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Wirex EUR

88 · Very good

Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 0.00
ATM Fee$ 2.00
Daily Limit$ 8,000.00
Card CurrencyEUR
Monthly Fee$ 1.20
Overall Fee0.92%

About Wirex EUR

The Wirex EUR Payment Card is a Visa secured and crypto-enabled prepaid card. It offers instant in-app currency exchange between fiat and crypto in any direction (£, $, €, Bitcoin and Litecoin). Once the account has been verified, users can manage multi-currencies using the virtual card through the app or order a physical card instead. The card can be frozen and defrosted from within the app if lost and there are no fees for inactivity. A feature unique to the Wirex Payment Card is CryptobackTM; a program that rewards users with 0.5% of their in-store transactions in Bitcoin when they spend by swipe, chip & pin or tap & go. The card has a €1.20 monthly fee, is currently free to order (including delivery) and is enabled with in-app notifications. The maximum account balance is €8000, with an unlimited daily transaction allowance.

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Wirex EUR: A Debit Visa Cryptocurrency Card Available In Both Virtual And Physical Form.

Firstly, when it comes to cryptocurrency cards, I have absolutely no idea about them. It was even until recently that I know that such cards exist and that you can use these crypto cards to make withdrawals from ATMs just like your normal bank…See full review

A very profitable card, and with this card the user has great opportunities.

_ Wirex Card is a VISA card and can be used wherever VISA is accepted. this is definitely a huge advantage, VISA is the most widely accepted card in the world and it is also very convenient.After reading the review on the Wirex EUR which is posted…See full review

Wirex EUR is a good cryptocurrency card

The Visa Wirex card allows users to exchange and spend traditional cash and cryptocurrencies at any Visa-accepting location. In the app and online, users may manage and spend 18 fiat and cryptocurrency currencies. The card may be reloaded with…See full review

Wirex EUR is a good card for digital currency types

If I had to talk about Cryptographic Cards, I had no idea that there were such cards and that you could use these cryptocurrencies to withdraw from ATMs like your regular bank check cards. So, to find out about the use of cryptocurrencies, I…See full review

An outline of the entirely dependable Wirex Card for fledglings.

Wirex Card expenses are not especially high. Obviously, a few commissions are as yet given, at the same time, as we would see it, they can't be viewed as a deterrent to its use.I think later on all that will rely upon hardware. Since step by step…See full review

Wirex EUR: Virtual and physical debit visa cryptographic card.

The new multi-purpose Wirex card allows you to spend crypto and fiat currencies in real-time stores with real conversions and price changes. In addition, you will receive a 2% Cryptoback ™ reward for all your expenses. Not what you need, but what…See full review

An overview of the very reliable Wirex Card for beginners.

Wirex Card fees are not particularly high. Of course, some commissions are still provided, but, in our opinion, they cannot be considered an obstacle to its use.I think in the future everything will depend on electronics. Because day by day…See full review

survey of wirex eur digital currency card

The Wirex EUR card is a check card gave by Wirex, a noticeable fintech firm. The cards have set up a connection for clients to utilize their crypto resources as a method for trade and installment for items and administrations in both global and…See full review

review of wirex eur cryptocurrency card

The Wirex EUR card is a debit card issued by Wirex, a prominent fintech firm. The cards have established a link for users to use their crypto assets as a means of exchange and payment for products and services in both international and local…See full review

one of the best and most convenient cards Wirex EUR

Hello everyone. Wirex provides crypto-friendly accounts that are paid (around 2.5% when I check), have a good desktop and mobile interface, and now include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP). Wirex is fully operational in 37 countries…See full review

Wirex EUR A good card with support for cryptocurrencies

Wirex is constantly improving your fund management capabilities, and new wirex payment cards are now issued in conjunction with their corresponding currency account. The card and account share the same amount, allowing you to fund your wirex…See full review