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About Uphold

Uphold is a multi-currency wallet that enables anyone, anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in any form of money or commodity instantly.  Beside being a web wallet, Uphold is also supported on Android and iOS. Uphold supports 9 cryptocurrencies, 23 fiat currencies and 4 precious metals in their trading application. 

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A wallet that has fully completed its development.

In the crypto world, there are wallets that continue to exist in the market, but are always striving to become popular. However, I think this wallet type has already made an effort to become popular…See more

Uphold wallet

Uphold is a virtual wallet for both cryptocurrencies and fiat money, it is founded in 2015 and it has both wallet and exchange features, it offers a virtual MasterCard for the purchase of all…See more

Exploring Multiple Security Features On The Uphold Wallet

The rate at which crypto wallets are coming into the blockchain industry is becoming alarming. This occurrence tends to have both a positive and negative impact. The positive impact is the fact that…See more

What I think about Uphold Wallet

Up next, on the cryptocurrency wallet, is the Uphold Wallet. The Uphold Wallet is a web based crypto or virtual finance wallet that allows users to trade cryptocurrency, stocks, and metals. Now…See more


In my post today, I will talk about another crypto wallet, Uphold. It is one of the most reliable cryptocurrency wallets and many people seem to prefer it over others. User-friendly makes it easy…See more


Uphold is a digital payment platform. It is a debit card that allows users to pay with crypto, commodities and cash. It is Uphold's new multi-asset bank card. Uphold card users living in the USA…See more

Uphold breaking down the barriers between payment mechanisms

With the arrival of the digital age, conventional finance has lost its validity; giving way to reliable e-commerce. This has enabled the creation of multiple payment platforms within the crypto…See more

My views on Uphold

Uphold is one of the wallets where you can keep or store your cryptocurrencies or dollars inside. I've had the opportunity to experience uphold before, and thanks to this experience, I've…See more

Uphold Multi Utility wallet for Exchange and Investment

Uphold Wallet Is best Interexchange Wallet for storing and Investt ing in crypto and Stocks at the same time within the wallet. Uphold is one of the wallet that has recently gain popularity for…See more

A secured wallet and exchange all in one project. Uphold.

Uphold wallet, I come across it sometimes ago, I could recommend it to an absolute newbie to cryptocurrencies, due to its simplicity, perfect UI design and layout, good security, I have to verify my…See more