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Coinbase Card

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Instant TopUpNo
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 4.95
ATM Fee$ 0.00
Daily LimitN/A
Card CurrencyGBP
Monthly Fee$ 0.00
Overall Fee0.20%

About Coinbase Card

Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card developed by Coinbase. It enables the user to instantly spend and track its bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more. The card can be used contactless, with a PIN and by withdrawing from any ATM. As with the Shift card, the Coinbase card allows users to liquidate the crypto in their accounts for GBP instantly, allowing them to pay at millions of stores or to withdraw cash. The Visa debit card is issued by PaySafe and can be managed using the Coinbase Card app. This links to users’ accounts and allows them to pay in any crypto asset on their balance. For now, the card is restricted to UK consumers, who can begin using the card as soon as it is posted. Issuing the card costs £4.95 ($6.48) and will charge 2.49% on each purchase (1.49% crypto conversion fee + 1% transaction fee). There is also a spending cap of £10,000 ($13,092) per day. There is no maintenance fee, but reversing a transaction will cost £20 ($26.19).

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Coinbase card

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Coinbase Cryto card, an outstanding visa card.

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