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Crypto Projects, ERC20

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Another new crypto project, Venjocoin, costs very little to explore and is interested in this expanding new currency. If you look at the chart of this cash, the VJC price has been going on continuously for several days, even a few weeks, and then it is in full swing, which is not accepted by dealers. exchange VJC faces a major challenge. Being important to the decentralized world is what inspires Wenjoko’s suppliers to increase their workload. Most importantly, crypto-believers offer a useful

  • The value of the U.S. dollar is higher than the initial price in the first trade in the market
  • the trading risk in this currency is high

VenjoCoin will be a thriving gateway to the emergence of blockchain innovation to trade huge virtual resources between buyers and suppliers through a decentralized and secure exchange system. Looking at this cash flow plan, the VJC price seems to be consistently stable. takes strong action for several days, even weeks, and after that, it is clear that the VJC exchange brokers cannot be accepted given the high risk. Second, they are raising the bar to ensure our need for such a form. The search…

  • Decentralized Open Source Programming Organization.
  • It does not provide darkness

Another new cryptocurrency project, Venjocoin, is working on interest in this unique new cash that is expanding, apart from low-cost research. The features offered by this company are very appealing to the public, probably the most extraordinary wallet, and Wenjocoin also has a portfolio that offers excellent security and power, trading this digital currency at normal financial costs for Venjocoin You. you can also join a pre-loaded credit card that attracts customers and spend your resources…

  • It’s nothing more than a job with a lot of advantages and it’s getting faster.
  • Not a ton of exchange capacity.

VenjoCoin is a developed gateway for blocking innovation for the trade of virtual resources that is important to customers and suppliers through a decentralized and secure exchange organization. Convention Level: ERC-20 provides a decentralized, participatory, money-making environment, the use of multilateral experience, self-government, open access, and economic security. Program Level: Indicates that the program is customized by the client. DAPP, which allows customers to connect to their

  • Allows customers to take responsibility for resources.
  • This is something else that is still available for business.

VenjoCoin is a digital portal based on blockchain technology for the exchange of virtual assets of significant value between consumers and providers through a decentralized and secure trade network. Token use: For the execution of operations on the VenjoCoin platform, it uses the VJC token. The total supply of this digital asset is 2,000,000,000. This is an ERC-20 type token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain that operates through a smart contract. Hence, it inherits security, trust and…

  • It is an open source system that allows anyone to know its infrastructure and operation.
  • Allows you to access your general ledger to validate the authenticity of their historical transactions.
  • It allows its users to have autonomy over the ownership of digital assets.
  • It serves as an economic ecosystem for the exchange of high-value virtual assets.
  • It is not available for commercialization yet.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

VJC price analysis

Venjocoin currently has a rating of 2543 on coinmarketcap, which is not a good rating at all, and I expected the current price of this currency to be lower than the first entry price, but this is not the case. The initial price was around $ 1 and the current price is $ 3.5. Looking at the price chart of this currency, it seems that the VJC price always stays constant for several days or even weeks and then makes a strong move, which of course is not good because traders who trade VJC take a…

  • Possibility of price increase due to being in the support range
  • Its price in USDT is higher than the first price in the first trades in the market
  • Very bad rating on coinmarketcap
  • The risk of trading in this currency is high due to sudden and sharp jumps

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Venjocoin decentralized open source project.

Venjocoin is a new very new crypto project, it has a very low cost in the market, which facilitates investment in this very new currency that has been increasing. The characteristics offered by this project are very attractive to the public, one of the most outstanding is its wallet, Venjocoin has a purse that offers very good security and stability of its assets, you can exchange this cryptocurrency with standard interest rates for Venjocoin You can also spend your assets as you wish by…

  • The exchange platform offers liquidity in the operations carried out with this cryptocurrency guaranteeing the use of it.
  • It is a project with multiple benefits and is growing very quickly.
  • VJC offers an easy platform to carry out very secure operations where we can be confident.
  • It does not have a lot of trading volume.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

my experience with this project

Venjocoin is a very transparent, decentralized and very secure project with distributed point-to-point network nodes and multiple server chains in a consistent way. As for transactions with this cryptocurrency, I have not had any difficulties, so far my only problem has been that I do not have an Android wallet, so it is necessary to enter the web and sometimes it is a little slow and not It is possible for you to be able to carry out some operations successfully, however, they have announced…

  • its platform can be easily used by beginners
  • Reliable and safe
  • Low transaction costs
  • an Android wallet is not available
  • It is not in my preferences exchange

Revainrating 4 out of 5

my opinion about Vejocoin

Venjocoin is a decentralized platform and has its own vjc token which promises to have good returns and it is assumed that this year they will have their own application for smartphones as well as iphone and android It is a project that is created on the ethereum chain and offers lower costs in its transactions. It is also based on smart contracts from the ethereum network, which makes it very interesting for users who trust the etherium network and their smart contracts. It also has a route…

  • It has a good distribution of the tokens
  • doesn't offer much variety of pairs

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A good platform with great potential

Venjocoin is a decentralized Tracking and Trading platform with nice features. The token VJC promises to reach great potential on the next months. In 2020 App will be available for iOS and Android. Good opportunity for investors!

  • Fast transactions and easy to use platform.
  • The token VJC has great potential. But , It needs to be traded in a large number of exchanges
  • Venjocoin platform offers low costs
  • Venjocoin is a reliable and secure platform.
  • All asset transaction data are displayed on Venjocoin platform in real time
  • App VJC wallet is in development for Ios and Android
  • At the moment, only Hotbit is trading this token.
  • Low Trading volume
  • App VJC wallet is in development

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Lighting up the High Value of Assets with an Operative Tech

Venjocoin belongs to the initiative of a group of enthusiasts who are looking to record a historic process of the entire blockchain. It is part of the ERC-20 commanded by Ethereum, this feature converts the token into a highly viewed option to stake and trade. The project itself has something in its ecosystem that reminds me of a powerful shield. It is part of a bigger purpose adept to boost finances and convert it into a reliable trading platform. Being part of a decentralized world is what

  • A personal multi-use app is available for mobiles. It is easy to use and presents features to manage store and trade. It also offers some statistics to analyze the flow of cryptocurrencies linked to the ERC-20 in real-time.
  • Amazing digital platform. It is charged with modern technology and an easy-to-use feature.
  • High token distribution of the VJC coin, which has been operative for a couple of years.
  • Good 2020 releases that cover the management of the App available for iOS and Android.
  • Operative teams and providers. There are just four main members directing the project, but the count with a great community to give attention to its purpose.
  • The platform has not been highly operative in the last month. All VJC transactions are chained up to more than 60 days before.
  • The platform needs to update the language administration to make it more global since it is only available in two languages. 

Revainrating 4 out of 5


It is a currency whose platform is under an Ethereum network under smart contracts, the software is open source and decentralized is an ERC20 type token. It is very transparent and safe. This currency has the particularity that the general ledger is available for verification by its users if they require it. The records are reliable and unaltered. This currency allows multiple signature.

  • Decentralized open source software network. The cost is 0.5 $ VJC currency It is very safe, transparent and reliable.
  • Does not protect anonymity
  • Being new to the market will cost you position due to the number of new currencies that are emerging

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Venjocoin is a decentralized blockchain project that is a known for it transparency in term of peer to peer distribution of token among it users the platform offer an open ledger where it users can track transaction process and make sure their transaction are safe the platform offers a secure transaction protocol. The platform token is an ERC20 token that can be traded with major crypto pair btc although the coin has limited pairing digital currency it listed on coinmarket with a stable coin…

  • Transparent distributed ledger for all users to keep track of all transaction
  • Blockchain support project
  • Highly secure security system
  • Coin tradable and listed on coinmarket
  • Trading pairs are limited with venjocoin
  • Limited number of exchange companies support it trading

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Sale and purchase of high-value assets

Comprised of a high-performance network that has a decentralized market for the circulation of high-value assets, comprised of a visible ledger that allows the display of records and movements in the chain and the distribution of nodes develops stable processing of transactions without the possibility of system attacks. Intended for commercial use, intended to provide the buyer or seller with security and reliability in the purchase of assets within the Venjocoin structure, offering guarantees

  • It is comprised of robust time stamping technology
  • Integrating with a VENJO protocol that connects high-value assets to a digital representation.
  • Visible ledger for any buyer or seller who uses Venjocoin
  • Open source and transparent project
  • A peer-to-peer network comprised of many distributed nodes.
  • Automatic systematization of smart contracts.
  • It basically depends on the adoption of the financial market to the blockchain
  • Detailed team information and limited business development

Revainrating 4 out of 5


VENJOCOIN, is an innovative project with efficient technologies that work to provide a secure, reliable block chain and real time transactions. This project brings a digital currency with a great potential for investment since it maintains a good price in the cryptoactive market, its position in the coinmarketcap is at level 2380, since its capitalization in the market is not so high, but still this currency is reliable for investments, it is possible to market or acquire VENJOCOIN (VJC) with…

  • It offers news of and news about updates from 6 available social networks.
  • It presents efficiency in each transaction made from the block chain, and transactions are confirmed very quickly.
  • VENJOCOIN presents good performance in each exchange.
  • VENJOCOIN has a very secure wallet with excellent encryption for the safekeeping of the coins.
  • The VENJOCOIN token is only available to the trade in one exchange house.
  • It does not offer a large variety of trading pairs, it is only possible to trade in one trading pair, this being VJC/BTC.