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Review on Paribu by onur bln


The crypto money exchange that I have been using for a long time without any problems ...

In order to spread crypto money and increase its investors, it also started to give TV ads. This is a positive development but I think it needs to do something about the commissions.

got a warning about the article I wrote fasxwall: "It means like paribu is charging 1% tax". there is no such situation. Neither of them, whether paribu, btcturk or koinex, receives the newly added tax when buying usdt. But when you do usd and usdt arbitrage, you pay this tax to banks. It also writes you a minus the exchange commission. The paribu is the leader in the environment with a 0.35% taker commission. This fact should not be forgotten.

It is the right address for those who will meet the cryptocurrency world for the first time. There are a lot of people asking where should I buy first and start. They say how do I learn. You can't learn without practicing it yourself, taking tiny amounts. this is the best practice.

This entry is for those who are afraid to step into the crypto world and stay distant because of its complexity;

It has a structure that gives confidence to those who enter this environment for how many years and has provided them with warmth.

especially their interest in the customer, you can ask even the most ridiculous questions on any subject. don't hesitate. You will definitely get a return in a short time by mail or phone. (They don't harass and spam you like other companies do not worry :)

so you can easily adapt to the system. The intimidating, complex crypto world soon becomes quite simple and straightforward.

Try your first attempts in small symbolic amounts. After completing a few steps, you will realize that everything flows easily.

those who know, I am an expert now, "most" of those who say I am like that, got their coins first paribu :)

You can easily get used to the simple but user-friendly details without getting lost in that mess in other exchanges and the daunting effect.

except that one;

Do not forget that most of the Chinese exchanges keep producing mechanisms for how to get your money faster with money trap systems. There is no point in going to the Chinese and being a fodder for them without having a full command of the issues. they just help you lose faster.

I should also say the following advantage: if you follow it smartly by thinking, it creates very good opportunities. You can make good profits among the global prices. (but not easy jobs)

* You can also direct your serious investments with peace of mind due to its corporate identity and management mentality that attaches importance to ethical values.

Pros & cons

  • An expert in the slightest problem helps in a solution-oriented manner in a short time.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange, where I think its volume is completely real, we were able to deposit and withdraw extremely quickly.
  • The site that is your partner when you buy, sell, shoot, in short
  • I think the ad is very unsuccessful