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EVER Wallet

38 · Very good


About EVER Wallet

EVER Wallet (ex. Crystal Wallet) is the native wallet of the Everscale blockchain. The wallet lets users manage their seed phrases, accounts and keys while protecting data with encrypted local storage. Use the wallet to connect to the network's bridge, DEX and other services. Additionally, there are a number of possible future integrations to different DEXs and NFT and gaming projects in the works.

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TON Crystal Wallet Extension For The TON Blockchain

The TON blockchain has a mobile wallet! Of course you weren’t expecting that such a cryptocurrency project like Free TON, would leave it’s users and enthusiastic investors stranded with no options on how to store their tokens did you? Well the good...See full review

It is a convenient tool that can be synced with a TON blockchain to provide additional functionality.

A user may receive and send payments in TON coin and TIP3 tokens using the TON crystal wallet, which is accessible via extension modules for a variety of web browsers. The TON crystal wallet is the only TON-compatible wallet that supports tokens on...See full review

Ever wallet is really good and has the features I want

Ever wallet was developed only a few years ago, thus it does not have a lot of experience. People who work with cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, recognize that experience isn't necessarily necessary. That, I believe, is demonstrated by the Ever...See full review

Although it is new for now, it is a wallet that is highly evaluated and loved by almost all of its users.

Hello to everyone. The review I want to write today is about the TON Crystal Wallet. TON Crystal Wallet is a crypto wallet that hit the market some time ago. As we know, there are quite a few crypto wallets in the market, but people keep looking...See full review

A wallet I just came across, but I really like it

Recently I was evaluating crypto projects to innovate and came across Ever wallet. The number of users of this wallet, which is not very common among people, is also very small. In fact, I doubt that this number may be over 1000. The wallet...See full review

A crypto wallet that always thinks of its users

Hello my friends. My review today will be about the Ever wallet. You probably haven't heard about the Ever wallet because it has only been in business for a few months. But my guess is that it might be one of the names you'll hear the most in the...See full review

A wallet that does a better job than much older wallets

Hi guys, my review today will be about the Ever wallet. Ever wallet is a wallet created in recent years, so it doesn't have a huge experience. But people who deal with cryptocurrencies know that experience isn't always important. I think the Ever...See full review

A crypto wallet that I thought many of you would like if you try it.

Hello, today I am going to write a review about Ever wallet. Known until recently as the TON wallet, this wallet has recently received a major update. These updates include features such as name changes, many improvements. The wallet can be managed...See full review

TON Crystal Wallet manages to stand out from many wallets I have come across thanks to its good aspects, and I think I have found my new crypto wallet.

A few words for the introduction Honestly, I've come across many wallets, but using a wallet has always been difficult for me. That's why I keep my own crypto assets on an exchange that I use most of the time. I understand that this involves a...See full review

TON Crystal Wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet application that runs in the browser.

This wallet allows you to easily and quickly connect your web browser to the TON blockchain with a single click. In order to get access to the wallet, browser extensions were made available. Chrome, Firefox, and Brave are all Chromium-based browsers…See full review

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