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Description of CoinEx

What is CoinEx? CoinEx is a global crypto exchange committed to making crypto trading easier. Available in 15 languages, the exchange offers a wide range of products and services, including spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, AMM, crypto finance, and strategic trading. CoinEx provides easy-to-use, secure, and reliable crypto trading services for more than 4 million users in over 200 countries and regions. CoinEx features dedicated sections for BTC and stablecoins, as well as access to over 600 premium and innovative cryptos. With a zero-accident record, CoinEx has earned the recognition and trust of users through its user-friendly products, fast and stable performance, and seamless deposit and withdrawal processes. Available in multiple languages, CoinEx has always put users first and aims to provide pleasant crypto trading experiences for users as their gateway to the crypto world. In 2022, CoinEx launched the “Merkle Tree” audit method as Proof of Reserve, becoming one of the earliest crypto trading platforms to disclose such proof of reserve. Committed to its bottom line of security and transparency, the exchange has lived up to its commitment to a 100% reserve ratio. On this secure, transparent crypto exchange, users’ assets are never misused for any reason whatsoever, and all withdrawal requests are promptly processed. Who is the CoinEx founder? CoinEx was founded by Haipo Yang, a young entrepreneur and an early Bitcoin investor. Mr. Yang had his first introduction to Bitcoin in 2011 and joined the Bitcoin community in 2013. In 2016, he started developing a Bitcoin mining pool. He completed all the code of ViaBTC Pool and launched it two month later, followed by the establishment of CoinEx Exchange. When was CoinEx launched? CoinEx was launched in December 2017. What coins are supported on CoinEx? CoinEx now supports over 600 innovative, premium crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, AVAX, XRP, ADA, etc. Is it possible to use margin/futures trading on CoinEx? On CoinEx, users can trade cryptos with up to 10X leverage. Additionally, the exchange offers over 110 futures markets where users can access CoinEx’s easy, convenient futures trading services. How is CoinEx’s ecosystem? CoinEx is part of ViaBTC Group, which also runs ViaBTC Pool, ViaWallet, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), decentralized exchange OneSwap, and investment arm ViaBTC Capital. It aims to provide more comprehensive and satisfying crypto ecosystem services for global users. What is CoinEx Ambassador? CoinEx Ambassadors are the exchange’s partners for its worldwide promotion. They assist CoinEx in market operations and help the exchange build a global presence. CoinEx Ambassadors could enjoy a commission ratio up to 50% of the referee's transaction fees. Moreover, they can also receive lifetime commissions as long as they stay as Ambassadors.


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Type of review

I do not see US buyers banned from trading. However, US traders ought to make their personal impartial evaluation of all problems bobbing up from their location of dwelling or citizenship. In the worst case scenario, they can also no longer be buying and selling on one or extra exchanges that can be the excellent password foreign money exchanges. On April 2, 2019, CoinEx re-announced that it will be referred to as an "accelerator". This provider used to be created to promote and aid blockchain…

  • Deposit Methods
  • CoinEx Fees
  • Mobile Support
  • Leveraged Trading

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Worst first Exchange-Experience ever.

Worst Coin-Exchange-Experience Ever. I wanted to transfer 200.000 HYDRO to the Exchange and generated a Deposit-Address in Coinex. I sent the funds to this address. I made sure i used the correct Chain. I waited ancxiously and refreshed the Block explorer. But - Funds never appeared on the Platform. Errors can happen, so i contacted Support. Support is not fast to answer, but i can understand that they have to do a lot. In Hindsight, I know have an Idea why Support is so busy. So Support…

  • Found none
  • Allows user to actively lose his tokens

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Coinex Exchange is not reputable

The Chinese govt crackdown on most cryptocurrency companies led to the ousting of Exchanges from china and also caused some to emerge around its neighborhood like Hong Kong. Today, Hong Kong has become a common headquarters for such Exchanges. Coinex, as one of such Exchanges was launched recently and offers a platform for trading only cryptocurrencies. The platform supports nine cryptocurrencies and several altcoins. There is unclear evidence that it is owned by Viabtc. The exchange is…

  • It is licensed by UK govt
  • Does not offer margin Trading
  • Can process transaction speedily
  • Poor customer service
  • Withdrawal are poorly managed
  • No clear information about the owner
  • Does not support flat Currencies

Revainrating 3 out of 5

CoinEx- An exchange available globally

CoinEx is an alternative cryptocurrency that was launched in December 2017 and is based in Hong Kong. Its goal is to build an exceptionally stable, friendly, affordable cryptocurrency platform with great space for trading a wide variety of cryptocurrencies through the use of its proprietary exchange matching system. It supports more than one language and accepts customers from more than a hundred countries. CoinEx is not always registered under any laws yet. CoinEx is an international provider…

  • User friendly Interface
  • Transactions are fast
  • It has a mobile application
  • Also available globally
  • low trading fees
  • Fiat currencies are not supported
  • It requires minimum withdrawal and deposit

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CoinEx is a secure crypto exchange platform

CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provide, launched in Hong Kong and founded in 2017 by Haipo yang. CoinEx is relatively new and no hack attempts have been made so far,so it's considered safe.Although the exchange doesn't provide any advanced security features,like IP monitoring,but it provides the standard 2FA option to protect the customers funds. I love trading on this crypto exchange platform because it provides a wide variety of cryptos to trade, low…

  • Low fees of transaction
  • Fast OTC transactions
  • Provides a wide variety crypto to trade
  • It doesn't provide any advanced security features,like IP monitoring

Revainrating 3 out of 5

CoinEx exchange great security features

CoinEx is a trading platform that provides first-class quotations to all customers because it provides all the functions that customers look for in a business structure, because it has first-class protection to ensure the safety of property on the platform, because it is safe. It did not disappoint, it also has first-class transaction processing speed, easy-to-use interface, suitable for any novice use, and beautifully designed for everyone who wants to be a part of this great platform. In…

  • Low transaction fee
  • Its easy to use
  • Nice user interface
  • None for now

Revainrating 3 out of 5

CoinEx is the first exchange to use BCH as its base currency.

Established on December 26, 2017 with Bitmain-based investments, CoinEx is a subsidiary of the world's 1 BCH mining pool ViaBTC, a global and professional digital coin service provider. Offices are located in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore. CoinEx is the first exchange to use BCH as its base currency. The platform is constantly evolving and new currency pairs are being added by administrators. Focused on the global market. The exchange operates on a 24/7 schedule. Serious investor

  • The creators of CoinEx are the world's leading internet companies and finance companies.
  • Among the advantages of the platform being developed, experts point out a strong founding team (Bitmain and the No. 1 mining pool ViaBTC).
  • There is little information on the web for users.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

This isn't an exchange any trader can just jump on.

I haven't used Coinex exchange before because of the negative reviews online about the exchange. Many traders have complained bitterly on how their funds got witheld on the exchange, they also spoke of how hard they have tried to reach out to the support team for help but it all fell through cause the support deck didn't pay any attention or make any move to address their concern.  I sure no one wants to keep their money or funds in an exchange and get locked out of their account the next…

  • High liquidity
  • High trade pairs
  • Many reviews complain bitterly of the exchanges not being proficient.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


There isn't anyt any doubt that Hong Kong is domestic to a number of the excellent exchanges inside the international cryptocurrency, and Coinex is one of these exchanges. Introduced in 2017, the Coinex opportunity is one of the maximum a success exchanges in Hong Kong, supplying a internet site and a road that permits the opportunity in addition to the shopping for and promoting of cryptocurrencies Concise and easy layout The cell app isn't always for max Android devices (I even have tested…

  • Coinex presents customers with speedy and smooth transactions
  • They aid deposits through cryptocurrencies
  • The expenses charged on Coinex is clearly low priced with the aid of using any capin a position investor
  • Trading of more than one cryptocurrencies is to be had on Coinex
  • Coinex is a made from HongKong which appears to be domestic to maximum a hit exchanges in Asia
  • The safety is a supply of foremost concern
  • Cryptocurrencies because the handiest shape of deposit won't be handy for each trader
  • The customer service is not all that responsive

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It has the key moments of what an exchange should be.

As you know, digital currency trading. He was intrigued by the achievements he had made in the past. It is useful to buy notes and coins that have some potential in the future and have not yet entered into important trades. Trade is effective, movements are fast. They regularly carry out new assignments. The main thing is that the exchanges between the individuals are free. Take your place and then be respected as bnb. I can say that it is a competitor to be another contradiction. Coinex was…

  • New campaigns
  • Scriv employs its own masternodes to pay for low-cost transactions
  • Low flat trade fees, the market average is less than 0.25%
  • There is also a Smart Chain that supports great deals and a Privacy Chain that protects customers.
  • The network does not work well compared to the low price and volume of the coin
  • Withdrawal is not well managed

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CoinEx exchange review.

It is a platform for exchanges, which impresses more than one user, rookie or experienced at all levels. It is an excellent change, because it offers an attractive interface and is extremely easy to use for any user. In addition to having good security for users, good processing, a fast interfaces and a good number of users, it has a really low rates of processes and is a good negotiating method with its accepted cryptocurrencies.  CoinEx also has a very good volume and a high level in…

  • Excellent transactional services.
  • Excellent recommendations.
  • Fees are low.
  • No concerns.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CoinEx Exchange

Without a question, Hong Kong is home to some of the greatest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and Coinex is one of them. Coinex, which was founded in 2017, is one of Hong Kong's most successful exchanges, providing a platform for the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies. Coinex is best utilized as a mobile app since it has a clean and simple appearance. Apart from iOS-based devices, the mobile app isn't compatible with most Android smartphones (I personally tried this exchange on…

  • Coinex allows you to trade several cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinex allows users to do transactions quickly and easily.
  • Coinex's costs are genuinely cheap for any able investor.
  • The customer service isn't very responsive.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


This can be an app that's available for the diverse code and can be found within the most common advanced stores of mobiles. It does not have any fetched, and the introducing handle is so simple. Other than, when it is completely designed, clients can appreciate the straightforwardness of the item, and find diverse functionalities since it's not as it were outlined for exchanging but chats with progressed dealers. Clients can too take an interest for blessings in thew ay of advancements; the…

  • okey
  • nothing

Revainrating 5 out of 5

What i think of CoinEx

This is my review of CoinEx CoinEx is an interesting exchange office which, in addition to the convenience of ease of operation and simple and beautiful design, can provide any user with an easy interface. Minimal fee, variety, quick replacement are just some of the advantages of this exchange office. Hacker attacks are impossible and your money will not stray during the exchange or during the payment. All your activities and data remain strictly confidential and are used for your security…

  • Easy to use
  • Fast transactions
  • None

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Avoid coinex at all costs

abysmal experience . High fees from the outside exchange to start trading Once trading they don't reflect the market value of the asset . Ie arr was $11 dollars on coinbase But $7 on coinex. exchanged back to bitcoin to.withdraw to coinbase account After 3 hrs their bitcoin payment is still unconfirmed on.the mempool. £40 in fees and loss of £200 in taking profit and still haven't got my bitcoin Probably why they are not a regulated company in my opinion. Avoid at all costs . Supp

  • Nothing positive .. it does not give true market price
  • Scam company.. withholds payments and has them unconfirmed on the block chain . Using another exchange to deposit assets

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CoinEx: Without Bugs or Failures but Excellent Rates to Trade

Talking about CoinEx exchange is to travel around its magnificent features, and offers for this world of trading. The first point I like to highlight goes directly to its unlock app. This is an app that is available for the different software system and can be found in the most common digital stores of mobiles. It does not have any cost, and the installing process is so easy. Besides, when it is totally configured, users can enjoy the simplicity of the product, and discover different…

  • The exchange is operative at any time without failures. The customer support is also available for users who need special help for any possible problem into the platform.
  • Excellent support received to most of the tokens that are admitted there. The company wants to provide a way of making the market more efficient with common sells where everyone has the chance of trading and acquiring as much as they want.
  • It is a global development. Most of the countries in the world enjoy those benefits released. The platform has good language management, and the team can solve issues for any person in the world.
  • Most of the traders recommend the site because it is comfortable for them, and they have access to the chat section when only want to discuss prices in the general market, or know about the volatility of other services to compare the current one.
  • The company works with the support of a special institution that releases capital for the stability of the company beyond the fees that are saved for trades.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Scriv Network underperforming network and requires more improvements

Scriv network is a multi feature network which provides crypto enthusiasts and Investors tools with Mining algorithms and masternodes for fast transactions. Stackofstacke ihostMN & several other network uses mssternodes provide by Scriv. Scriv Network suppprts universal miner services for CPU GPU and ASIC mining. Beside Mining Scriv network is also planning to release Stakedrop feature which will reward its users with bonuses and other rewards just for holding and staking SCRIV. Scriv network…

  • Scriv runnits own masternodes to spped up low cost transactions
  • Wallet for every use with easy to access feature with staking facility
  • Different mining pools offers mining services based on speed and investment
  • Network is not performing well with Coin low value and volume showing the performance is below par

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Trading with Coinex

There is no doubt that HongKong is home to some of the best exchanges in the crpyto world and Coinex is one of such exchanges. Coinex exchange launched in 2017, is one of the most successful exchanges from HongKong providing a site and an enabling avenue for the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies. Best used as a mobile app, Coinex provides users with a very concise and modest design. The mobile app isn't fit for most Android devices(I personally tested this exchange on most brands of…

  • Coinex is a product of HongKong which seems to be home to most successful exchanges in Asia
  • Trading of multiple cryptocurrencies is available on Coinex
  • The fees charged on Coinex is actually affordable by any able investor
  • They support deposits via cryptocurrencies
  • Coinex provides users with fast and easy transactions
  • The customer support isn't all that responsive
  • Cryptocurrencies as the only form of deposit might not be convenient for every trader
  • The security is a source of major concern

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good start-up experience: CoinEx

As you know, a cryptocurrency exchange. It drew attention with the promotions they made when they first caught my attention. It is useful to buy tokens and coins that have some future potential and have not yet entered the major exchanges. Exchange is very successful, transfers are fast. They are constantly running new campaigns. The most important feature is that the transfers between exchange members are free. Take your place, it will be valued like bnb in the future. I can say that it is a…

  • Plenty of promotion
  • New campaigns
  • Free transfers
  • Withdrawal fees are low
  • Market history is very active
  • Poor support and no live support

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The CoinEX Review

Coinex is a good exchange with support for over 150 cryptocurrencies and a good trading volume of $72 million indicates where traders put their money to work. As a centralized exchange, security features are setup to prevent breach. The use of an SSL encryption protocol and a Multi-signature wallet helps protect the exchange. The exchange also helps users protect themselves through the use of 2fa. Withdrawal fees charged on this exchange are low as compared to many other exchanges and the…

  • High exchange security detailed in it's SSL encryption protocol, MultiSig wallet and user protection mechanism through 2fa
  • Low withdrawal fees charged by the exchange
  • CoinEX Trading app available for all mobile devices
  • CoinEX native token CET can be used to discount trade fees up to 50%
  • Low flat trade fees of 0.1% which is below the market average of 0.25%
  • Third-party support from Simplex to purchase Crypto with fiat
  • Good 24 hour trade volume of $72 million and as the exchange supports 158 coins with 380 pairs, it's very active in trading
  • Only spot trading is available on this exchange
  • No fiat trade is available currently