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Review on EVER Wallet by Jose Palma

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TON Crystal Wallet, a decentralization-based wallet, has its own digital currency, accepts multiple digital currencies and allows to receive transactions securely and efficiently.

TON Crystal Wallet, is based on a wallet for the use of decentralized finance, being a Dapp wallet that has ample security, guarantees to perform transactions in cryptocurrencies efficiently, is an easy to download wallet that installs correctly, in web browsers and guarantees secure and fast transactions. TON Crystal Wallet, is composed of an efficient wallet, which has the native token TON Crystal, being a secure token, with its own network and ensures secure transactions, broad utility and good trade, this wallet also supports a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, which makes it a wallet with good use and utility, being a wallet that facilitates fast transactions, It also has an interface with good features, having options to create several wallet addresses, good configurations, integrates notification center, ensures easy selection of cryptocurrencies in the main tray, to make transactions and access easy searches of the cryptocurrency to use for transactions.

But is TON Crystal Wallet a secure wallet?

This wallet integrates in its platform a comprehensive security, which ensures that the user is the sole holder of the recovery phrase, ensuring the possibility for the user to be responsible for their assets in it and preventing third parties to have access to the assets in it, so it is a wallet that has good reliability, in terms of security of decentralized finance in it, ensuring recover the wallet, if it were to uninstall from the web browser.

Does TON Crystal Wallet facilitate the use of networks?

TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet that integrates several networks, which generate secure transactions and allows you to easily choose the network to use, being an innovative wallet that provides the ease of choice between the six networks it has so far.

TON Crystal Wallet and its multi-currency functionality:

TON Crystal Wallet, has a good configuration to choose between its various cryptocurrencies accepted in the wallet platform, although it owns a native token, the TON Crystal token, it also allows to own assets in other popular digital currencies, allowing easy search among its list of cryptocurrencies, although it is also easy to perform searches with the smart contract address and attach cryptocurrencies to perform efficient and secure transactions.

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  • The wallet supports a variety of digital currencies, ensuring efficient and fast transactions.
  • It behaves efficiently as a Dapps, with good decentralization, extensive security and it facilitates the recovery of the wallet with the utility of its recovery phrase.
  • Creating a wallet is easy, allows an easy choice of network to use and the wallet works efficiently, from web browsers.
  • It makes it easy to create multiple wallet addresses from the Dapp.
  • Integrates notification center, ensuring that you receive notifications efficiently.
  • It has not added many configuration tools for the wallet.
  • It has not added the function to change the account name.