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Revainrating 3 out of 5

This Coinsbank card is linked to your wallet and the application is available for Android, its interface is quite comfortable, orderly and easy, its security is high and it is quite reliable. This card only accepts two cryptocurrencies that are bitcoin and litecoin and various fiat currencies including USD and EUR, The card is VISA, It has the option of sending by airmail with an additional cost, some countries can withdraw it at no cost therefore it is Available for many countries around the woSee full review

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The platform is very effective, simple, it has a card called AdvCash USD that is available virtually and physically MasterCard, The virtual card has a cost of $ 1 and you can make purchases with it online because you can recharge balance from the AdvCash platform, commission is charged for each money recharge, the physical card has a cost of $ 4.99 if it is less than 7 days after the creation of the account, if you request it after 7 days then it will cost $ 14.99 The disadvantage that I find toSee full review

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my opinion on Yobit

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Yobit is an exchange only for cryptocurrencies and has great diversity, with a very comfortable, ordered, easy and secure interface, you can activate the Google Authenticator. It can be operated by inexperienced, Yobit does not have a very good popularity but from my experience I can comment that a while ago I managed to carry out low-amount transactions without any problems, its fee price is low, something very particular about this exchange is that you can deposit money from Payeer; However, iSee full review

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From my experience with Bittrex it is a very easy to use exchange, it is tidy, safe and ideal for beginners, it does not have a variety of languages ​​but it has a variety of cryptocurrencies available. It has two levels of verification. If you have level 2 verification, you perform KYC and you can make withdrawals of up to 100 BTC per day; however level 1 which is simple verification has worked perfectly for low withdrawals. I have had a couple of difficulties with this exchange regarding theirSee full review

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I registered a few weeks ago to Trust Wallet, I must say that its interface is very easy to manage and ordered, it is open source so its security is high, in addition to logging in you must write the 25 security words that it shows when registering, it supports Ethereum and all its Tokens, until now it seems very practical to me, it has a decentralized exchange, it also allows its users to make cryptocurrency purchases with a credit card, I have not tried this last benefit but it would be very iSee full review

uphold logo

Uphold Wallet is my wallet of preference, its interface is very easy to use, you can add or remove cryptocurrency or currency cards, it is very safe, it has 2-step verification mandatory when making each transaction and verification by KYC, I was verified in a matter of minutes. Until now I have not had any problem, the exchange transactions to the wallet are fast as well as from card to card, it has an application available for Android that is very effective, ordered and with multiple languagesSee full review

atomic swap wallet logo

Atomic Wallet is a very easy to use wallet and has a comfortable interface, it is safe to start session consists of writing 12 security words that gives you when you register, so far I have not had any problems with this wallet, it has its AWC token itself which currently has a high value since it was promoted and very popular among users, the platform is quite fast and orderly, therefore it can be used by beginners without any problem, I would say that their commissions are a little higher thanSee full review

coinsbit logo

Coinsbit is a highly recognized exchange and has launched two tokens on its platform that have been popular, the transaction fees are lower compared to other exchanges, regarding my experience with Coinsbit is that its website is very slow, its application Android is much more difficult for me to make quick exchanges of cryptocurrencies on this platform, customer service sometimes takes a long time to respond, I have opened tickets and it took many hours to solve my problem and I even have banneSee full review

venjocoin logo

Venjocoin is a very transparent, decentralized and very secure project with distributed point-to-point network nodes and multiple server chains in a consistent way. As for transactions with this cryptocurrency, I have not had any difficulties, so far my only problem has been that I do not have an Android wallet, so it is necessary to enter the web and sometimes it is a little slow and not It is possible for you to be able to carry out some operations successfully, however, they have announced thSee full review

counos coin logo

Counos is a decentralized, effective and very secure blockchain platform, it offers a wide variety of stable cryptocurrencies and coins, it has its wallet that is compatible for Android, its interface is comfortable and so far it has not presented any problems, for its part Counos Coin is a cryptocurrency, its operations are quite fast and secure, you can get rewards for its mining, It was developed based on the Litecoin source code and operates within a completely independent network. You can mSee full review

dogecoin logo

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that has grown in an impressive way, it works under Blockchain protocols and aspires to be completely decentralized, with it you can make quick transactions from person to person or obtain it through exchanges, currently its price is quite low compared to other cryptocurrencies This undoubtedly makes it an option if we want to make payments, so far working with Dogecoin I have not had any problem, I consider it safe, you can make exchanges in the most popular sites aSee full review

dash logo

From my experience with Dash I can say that this cryptocurrency is truly amazing, decentralized, its transactions are fast and privacy is the main motto of Dash there is a feature called PrivateSend This makes it difficult for someone to see where transactions originate And where they're headed, this cryptocurrency has greatly increased in value, so it's worth checking out. I live in Venezuela in different places and large companies accept this currency as a payment method and even he can invesSee full review

poloniex logo

Poloniex is an exchange, it allows you to buy and sell only cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The platform provides operators with unique functions so that they can properly analyze the cryptocurrency market and execute their operations, it also offers additional services such as margin trading and even Poloniex loans, with respect to the latter, poloniex loans are those in the that investors borrow money to be able to buy cryptocurrencies in larger quantities. By doing this through Poloniex,See full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Bitpay is a platform for cryptocurrency exchange, being the most used bitcoin, this platform offers the best payment services to work bitcoin as well as exchange BTC for US dollar. By obtaining the Bitpay card, you can comfortably make the conversion from BTC to USD as well as make any purchase as long as the establishment offers the possibility of paying with VISA, it is currently available only to verified US citizens See full review

binance logo

Binance is currently one of the most popular exchanges, in my experience working with binance I have not had any type of problems during the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, it has low rates and commissions, without a doubt, a point in favor to operate with it, something that attracts Without a doubt, binance is that it is regularly doing competitions so that its users operate with specific cryptocurrencies and the winner can take rewards, binance is safe, as a user of this exchange I recoSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethereum is an open source platform that allows application creators the possibility of implementing blockchain technology to create decentralized software. The main objective of the Ethereum platform is smart contracts, secure participation and third-party intervention, compliance with an agreement. Through its use and with the prior consent of both parties. Ethereum is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest, technological revolution since the invention of the internet.See full review

coinex logo

CoinEx is a global and professional provider of digital currency exchange services. Founded in December 2017, CoinEx's core team comes from the world's leading internet and finance companies, including the first cryptocurrency users / professionals with extensive experience, I have been working with CoinEx for a couple of months and have not I had no problem, it is fast, efficient, I make transactions and exchange various cryptocurrencies and it has been safe, it has two-step authentication, mulSee full review

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I like bitcoin

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The first cryptocurrency that I dared to work with was Bitcoin, an independent and decentralized currency. Even without being an expert, this cryptocurrency generated confidence in me due to its transparency and because I could transfer any amount to any part of the world without any inconvenience and, in a short time, I personally consider that Bitcoin has incredible technology, safe in all aspects the only problem with bitcoin is the cost of your transaction but as any cryptocurrency has its pSee full review

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