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: 40
Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 24.90
ATM Fee$ 4.95
Daily Limit$ 300.00
Card CurrencyUSD
Monthly Fee$ 0.95
Overall Fee2.08%

About CoinsBank USD

The CoinsBank USD card is has a multitude of restricted uses including use in the United States. This is another card that does have a variety of increased fees levied on various transactions with ATM fees higher than average at $4.95 with no PoS fees but a 3% currency conversion cost.   Monthly fees and inactivity fees are charged from the second year only. 

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The Coinsbank USD debit card is one of the digital products available within the CoinsBank platform. This card is linked to the wallet of the same name. To start using their CoinsBank USD debit card…See more

CoinsBank USD Advantages and Disadvantages

CoinsBank USD is a cryptocurrency debit card that was established in 2016. It can be use anywhere visa service is available. It support BTC and LTC and can be use to order for goods and services…See more

this card was not very successful due to its very high commissions

coinsbank is an all-in-one platform. It is a relatively new platform, created in 2016, but which has been gaining an advantage in the market in recent years. It is not only an exchange, but also…See more


This Coinsbank card is linked to your wallet and the application is available for Android, its interface is quite comfortable, orderly and easy, its security is high and it is quite reliable. This…See more

The fees charged on the Coinsbank card can prevent its wider adoption

Coinsbank crypto card is a card that offers users many flexibilities. Users can set limit on there daily or monthly usage. They can also choose to link or unlink it or even prioritize individual…See more


It is a card that only supports 4 currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins and onda) that has a platform affiliated with the visa and mastercard networks with which you can cancel in stores that…See more

Coinsbank USD

With lot of restriction applied when using the card and it's supportive partners coinsbank USD is a well regulated platform that works most likely like a centralized institute. Ranging from it…See more

Coinsbank Card One Of The Most Costly Card In The Industry

Coinsbank is owned and is being manage by CB exchange LP based in Scotland United Kingdom. It was established in 2016 as a cryptocurrencies bank and has support for Bitcoin and Litecoin as well as…See more

CoinsBack USD.

CoinsBank USD is one of the cryptocurrency debit cards, which users have many advantages in their use thanks to the characteristics offered by it, one of this is that it allows users to make all…See more

CoinsBack USD.

CoinsBank USD is a cryptocurrency card where users can make payments and buy through these cards at different points of sale, this card offers users the great possibility of making a transfer…See more