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About Coinomi

Founded back in 2014, Coinomi is the oldest multi-asset wallet available, with millions of active users. Most importantly, no Coinomi wallet has ever been hacked or otherwise compromised to date. Coinomi is a security-first, multi-asset wallet for both mobile & desktop that provides native support and true ownership for as many as 125 blockchains (the largest number in the market) & virtually thousands of assets, since the user can add any Ethereum ERC20, Binance BEP2, NEM Mosaic, Tron TRC10, Omnilayer or Hedera token himself!. To see the full list of coins click here.

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Coinomi a users support trading platform

Coinomi was established in 2014, which makes it an oldest multi-chain available wallet, it gives users a potential backup by giving tokenization. Coinomi has multitude of dedicated users because it has never been hacked nor have any history of...See full review

Easy and complete wallet for everyone

I started to use Coinomi Wallet some months ago, when I was diving deep into the world of Altcoins. I was looking for tokens not for daytrading but investing, and after DYOR I got interested in a particular token called Peercoin. At that time I was...See full review

my little experience on this exchange platform called coinomi

Coinomi. hello guys a wuick review on this wallet called Coinomi. Coinomi is multiple functional digital currencies, which was founded in the year back 2014 and has gained recognition and also millions of active user which uses the wallet to do...See full review

coinomi - popular cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrencies are gradually gaining traction in the modern financial industry, with more and more altcoins appearing and a rising number of people creating digital money. Special cryptocurrency wallets are necessary, in which virtual currency...See full review

Coinomi is a non-custodial multi-wallet

Coinomi is a famous multiforex bag for cell phones and computers Coinomi is a multi-chain security bag for any cell phone and computer that provides local guidance and real ownership for more than one hundred and twenty-five blockchains (the...See full review

Electronic wallets for everyday work with coins

_ Coinomi is the only one out of 150 wallets that I bet 5 with great pleasure! Well done! Keep it up. I am pleased that I am working with this particular wallet. It is very convenient for me to make translations and conclusions. Coinomi Designed...See full review


By reading Coinomi's package deal, I located that it changed into in 2014, which can be the motive why the consumer interface of the encrypted package deal layout continues to be poor. Many new clients are approximately to join. At Crypto, they...See full review

Coinomi provides local support and real ownership for about 125 blockchains.

Coinomi made it 7 years ago and is making it the most seasonal multi-chain wallet by strengthening it by providing tokenization to customers. Coinomi has a large number of loyal customers because it has a background set by individuals because it...See full review

Coinomi is few crypto wallets that are extremely advantageous to utilize.

Good evening! I truly regard this wallet, its specialized help for moment answers to questions. About Coinomi Established back in 2014, Coinomi is the most seasoned moderate multi-resource wallet with a great many dynamic clients. In particular…See full review

Here's a look at some of the most common Coinomi wallets.

It's one of the many wallets available available on the market. Is every wallet, however, the equal to you? It's all a count number of attitude. We don't use each pockets; as an alternative, we need a extensively used and well-supported firm...See full review

Coinomi is a small number of crypto wallets that are very convenient to use.

Speaking of Coinomi, that is one of the few crypto wallets that is very handy to use and I had no problem with login or use, so I can say that it is included into the layout and has changed Bitcoin as a destiny charge device for the blockchain game…See full review