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Bitcoin Gold

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It is the money that will emerge as a result of the bitcoin hard fork that a group of bitcoin software developers and miners who set out with the idea of ​​"make bitcoin decentralized again" will make bitcoin to transform it into a decentralized structure that is produced by everyone. bitcoin golders plan to give everyone who holds bitcoin on October 25 as much as bitcoin gold as they hold on November 11. Bitcoin gold, which can be produced with video cards, is likely to continue as an altSee full review

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Reserve Rights

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The Reserve is a platform that allows individuals and businesses in high-inflation countries to protect their money by moving money from coins to a stable digital currency. Two buckles provide power to the reserve protocol. The first is Reserve (RSV): stable cryptocurrency that is economically and legally sound at all scales. It is decentralized, 100% asset-backed and funded by top Silicon Valley investors. The second is the Reserve Rights (RSR): the floating protocol token that plays a role in See full review

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AST or AirSwap Token is the membership token for AirSwap decentralized exchanges. People on AirSwap will be able to exchange decentralized ERC20 tokens for free. The AirSwap Token can securely transact without having to take liability to the third party (Exchanges) if someone accepts one cryptocurrency (or asset) with another. Transactions are handled between peers using MetaMask or any of the other Ethereum wallets. Thanks to the Clearing Protocol, the transaction is free of charge. The protocSee full review

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DeFi is an open finance where you can borrow or lend assets with ETH holders or the local currency of a smart contract's platform, for example, the stablecoin of Cosos (ATOM). DeFi has revolutionized traditional finance, and Ethereum is the foundation of this gratifying innovation. However, DeFi is not a specific area; it covers everything — including stock markets and lending practices. For example, $ 900 million worth of ETH is currently locked in DeFi applications. The most popular platfoSee full review

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Decentralized exchange where I wonder if I can send eth from exchanges like binance, polo or bitfinex. Decentralized exchange where you can buy many ethereum tokens that have not yet been introduced to the stock exchange. Much easier to use than etherdelta. only withdraw and deposit issue is a bit confusing because it is not what we are used to from classical stock exchanges. Since the wallet address given to you here is a wallet / wallet that you also own and have the private key, you need to tSee full review

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chainlink is a project that aims to be a decentralized oracle provider for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger and other blockchains. It may sound complicated, but hang with me. Smart contracts are great and will undoubtedly transform the internet in ways we can't imagine right now, and smart contracts even have potential far beyond the internet in the real world. Currently, the problem is that smart contracts (as Ethereum does) cannot communicate with real-world APIs and services. What is an API? AnSee full review

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A newly released ethereum token has its own exchange and distributes profits. A useful future token has a historical note value of $ 0.60, which can leave good income as the volume increases. Kucoin is a far east exchange that shares 90% of its revenues (for now) with its users. Well, how is this distribution 50% revenues are distributed among those who keep Kucoin shares, or even an account site where you can see your revenues, you can write the amount of kcs you have here and look at your dSee full review

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I did some research on how to cash out my bitcoins for a possible ban. as a result I found wirex. If I am sharing my experiences; - After signing up on the site, it came to send bitcoins. Because bitcoin is slow, I converted my bitcoins to dash and sent it to the site. Although it took 10 minutes, I felt like I paid more commission because the site converted the dash to bitcoin instead of directly using the dash and the translation rates were lower than other sites. For this reason, if yoSee full review

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This cryptocurrency asset is a privacy coin that provides proof of stake and principal nodes with a focus on privacy. It also uses a "saw" method that checks for any inequality in prize distribution. For example, if the system detects that the reward system is predominantly aimed at masternodes, because there are more of them, then it will adjust the reward parameters so that the stakers are rewarded heavily. This forces participants to equalize their assets so that both parties can win prizes rSee full review

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The Manufacturing Execution System is a comprehensive automated control system designed to manage and monitor all processes in a production facility. MES is designed to increase productivity by optimizing and synchronizing real-time production activities. MESChain, which is owned by Genesis Crypto Technology, aims to become a world leader in the market by developing a platform in the field of production execution systems and a solution source based on Blockchain technology preferred by companSee full review

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The first regulated stablecoin fully supported by the US dollar. It is a coin with access to financial opportunities and global trade. Bitrex's new coin. As the name suggests, he vowed to dethrone tetheri It is called tusd. TrueUSD is a stablecoin initiated by parent company TrustToken, whose co-founder and CEO is Rafael Cosman. Cosman has always stated that TrueUSD is just the beginning of TrustToken's product line and requires relatively little work in return for creating a high-impact asset. See full review

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an altcoin with another name 0x. 0x is no stranger to those who have ethereum, the first two characters of eth addresses. Although this altcoin comes out of eth infrastructure, it aims to support eth. their purpose is to speed up the eth network. It would not be wrong to say a separate dapp protocol under eth. I more or less guess what the price of zrx will be as I see the price of tons of coins with no cure in the market. It is the al-hold coin. The fact that central exchanges are connected to See full review

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The Meridian Foundation is a nonprofit organization that will oversee the implementation and development of the proposal, manage salary distribution for social managers (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc.), lead Dapp proposals and organizational community voting. In other words, this means that every decision regarding the Meridian Network from our DAO launch will be voted on and decided by the community as a whole ”. In simpler terms, the Foundation will be Meridian's representative when dealingSee full review

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There is a bug in their bitexencoin distribution system. First, let me write what it is for those who are lazy to go to the site and read: turkish criptocoin exchange. established in ITU Technopolis. so reliable. It has been a few years since it went into operation. They also set up a membership system to increase volume and distribute 50 percent of their profits to those who become members in the first years (now and possibly for the next few years) through this membership system. Bitexen coSee full review

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These movements are taking place due to the announcements that ripple will include ripple (xrp) in the xrapid system used in bank transfers and 2 surprise news to be announced by the company in the coming days. For now, they are creating a trust process in investors and trying to make pricing. If the rumors are true, this increase is likely to continue. Especially in Asia, with the dawning of the day, things can become more colorful. I personally expect a nice move tonight in xrp. Let me alsoSee full review

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Coinomi was launched in 2014 by a team of blockchain experts with years of experience and success in the Fintech industry. The company's founder and CEO is George Kimionis, a graduate of the University of Manchester and a serial entrepreneur. The company is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands (at Craigmuir Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, VG 1110, British Virgin Islands). The biggest selling points of Cоіnоmі Wаllеt are its high level of security and privacy features and support for a laSee full review

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vechain entered the digital money market in August 2017. It is a digital currency established by the singapore-based vechain foundation to provide companies with products and information with block chain technology. There are currently 476,173,805 vechains (veins) in the digital money market. The maximum number of veins that can enter the market in total is 867,162,633. For now, among the sectors that vechain provides using the blockchain infrastructure are retail, automotive, luxury consuSee full review

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Before the birth of Bitcoin, global information transmission was achieved through the Internet's TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) protocol to achieve high-speed and low-cost transmission. But as the communication technology developed (Internet, IoT, VR / AR), people and devices interaction methods have become more diversified and more assets are digitized or tokenized. Simply sharing and transmission of information cannot meet the demands of economic and social dSee full review

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I came across this site while browsing youtub, I didn't believe it at first, but when I watched the video, I started to believe it and immediately became a member, and now I wrote a lot of articles about crito money and the stock market in less than a week. As a graduate of economics, a site that covers exactly the topics of my interest. You can earn money by writing what you know about your previous experiences and sharing them with other people. This is a really nice feeling. There are many exSee full review

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The crypto money exchange that I have been using for a long time without any problems ... In order to spread crypto money and increase its investors, it also started to give TV ads. This is a positive development but I think it needs to do something about the commissions. got a warning about the article I wrote fasxwall: "It means like paribu is charging 1% tax". there is no such situation. Neither of them, whether paribu, btcturk or koinex, receives the newly added tax when buying usdt. ButSee full review

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hello, I am a graduate of onur balin economics department and I am improving myself by doing research on stock markets and cryptocurrencies that I follow with love....

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