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Speedcash Cryptocurrency project has been evolving a lot and a lot of different project with different flavours and flavours and being lunch everyday but one knowing which one to invest on has been a very big issue and a very thing of concern as most of this project are only up for a little while and dump. I found this project a bit credible and the fact that they have been listed in some few exchanges has given me more confidence and then. Certik auditing it has not been cleared enough for me See full review

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Social coin It is a thing of a concern now for every crypto investor on the credibility of most crypto project, their potential and also making the choice of where to invest on and want to invest on has been a major concern. Has most of the project usually pump and dump project. The need for sustainable platform and project has been becoming a very alarming as most crypto investors are searching for a long time investment I personally only look out for a long-term investment. The social coin haSee full review

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Crypto cards are one of the most peculiar documents or tools, and due to their expensive fees and problems, they have not been able to achieve widespread adoption in my area. The majority of these cards are poorly managed by their service providers, and contacting help takes a long time. If you need to make an urgent transaction, you may not be able to get it right away, so plan ahead of time when you want to use your crypto asset. Because peer-to-peer transactions were invented in my nation, I See full review

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The payru platform

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I wish to review this Wonder full platform today, it is the pattie exchange. This Exchange has been in the market for quite some time now, since 2018, and is said to be on the binance smart chain network. i is very much in operation and fully offering it's various outstanding services. Which includes the wallets services, as well as exchanges services. This exchange is one of the best in terms of user interface, which enables easy navigation, it is beautiful and very much attractive to the sightSee full review

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I wish to give out my thoughts about this platform which I come across, my1ex exchange. It is a digital asset exchange as we all know it to be a crypto exchange, but this exchange has not been online for so long and operations have been in a hault since it's launch. The website is not going through and there is no trace of it on the internet. As the case may be, it maybe seen as a platform which might still be in development or probably has retreat from the business. Stay away till you hear a puSee full review

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Skex exchange is one of these exchange which has been up for some times but went off in a few months. The exchange has been able to keep it's name going on the social media through various telegram not airdrops which never came to reality or never pays off. It is recommendable for you to stay away from the platform as it is not a save place to be. The exchange is currently not in operation and anyone could be claiming or getting information from users and might end up in havok to users who provSee full review

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i want to share today one of the most interesting Exchanges you could come accross in your adventure in trading. It called the Dragon Ex. It is a Singapore base Exchange with the vision of encouraging the Asian world especially in trading Cryptocurrencies as well as becoming one of the world leading exchanges in the nearest I have come across this exchange bearly 3 month now. It was launched in 2018 and currently having over 70 Cryptocurrencies available for trading It has an appealing transSee full review

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Today i will love to introduce you to this wonder platform I found "Compare Transfer". I found out about this company through a friend when I complained about cost of transferring money to other countries You will agree with me that, the local banks also offer similar service of transferring foreign currency to other countries but at a very high and expensive cost. But not anymore! If you are looking for how to escape the local bank exploitation through high transfer charges of foreign currenSee full review

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i  came across Bithumb few months ago while searching for a more convenient exchange to trade with. Though it a Korean exchange, it contains many international languages and a very beautiful web interface. Yes, it operates a web-based trading platform. Even though it has a beautiful, nice and colourful interface, it could be difficult for a newbie in trading to navigate and make use of some of the features One good advantage I found about Bithumb is that it a very low transaction and trading fSee full review

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Exchange is very important to any crypto investor, it is used for buying coins, live trading. Some exchange might support some additional functions such as the launch pads , IEO, stakings and various airdrop. A good exchange should be able to provide an easy going user interface, a very good number of coins to trade, a good security which is recommended by a large community on various social media platforms and also provide you with various trading features as well as making the services availabSee full review

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Sky up exchange seems to be a long forgotten project as most of the ufunctionalities are not up-to-date you can bodly see prices off bitcoin and prices of a lot of alTcoin not being updated. The exchange seems to be functional board it has been long abandoned for so long. I I see a lot of unfinished orders which seems to be had a very old price of that coin. I will not recommend you to deposit money on this exchange as it is totally not a very good place it has being abandoned and the support See full review

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ZT exchange is a centralised exchange which is very suitable for a day to day trader as it containers all needed features and functionalities a trader will ever need. This exchange support a very good number of coins and also has been able to lose a good number of Fiat currency about 6 which if you can deposit and make purchases of some altcoins directly. Wild ones which you cannot purchase with Fiat currency, you can purchase it with some stablecoins. This change is very nice a very nice feel See full review

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RDAXio got my attention where it was listed by revain to be reviewed. After a lot of researches and surfing the net I didn't find any clue or anything related to this exchange. Checking the various platform ranging from telegram Twitter medium there is no any information related to this exchange. It seems to be an abandoned project that was hyped, but was never made real. I recommend you to keep an eye on the exchange for now and disregard any messages from anyone claiming to be or associated toSee full review

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At the start of my crypto journey kucoin has been my number exchange and one of the exchange I enjoy using the most throughout my years. Guess she got my attention when a friend referred me to eat and since then it has been my number exchange Kucoin is one exchange that is equipped with a lot of features which allows gold traders and investors to easily adapt to it. The exchange also is well laid out and I lost you too easily navigate. I will recommend it to any new be starting up in the cryptSee full review

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Coinbase is among my first very wallet at the beginning of my crypto journey I enjoyed your services and one day while surfing around the website I find out about the compass training courses. This course is attracted to me due to the fact that it is all about new and upcoming project and also the promise tokens after or on completion of the course. I am rolly on the courses which is absolutely free and one thing that makes me enjoy the courses was refunded it doesn't take long to complete hiSee full review

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Talking about one of the exchange i srtarted with in crypto, binance has been the one, i have use it for years now and still using it due to unbeatable services I have been recieving from it. binance is has a very rich features, providing you a combined feelings of a perfect exchange, wallet, farm as well as an investment platform. First, talking about security, is one of the best it always request for an email and a phone number verification befpre allowing the smallest number of coin leave yoSee full review

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I got into crypto years back and the first wallet i started with which i am still usin is the trust wallet. i have tried out a lot but still never get satisfied,. trust wallet is a very portable wallet compartible with various mobile phone operating system, the ios and the andriod. it also has web version which alliows you use and acces every feature of your wallet via your browers even on yiur desktops. The wallet has multiple features, which allows you perform your normal send andrecieve functSee full review

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