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Review on EVER Wallet by David Olayide

TON Crystal Wallet Extension For The TON Blockchain

The TON blockchain has a mobile wallet! Of course you weren’t expecting that such a cryptocurrency project like Free TON, would leave it’s users and enthusiastic investors stranded with no options on how to store their tokens did you? Well the good news is that, the TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet made to operate with the TON blockchain, offering anyone who has the cryptocurrency, a safe place to safely store and spend the coins. Now this wallet is a little bit different from the wallets you’re used to. By this I mean that the TON Crystal Wallet, is built as an extension to the Chrome browser and this makes it very easy to use indeed. Since the wallet is attached to the Chrome web browser this is no issue of you having to go through the process of downloading the app from any app store. You have your browser running and all you have to do is search for the wallet extension on the chrome store and add or attach it to your web browser. No stress at all. Sign-in is a very simple affair and you shouldn’t encounter any problems at all. When I personally added the TON Crystal Wallet extension to my Chrome browser, I immediately got access to my account and the registration was done in less than 2 minutes. Make sure to keep your recovery codes because of security reasons. I was presented with a very simple and easy to use interface and I had almost no trouble navigating the wallet and getting used to it’s functions. After setting up your passwords as an additional security feature, you will of course be able to make use of some features of this wallet which includes the activating of other cryptocurrency assets supported by the wallet and gain access to the addresses of these assets which you can then copy in order to receive them into the wallet. I noticed that the TON Crystal Wallet also affords you the ability to add other supported custom assets and tokens otherwise not listed already. This would be done manually as expected. However I find that the list of supported cryptocurrencies or digital assets on the TON Crystal Wallet is quite limited, and not as many as it should be. With time of course, there could be additions to the list of supported digital assets on the wallet. Overall, the TON Crystal Wallet is a very good mobile wallet extension, easy and simple to use, with an appropriately designed interface. The wallet keeps you in charge of your own cryptocurrency and there are no incursions into the privacy of your private wallet. You are totally responsible for the safety of your assets, so I can not but fail to emphasize that you must securely store your seed phrases securely, most preferably on hardware. Losing it could mean losing your heard earned digital assets. It would be fair to acknowledge the risk that comes with using an internet based or affiliated mobile storage wallet. The internet as well as wallets, mobile accounts and the likes, are vulnerable to attacks from hackers. So it would be wise for the investor to this fact into consideration while making a choice on the wallet and the amount to store. Each user should user his/her discretion

Updated 3 months ago
Rating changed from 4 to 3

I had reason to make use of this wallet recently, and after its update I've found that it actually looks better, and is much easier to use than the web browser extension. I think there is much needed development to be done.

I expect to see some sophistication on the wallet interface. This will make the mobile wallet application more user interactive. Ever is a project that should scale in the future. Expectations are solid. New users shouldn't have any problems navigating the wallet's user interface. The app allows you to add multiple assets, but this is still limited to just a few. You're also given a passphrase which should be safeguarded.

Updated 1 month ago
Rating has not been changed

For a while now, the TON Crystal project has been renamed EVERSCALE. The project remains the same and now there's a mobile wallet for anyone to download from the app store. I have interacted with the mobile application but i am yet to see tangible improvements to the interface of the app. For new users the wallet is not very user friendly and it might be complicated to use at first. This is not a very positive thing when it comes to digital products, because consumers want ease of acess and not something that will stress them out. Hopefully/ the project will realize this and make much needed updates to make the Ever Wallet more user-friendly and efficient. The project remains a good one with good possibilities for future growth.

Pros & cons

  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Easy access. All you have to do is add the wallet extension to your Chrome browser
  • Easy registration and sign-in
  • Limited supported cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile support feature is unavailable
  • Internet based wallets are susceptible to external attacks
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