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CoinsBank USD

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Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 24.90
ATM Fee$ 4.95
Daily Limit$ 300.00
Card CurrencyUSD
Monthly Fee$ 0.95
Overall Fee2.08%

About CoinsBank USD

The CoinsBank USD card is has a multitude of restricted uses including use in the United States. This is another card that does have a variety of increased fees levied on various transactions with ATM fees higher than average at $4.95 with no PoS fees but a 3% currency conversion cost.   Monthly fees and inactivity fees are charged from the second year only. 

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Good Luck Using the CoinsBank Debit Card.

The Coinsbank card converts your digital crypto assets into the normal everyday purchases and helps you buy goods with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You should know however, that unlike other cards, this debit card does not yet support a host...See full review

Coinsbank usd cryptocurrency card review

One of the digital goods offered on the CoinsBank platform is the Coinsbank USD debit card. This card is linked to the same-named wallet. Users must have Bitcoin funds in their wallet before they may use their CoinsBank USD debit card. The most...See full review

Convenient map with very clear functionality for users

_CoinsBank Debit Cards are a universal solution for operations with cryptocurrencies, the CoinsBank card is connected to the CoinsBank wallet, where the user can create numerous accounts in both currency and cryptocurrency, for me it is very...See full review

Coinsbank usd - Beautiful and functional

The Coinsbank crypto card provides customers with a wide range of options. Users can limit their consumption on a daily or monthly basis. They can also opt to link or unlink it, as well as prioritise specific accounts on the card, as needed. It...See full review

Happy with a successful card. To store your coins

- CoinsBank (formerly BIT-X) is an English exchange that trades altcoin, bitcoins, and prepaid cards. The company offers a fairly simple registration, after which you can immediately start trading. Worked before on other sites! CoinsBank was...See full review

CoinsBank USD: I need CoinsBank USD to function admirably later on.

The Coinsbank card changes over your computerized crypto resources for day by day buys and assists you with purchasing bitcoin and different digital currency items. In any case, you should realize that this charge card doesn't help numerous...See full review

I want CoinsBank USD to work well in the future.

The Coinsbank card converts your digital crypto assets to daily purchases and helps you buy bitcoin and various cryptocurrency products. However, you should know that this debit card does not help many cryptocurrency assets other than Litecoin and...See full review

amazing cryptocurrency bank with good features

The CoinsBank wallet is a convenient method to manage your cash at any time and from any location. Clicking a button, sending an email, or swiping your CoinsBank Debit Card is all it takes. The ATM fee on the card is rather expensive. Some users...See full review

one of the best and most convenient cards CoinsBank USD

Hello everyone. CoinsBank is a gateway to blocked services, including exchange services, wallet services, crypto cards, trading gates, and more. CoinsBank was created in April 2016 to revolutionize the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry by...See full review

Best of Luck Utilizing the CoinsBank Charge Card.

The Coinsbank card changes over your computerized crypto resources into the ordinary regular buys and assists you with purchasing products with bitcoin and other cryptographic forms of money. You should know nonetheless, that dissimilar to...See full review

Coinsbank USSD cards

coin bank USSD card. You can have the opportunity to trade between cryptocurrency and to convert your currencies to a real money while I was doing my research I found out that this platform has been on board for years and has not been too popular...See full review