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OpenSea stands out as an NFT platform that allows the purchase and exchange of NFTs that have become popular since last year. OpenSea, the first NFT platform to stand out with its decentralized definition, was founded in 2018. Since then, both the OpenSea and NFT industry have seen significant growth. The emergence of a strong industry such as NFT has brought with it platforms where these NFTs can be put up for sale. OpenSea can be the best example of these platforms. If you are using OpenSea for the first time, the platform may seem a bit confusing. The platform, where transactions are carried out with smart contracts, offers users a highly secure trading experience. In order to log into an NFT platform like OpenSea, you first need a crypto wallet like Metamask. These wallets interact with the blockchain network and are responsible for storing the transactions you make on OpenSea. That is, your purchase and sale on OpenSea will be credited in this wallet. The "Explore" tab in OpenSea is perfect for the items you want to buy. Here you can search for the NFT product you want and find its alternatives. You will need to convert your Ethereums to Wrapped Ethereum before purchasing anything on the OpenSea platform. You can use OpenSea to perform this operation. After converting your ETHs to wETH, you can bid for NFTs. After purchasing the NFTs, OpenSea will take over the transaction for you and close the transaction with smart contracts. OpenSea prides itself on having the lowest platform fees in the NFT space. The platform takes 2.5% of the revenue from the sale as a commission. This fee can go up to 7.5% on other platforms. The OpenSea team states that they work hard to ensure the safety of users. Positive sellers can get the approved user hashtag just like on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, users can report NFTs they deem fake or inappropriate. See full review

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One of those exchanges that I have been using for a long time and have never had any problems with me so far. it became one of my indispensable ones especially after the update of kucoin 2.0. It is the favorite crypto currency exchange of recent days. contains coins that are not found on many sites, most of the coins are promising coins Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange with a clean interface, running fast and distributing plenty of bonuses. 24-hour service from technical support feels pleasing and safe The reference system produces incredibly good returns. It has a token called KuCoin Shares, denoted by the KCS token. The most important advantage of KCS is that it gives you bonus according to the amount you have. The stock market is currently growing like an avalanche. Transaction volumes are increasing day by day.See full review

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Venly Market

NFT is an acronym for “Non-Fungible Tokens”. Something which is fungible is replaceable. When something is non-fungible, it means that it is unique, and not replaceable with any other item out there. Although NFTs are conceptually similar to cryptocurrencies, these digital assets might represent artworks, collectables like trading cards, and other items with unique features. Venly’s NFT marketplace is focused on blockchain games. On one end of the spectrum you have game studios and game creators, whereas on the other you have gamers and collectors. Among other things, the marketplace supports NFTs from the babyswap,cryptoz,ethermon,battle racers,trade race manager etc... It allows individual NFT creators to signup as verified sellers. NFT trading and auctions on Venly can be carried out on the Ethereum blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain and the Matic Chain. When you make a trade at Venly, they charge you with a commission. The commission is normally a percentage of the sale amount in the relevant trade. See full review

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Octus Bridge

One of the most technologically impressive platforms on which the FreeTON project has grown, it's still in its early days of maturity, but it already hints at its potential to shake up the DeFi space. With unmatched scalability, remarkably cheap transaction fees (usually less than 0.001% of the transaction), robust security, and a merit-based token distribution system, it's not surprising that a solid community has already developed around the project. This summer was a big hit for FreeTON as the developers released a number of new products and improved a number of existing features. Broxus, one of the leading development teams working on the project and a member of the FreeTON DeFi alliance, has launched the first of a planned series of FreeTON bridges connecting TON to Ethereum. The bridge highlights how useful FreeTON can be as it allows users to trade. ETH without having to deal with ridiculously high gas fees. The Free Ton bridge is a layer 2) solution that connects the Ethereum blockchain with Free Ton. Performing a key function in decentralized finance, the bridge offers users the ability to transfer assets from first-tier chains, where transactions are slow and costly, to newer chains with better scaling capacity and near zero transaction fees. Free Ton works with the bridging method. The Free Ton bridge developed by Broxus connects ETH with Free Ton so users can freely transfer their assets between the two. The appeal of using the bridge is that once assets are moved from the Ethereum network, they can be transferred at a much higher speed and with a much lower fee. See full review

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The FreeTON project has been busy this summer, expanding its offerings for users, working to bring in and support promising, newbie projects and advances in the DeFi industry. Now the team has completed the overhaul of the TON Swap DEX, making it much easier to use while at the same time empowering it with great new features. I had to follow a simple process to provide liquidity. First, I had to choose the tokens that I'd like to provide liquidity. At the time of writing, there were 19 tokens available on TON Swap. The list of tokens gave me a sense of security. Upon selection, the smart contract was deployed by Crystal Wallet. I only had to authorize my transaction and pay the network gas fee. If you do not have sufficient balance for the transfer, TON Swap shall prepare for the same and ask you for confirmation via its extension After selecting the pool, I had to input the amount of LP tokens I'd like to stake and confirm it via Crystal Wallet. In less than a minute or two, I could view my share in the pool. The exact reversal of this process can be used to unstake. Throughout the process, my experience of TON Swap has been smooth. They have finally decoupled the need for technical skills from using DEXs. This is a positive sign as the ease of use and access shall attract naive participants. See full review

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EVER Wallet

TON Crystal wallet is software where users can store and manage their TON and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is stored on the TON Crystal blockchain and you access your cryptocurrencies using public and private keys (a kind of cipher). Wallet looks like any financial app and allows you to save with TON Crystal, It allows you to send, receive, exchange and perform other operations. You can get this wallet in the form of Apple Store, Google Play or chrome extension. It is very easy to set up and use, and the size is very small. With TON crystal you make lots of transactions at an expense of a low fee with ability to send and receive cryotocurrency instantly. It has a Dapp wallet function and allows you to create multiple addresses to receive digital assets, it works very well and can be configured quickly Free tone provides High security, strict security measures have been taken to keep your money safe. Moreover, additional security features are constantly implemented to prevent the possibility of unauthorized access to your wallet and possible loss. See full review

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About Ignis

Classically, Ignis aims to be taken into consideration in all areas where credit cards are used. Although such a wide scope has not been achieved yet, it has become possible for people to shop on many platforms worldwide through IGNIS. In the Ignis system, it is possible not only to use instead of cards, but also to invest. Since IGNIS does not act under any government authority, it will be a suitable choice for independent investors. Necessary breakthroughs have been made not only in terms of reliability but also in data protection. Making data storage a structure that is both affordable and takes up as little space as possible is the main goal. Compared to other virtual wallet initiatives, IGNIS reveals a very low fee range in terms of allowance. The fact that the purpose of this system is not to make profit makes it possible for people to perform transactions more efficiently.See full review

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About Ardor

Ardor Coin emerges as a blockchain platform that helps to use the Blockchain infrastructure with NXT's Blockchains and where anyone can participate. Design objectives include allowing it to be placed in a simple and uniform way that is customized to a person and as a small chain. The NTX platform, in general, constantly states that users do not worry about security. The reason for this situation is that the part is controlled by the main chain as a valid reason. Having more than one sub-chain connected to the main chain is one of the most important features of Ardor. In addition, all sub-chains have crowdfunding features, existing accounts are generally counted in all sub-chains. Any existing account can have a balance in both sub-chains and Ardor.See full review

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About BitMart

Blockchain technology and alternative cryptocurrencies are currently taking the world by storm. However, due to the high volatility and lack of clear rules, crypto traders face many problems. For example, extremely high volatility values, speculative markets, low liquidity, trading games by big players, hacking risk and lack of reliable trading institutions. BitMart's trading system has a solid security mechanism and reliable architecture that provides investors with a reliable trading experience. In addition, the BitMart platform's unique online trading model efficiently matches the market depth of major exchanges around the world while providing higher liquidity. With the BitMart exchange, users will be able to overcome these obstacles thanks to blockchain ledger entries and smart contract technologies, as well as very useful and transparent trading tools. With BitMart's Refer a Friend application, users will be able to receive 50% commission from transaction fees for direct applications and 10% commission for indirect applications (invited by their friends). BitMart is launching an application called Mission X. Supporters will be able to invest in projects in BMX so that the project tokens are listed on the BMX market, and all transaction fees from this market will go directly to the investors who support the project.See full review

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BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

About BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

BHEX is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in December 2018. The exchange describes itself as "the leading technology-oriented cryptocurrency trading platform". BHEX stands for Blue Helix Exchange. Today, BHEX enables crypto to crypto trading, continuous contract trading, options contracts, OTC trading and asset management, among other trading and investment services. The main purpose of BHEX is to offer crypto-crypto trading and futures trading in a minimally regulated environment. Despite being launched in December 2018, BHEX has become one of the largest exchanges in the crypto world. The exchange regularly has a trading volume of more than $ 300 million every 24 hours and is among the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by transaction volume. The main features of BHEX are: 1-Trade Transaction Fees: BHEX charges 0.10% construction fee and 0.10% purchase fee. While this is similar to the fees paid on less regulated exchanges, it is cheaper than an average cryptocurrency exchange (0.10% to 0.15% is the industry standard for crypto-to-crypto exchanges). 2-Own Token: BHEX has its own local utility token called BHEX Token (BHT). This token is an ERC20 token that can be used to reduce the fees for business transactions at BHEX. 3- Backed by more than 50 Institutional Investors: BHEX was launched in December 2018, but has become one of the industry's largest crypto exchanges. One reason for this success is corporate support. It is backed by 56 institutional investors, including giant crypto exchanges such as BHEX, Huobi and OKEX. 4-Asset Custody and Clearing: BHEX has developed decentralized asset storage and exchange technology solutions called Bluehelix based on blockchain technology and community consensus mechanism. Combining cryptology and blockchain technologies, Bluehelix solutions fully support a decentralized community management mechanism from a technology perspective; solutions help establish a reliable and efficient asset storage and clearing system, thus aiming to solve the reliability and security problems in the sector. 5-Desktop Application: If you do not want to use the BHEX browser platform, you can also download the BHEX desktop application for Windows and Mac OS. 6-Mobile Applications: BHEX offers mobile applications for IOS and Android. 7-Fiat OTC Trading: BHEX has an OTC market where anyone can trade to keep it away from larger stock market orders. Most of the USDT and BTC offers are in Chinese Yuan (CNY). One of the biggest advantages of using the BHEX OTC feature is that you do not pay transaction fees on any OTC transaction. 8-Multi-Language Support: BHEX can be used in seven different languages ​​including English, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. 9-CUSTOMER SERVICE: BHEX has surprisingly good customer service. The company provides customer service by live chat directly on You can also submit a more formal customer service request via BHEX's Zendesk page. See full review

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