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Review on EVER Wallet by Syed Adnan

It is a convenient tool that can be synced with a TON blockchain to provide additional functionality.

A user may receive and send payments in TON coin and TIP3 tokens using the TON crystal wallet, which is accessible via extension modules for a variety of web browsers. The TON crystal wallet is the only TON-compatible wallet that supports tokens on the TIP3 protocol. There are no other TON-compatible wallets. When creating your first TON wallet, you should start with the TON crystal wallet. A team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts is working on it, and it will serve as a sort of DApps intermediary that will act as a browser extension, allowing users to gain access to a variety of services, such as signing transactions on the TON blockchain and managing a variety of address. To do this, all of TON's services will be incorporated into the browser, which is one of their objectives.

It is possible to store, receive, and transfer tokens with the help of the TON crystal wallet cryptocurrency wallet. The registration service is configured to ask for permission to register as an extension of your browser in order to further enhance security measures. To put it another way, to summarize, the passwords and seeds are stored on a computer system. While the TON crystal wallet's general security and privacy have been carefully addressed, it is also one of the most reliable wallets for this particular user type. It maintains these features up to date to ensure that they are compatible with customers' landscape. TON crystal wallet gives users full control over their seeds, which means they may quickly lose control of their own money if they don't keep track of their seeds.

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Rating has not been changed

What I prefer about the EVER Wallet app is the UI UX, it's just beautiful, elegant, and fantastic. Almost everything that a wallet should have is covered in terms of functionality. A well-managed user interface with a token overview in a single tab. The multi-blockchain functionality for tokens is one of the key draws of the center for the wallet application, as it is lacking in many wallets. The app experience is surprisingly seamless, as loading time was minor. Overall, a fantastic application; however, I would want to see some improvements, such as the ability to conceal tokens with 0 balance. It would be wonderful to be able to switch the market price from USD to EUR.

Pros & cons

  • This wallet has been enhanced to provide a more realistic range of options.
  • It is extremely advantageous to do TON transactions.
  • You may continue to use your TON wallet on it.
  • It provides customers and traders with cutting-edge activities.
  • In general, this is an excellent development.
  • Nothing major to mention.
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