in the crypto world in the future, because this wallet is doing pretty well. The Ever wallet is one of the projects created by Broxus and operates on the Everscale network. If you haven't heard of the Everscale network before, you may not trust this project…

  • A mobile application has recently been created for mobile users.
  • Wallet's stats are pretty good, satisfaction is pretty high
  • I don't have any complaints

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A wallet that does a better job than much older wallets

Hi guys, my review today will be about the Ever wallet. Ever wallet is a wallet created in recent years, so it doesn't have a huge experience. But people who deal with cryptocurrencies know that experience isn't always important. I think the Ever wallet is proof of that. I have been using this wallet for about 1 month and I have almost no complaints. Because the wallet has almost all the features a user could want. For example, I think it is very easy to use, very reliable, and has no problems

  • It has a good interface.
  • I have no doubts about security because I have been using this wallet for quite some time
  • Too few users, but I think the number of users will increase in the near future.

Hello, today I am going to write a review about Ever wallet. Known until recently as the TON wallet, this wallet has recently received a major update. These updates include features such as name changes, many improvements. The wallet can be managed via a Chrome extension and mobile app (plus one of the wallet's biggest innovations was the release of a mobile app). The mobile application is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. The wallet is very easy to use and has a very nice interface.

  • Frequent updates are made.
  • I don't think you will have any difficulties when using it.
  • I haven't encountered a problem yet.