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Review on CoinsBank USD by Özgün A

A card that tries to destroy itself

Coinsbank USD attracted a lot of attention when it first came into the market.

Recently, there has been a decrease in the number of customers. The reason for this is the high fee deductions in commissions.

The card has a monthly fee, but it is a low fee.

Cooperated with Visa.

It can be used in all workplaces where Visa is used.

You can convert crypto-fiat money or fiat-para cryptocurrency.

You can use Coinsbank USD both as a physical card and as you card.

Account creation and account verification processes are very fast.

You can shoot from ATMs, but there is a daily shooting limit.

It demands a high commission from you when you withdraw from ATMs.

Coinsbank USD card opening fee for the first use is quite high. This is a big problem.

It is very strict about reliability. There are two levels of security measures.

Users' assets are stored in their hardware wallets.

In the Coinsbank USD project, cryptocurrency types are very few.

You get a percentage of the money you paid back as a bonus for purchases made.

Overall, CoinsBank USD is a very good system, but very high transaction fees direct users to other cards.

Pros & cons

  • Security systems are very strict
  • A certain portion of your expenses will be refunded as a bonus
  • Your assets are safe with hardware wallets
  • The first usage fee paid to the card is too high
  • The number of cryptocurrencies supported is very few
  • Transaction fees are too high
  • There is a monthly card fee
  • There are daily withdrawal limits