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CoinsBank USD

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Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 24.90
ATM Fee$ 4.95
Daily Limit$ 300.00
Card CurrencyUSD
Monthly Fee$ 0.95
Overall Fee2.08%

About CoinsBank USD

The CoinsBank USD card is has a multitude of restricted uses including use in the United States. This is another card that does have a variety of increased fees levied on various transactions with ATM fees higher than average at $4.95 with no PoS fees but a 3% currency conversion cost.   Monthly fees and inactivity fees are charged from the second year only. 

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The credit card whose content is growing day by day: CoinsBank USD

With the CoinsBank USD card, you have the opportunity to trade between crypto currencies and to convert your cryptocurrencies to real money. The first use fee of the CoinsBank USD card is $ 24.90…See more

Good Luck Using the CoinsBank Debit Card.

The Coinsbank card converts your digital crypto assets into the normal everyday purchases and helps you buy goods with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You should know however, that unlike other…See more

A card that tries to destroy itself

Coinsbank USD attracted a lot of attention when it first came into the market. Recently, there has been a decrease in the number of customers. The reason for this is the high fee deductions in…See more

CoinsBank USD hopefully will do well in the future

Hello everyone, today I will tell you about a cryptocurrency card that I use a lot. Please read everything I wrote to the end. Today I will give you information about CoinsBank USD and this…See more

Cryptocurrency card that will give us the opportunity to convert to fiat currency instantly

This is a card that seems like a great option since we can adapt quickly. Foreigners will be able to enjoy the multiple fiat currencies admitted in this card. However, they pay high withdrawal fees…See more

Good but expensive crypto card

This is a cryptocurrency debit card that supports two different cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin and Litecoin. It supports various fiat currencies and this is really a great advantage. They…See more

When Coinsbank resume their card services, they should look into the area of their fees

The Coinsbank USD Crypto card is one crypto card that has a lot of features targeted at offering it's users a medium form of anonymity and cashback rewards for making use of its card. One great…See more

CoinsBank, could be almost dead

CoinsBank is another crpto card, it allows you withdraw and spend your crypto without necessarily converting it to local currency. It is has monthly charge fee and has a ery high withdrawal fee…See more

It offers various services

it was established in 2016, funded and operated by CB exchange LP. Coinsbank is well designed, if you are a beginner or professional traders it has everything to make you succeed. It supports…See more

CoinsBank USD: An awesome card that is not meant for the common man

CoinsBank Card is a VISA-card that supports a wide variety of fiat currencies and just 2 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Litecoin. The card appears to be designed for the rich and business class as…See more