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Review on EVER Wallet by Toprak Dere

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About TON Crystal Wallet (official wallet for the Free TON cryptocurrency project)

TON Crystal wallet is software where users can store and manage their TON and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is stored on the TON Crystal blockchain and you access your cryptocurrencies using public and private keys (a kind of cipher). Wallet looks like any financial app and allows you to save with TON Crystal,

It allows you to send, receive, exchange and perform other operations.

You can get this wallet in the form of Apple Store, Google Play or chrome extension.

It is very easy to set up and use, and the size is very small.

With TON crystal you make lots of transactions at an expense of a low fee with ability to send and receive cryotocurrency instantly.

It has a Dapp wallet function and allows you to create multiple addresses to receive digital assets, it works very well and can be configured quickly

Free tone provides High security, strict security measures have been taken to keep your money safe. Moreover, additional security features are constantly implemented to prevent the possibility of unauthorized access to your wallet and possible loss.

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  • simple and user friendly interface
  • low fee
  • dapp connect function to other sites
  • Fast and convenient
  • wallet is easy to access, as it is available on chrome as an extension
  • it supports a small number of currencies

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