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Review on TON Crystal Wallet by Robiul Islam

Complete guide to using TON Crystal Wallet.

Design-wise, the TON Crystal wallet is very simple, which is OK for me. For newbies, it offers everything they need to get started in a nice and inexpressive manner. It is a digital wallet that is designed specifically for use with the TON Blockchain. In addition, it is linked to your web browser as an add-on where you have the capability of holding and spending (TON).

Most cryptocurrency users store their cryptocurrency simply in the wallets that are connected to the exchanges on which they do their trading. The similarity between traditional email and password log systems results in people believing that blockchain addresses work the same way. With Crystal wallet, you are in total control of your assets.

To set up your TON Crystal Wallet, do the following:
  1. Download TON Crystal Wallet browser extension through their website.
  2. Select Create a New Wallet.
  3. Select wallet type.
  4. Save the seed phrase (remember to keep it in a secure place).
  5. Check the seed phrase and confirm.
  6. Lastly, set your password and you're good to go!
Basic instructions on how to get started.
If you compare it to the complicated UI of cryptocurrency exchanges, the TON Crystal Wallet is stunningly simple, washed, and completely devoid of clutter. The main interface displays a list of your assets, along with the balances associated with each item. A transactions tab displays your most recent transactions, and selecting your account at the top will copy the address of your asset to the clipboard (if you have one). You may also add custom tokens by clicking on the receive button on the top right of the screen, which also displays your wallet address and a QR code for receiving assets, while the menu above gives access to settings, as well as the capability of importing and creating new accounts (as you can see in the images I added).

Security and functionality.
The first step is to explain its functionality. Users of TON Crystal wallet may make use of a number of important features that are included with the cryptocurrency wallet. Individuals who use the extension will get numerous keys generated from a single seed phrase, as well as a token wallet and secure login. They will also have the option of creating additional accounts, or addresses. Although there is sufficient protection, it is an online wallet, therefore this is not a safe system. Because it is linked to the Internet, it makes it susceptible to hacking and other forms of assault on the network itself.

How reliable is the use of TON Crystal Wallet?
If you utilize TON crypto on a daily basis (if you're not familiar with Free TON and TON Blockchain, you may read my ), it will be useful to you in many ways. Easy to use, and it saves your seed phrase on your computer's hard drive rather than on the cloud. Because it is an online tool, it is not the safest wallet, as you would expect. TON Crystal, on the other hand, is a perfectly acceptable hot wallet in terms of intensity.

Since you have total control of your account with TON Crystal wallet, you must bear responsibility for everything. In order to avoid losing your crypto, make sure you remember the seed words and your password. Don't even bother getting your TON Crystal wallet account hacked, since you will also lose access to it. The overall goal of TON Crystal wallet is to let people feel more in control of their cryptocurrency assets.

Overall, TON Crystal wallet is very new and has more work ahead of it, I would advise keeping a low amount of assets in the short term.
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Pros & cons

  • Excellent design and ease of use.
  • It is very easy to download and create an account.
  • It doesn’t have access to any of your information.
  • Also, it has great security, if you logout from your account, you have to put the seed phrase again to login.
  • The only concern I felt was the lack of mobile support.