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Review on Coinbase Training by Blessed Sunday

Coinbase training courses review

Coinbase is among my first very wallet at the beginning of my crypto journey I enjoyed your services and one day while surfing around the website I find out about the compass training courses. This course is attracted to me due to the fact that it is all about new and upcoming project and also the promise tokens after or on completion of the course.

I am rolly on the courses which is absolutely free and one thing that makes me enjoy the courses was refunded it doesn't take long to complete highest maximum of 30 minutes. I completed a lot of courses and get your love love knowledge on project which normally requires you to read about them and their white people online. Based training courses presents these courses do you in a video format and giving you every detail wait a very good graphic illustration. I was able to understand blockchain more easily because of these coinbase videos. The only downside I see about it is the fact that I was promise tokens and completion of each of this course which I never receive. I recommend this course is to anyone did a newbie or a professional who wish to know about any projec project project as you know as you know in detail.

Pros & cons

  • The causes are short and brief, rich in information about any project
  • They use videos strictly. The videos containing very nice graphics an illustration which makes learning very interesting and comprehendible easily.
  • Because it's absolutely free to enroll but doesn't present une certificate on completion
  • They usually promise talking after or on completion of any course which seems to be an empty promise as I never received any after completing a good number of courses.
Thank you for your review. Since, I am new here, I am also looking for a place to dive in. This seems like a great place to start, although I find it difficult to trust a company that does not live up to its promises. For now, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Your review definitely helped me out.