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Review on CoinsBank USD by Furkan Ceylan

The credit card whose content is growing day by day: CoinsBank USD

With the CoinsBank USD card, you have the opportunity to trade between crypto currencies and to convert your cryptocurrencies to real money. The first use fee of the CoinsBank USD card is $ 24.90 when I use it. I think it's a bit high fee but I paid.

It was a platform that only supported Bitcoin and Litecoin at the time I used it. But now when I look again I saw that nothing has changed.

It supports a wide variety of real currencies, a nice feature compared to other crypto debit cards. And this feature of the CoinsBank USD card is increasing day by day by adding new currencies.

Some of the currencies it includes are;






Includes currencies such as. I made transactions with USD and EUR from these currencies. Withdrawal fees from ATM are about 5 dollar each time and I think it's a high fee.

The monthly fee to use the card is 0.95 Dollar.

Pros & cons

  • High security
  • There are many people investing
  • cryptocurrency types will increase
  • Transaction fees so hig
  • High transaction fee on every ATM fees