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Coinbase Card

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Instant TopUpNo
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 4.95
ATM Fee$ 0.00
Daily LimitN/A
Card CurrencyGBP
Monthly Fee$ 0.00
Overall Fee0.20%

About Coinbase Card

Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card developed by Coinbase. It enables the user to instantly spend and track its bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more. The card can be used contactless, with a PIN and by withdrawing from any ATM. As with the Shift card, the Coinbase card allows users to liquidate the crypto in their accounts for GBP instantly, allowing them to pay at millions of stores or to withdraw cash. The Visa debit card is issued by PaySafe and can be managed using the Coinbase Card app. This links to users’ accounts and allows them to pay in any crypto asset on their balance. For now, the card is restricted to UK consumers, who can begin using the card as soon as it is posted. Issuing the card costs £4.95 ($6.48) and will charge 2.49% on each purchase (1.49% crypto conversion fee + 1% transaction fee). There is also a spending cap of £10,000 ($13,092) per day. There is no maintenance fee, but reversing a transaction will cost £20 ($26.19).

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Coinbase card a unique one

If you need unlimited cryptocurencies trading then go for Coinbase Card for a profiting and fun filled trading. The Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that works with any Visa-compatible payment terminal, online checkout interface and ATM. it was...See full review

Love earning crypto rewards! Just wish Coinbase would remove the $1.99 fee

Let me start off saying this is my first review and when I read about Revain and what it's use case is, I had to invest in it! This is the perfect platform for all the reviews whether it's positive or negative to share our honest feedback regarding...See full review

Great way to HODL and spend without selling

A lot of times when money is tight I like to ride the wave of my balance increasing until the last minute where I have to spend, and it makes it easy to have it already loaded on a card. I can use my card online or in stores and use it on other apps…See full review

debit crypto card of coinbase company

The Coinbase debit card enables community members to quickly access funds in their accounts. The card allows coinbase users to change their cryptos into three main conventional currencies immediately (dollars, euros, and pounds). They also provide...See full review

Coinbase Card cryptocurrency visa debit card

The introduction of cryptocurrency cards is intended to make life easier and more comfortable for bitcoin owners and dealers. Among these cards is the Coinbase Card, which is well-known and widely utilized. The Coinbase Card is a subsidiary of the...See full review

Coinbase Card - The world's widely accepted Visa card

Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that helps you to spend any asset to your Coinbase portfolio and earn rewards for every purchase. There are some of debit playing cards round the arena that let you spend cryptocurrency. But many systems require...See full review

Very convenient and popular visa card with work currencies

_ Coinbase is a popular American cryptocurrency exchange. And it is one of the most popular cards around the world. Today this card has become very popular, because it is not just an ordinary card, but also a visa card. And this is a reason to...See full review

The best card I use to transfer and withdraw cash.

I will jump at the opportunity to reveal all the prices on this coin card and what I love about them, and once I don’t worry about them, what I like is that this coin card is a stage that has never been broken and they are very reliable and they...See full review

Coinbase Card beauty and professional

Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that allows consumers to quickly spend and track their crypto holdings, according to my research and experience as a Coinbase wallet user. This is a really unusual and exciting development, in my opinion. The card...See full review

Coinbase Card - a good financial card

I was ecstatic to learn about the card. Isn't it true that we don't have a plethora of fantastic crypto debit cards? So I was excited to put it to the test. And, while it is the quickest and easiest way to spend your cryptographic money, it isn't...See full review

I have to let you know what I like and dislike about this platform.

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