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Review on Wirex EUR by onur bln


I did some research on how to cash out my bitcoins for a possible ban. as a result I found wirex. If I am sharing my experiences;

- After signing up on the site, it came to send bitcoins. Because bitcoin is slow, I converted my bitcoins to dash and sent it to the site. Although it took 10 minutes, I felt like I paid more commission because the site converted the dash to bitcoin instead of directly using the dash and the translation rates were lower than other sites. For this reason, if you are in no hurry, I recommend you send it directly as bitcoin.

-When I sent a complaint about this commission to the site, I received a return soon after they will include other altcoins in the system. They made this return within 2 days, I think a good time.

-You can instantly create a virtual card for 3 dollars on the site, or you can order plastic cards for free, but unfortunately, the card you give free of charge does not have cargo tracking and in some places it is lost in the cargo because there is no cargo tracking, so I gave a cargo tracking order by giving 10 dollars.

-I created a visa virtual card in order to try the virtual card until the plastic card came, for 3 dollars and I tried shopping with my virtual card information to shop. Unfortunately, I noticed that the turkey but to accept the virtual POS. I also ordered a product aliexpressten that I can sell for a higher price when it comes from abroad.

- As soon as I receive the plastic card, I will try to use it in grocery shopping, cash withdrawal and deposit transactions from the ATM, in a few places I have read before there is no problem.

-I sent the account confirmation, and when it is accepted, I will try to buy bitcoin at lower prices from Turkish exchanges and send it to other exchanges with credit card or debit card. if the credit card turkey commission rates and foreign exchange profit, even if I get a low price difference between them.

Let's see if I can update my card after I receive it and get account approval.

Pros & cons

  • wirex is one of the virtual wallets. You can spend by credit card by moving your bitcoins or buying new bitcoins.
  • transactions are very fast
  • gives bonus for reference
  • customer service takes good care of you
  • purchase or deposit by credit card is not possible without turkey