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Description of BITEXLIVE

Launched on 30/06/2017, BITEXLIVE is a centralized exchange based in Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan Region, city o Uralsk, K Amanzokolev Street, House No 174, Postal Code 090000.


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Type of review

Introduction to the review Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about BITEXLIVE. BITEXLIVE is a crypto exchange created in Turkey. The purpose of the exchange's creation is to facilitate the work of people who trade cryptocurrencies and thus to expand its user base by spreading its influence to more people. One of the main goals of the exchange is to become a world famous and large exchange. This is an excellent goal and I think BITEXLIVE can reach these and other goals in a short time.

  • It does its best to please its users and I think it succeeds.
  • The website of the exchange is very nice, it is also very easy to register on the site and manage assets through this site.
  • The security is quite high, even the protection of assets with the latest technology security measures makes BITEXLIVE a very reliable exchange.
  • Below average number of trading pairs and types of cryptocurrencies available on the exchange

Centralized exchange from Germany, presents a basic scheme for trading cryptocurrencies for operators in that region and globally, so it constitutes a variety of languages ​​included in the platform for a better understanding of its operation, in addition to the section on the design of the The user interface and the platform is modern with a basic appearance that makes it even easier for its users to understand and manage its functions. Trading system The exchange comes from a decent amount…

  • It has a modern and easy-to-understand interface design.
  • Includes several popular languages.
  • It has the basic safety mechanisms for the operator.
  • Its design is completely adapted for professional operators and beginners in the market.
  • It has real-time graphics from tradingView for professional traders.
  • Very few trading models with cryptocurrencies.
  • Withdrawal fees for most of the listed currencies are very high.
  • It has very low liquidity in most of its pairs of secondary exchanges.
  • The design of the trading interface is very widespread which can be very uncomfortable for traders to trade and perform price analysis at the same time.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Expert's guide to BITEXLIVE crypto exchange.

BITEXLIVE is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by experts with the goal of providing the finest possible service and user experience on the market. BITEXLIVE aims to give a consistent, transparent, and innovative cryptocurrency trading choice on the exchange to make trading fast, secure, and open to everyone across the world. How to begin on BITEXLIVE. BITEXLIVE makes it simple to open an account by requiring only an email address and a password, no KYC is required. You can fund your accou

  • It offers a unique selection of cryptocurrencies for trading, as well as affordable trading fees.
  • It is getting increasingly secure, and its popularity is growing than ever.
  • Thanks to the ease and convenience of registering and initiating trading, it is an excellent choice for new users.
  • BITEXLIVE is a big daily trading volume exchange platform.
  • They provide a support service that is available 24 hours.
  • Mobile application is not yet available.
  • Withdrawal fee for REV 0.02 ETH which is very high.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A Review On BitexLive Cryptocurrency Exchange.

BitexLive is one out of the many cryptocurrency exchanges available in the cryptospace as a medium for the transaction of digital currencies. Visiting the official platform was neccesary, because, well, you really can't know how it works if you don't see it for yourself. There really isn't much to the exchange that makes it different from your average cryptocurrency exchange. At first glance, the exchange platform looks quite attractive, given the color and the design but further on, one will…

  • BitexLive has round the clock customer support service.
  • Almost all user's funds and assets are safely stored in cold storage.
  • 2FA verification is needed before certain actions can be initiated on the exchange platform and data transmission also uses TLS connection.
  • It also features 5 major languages giving it a sort of multi-lingustic advantage.
  • BitexLive has only 36 trading pairs and few listed digital currencies, a limited option for intending traders.
  • The BitexLive exchange platforms' design is still below par in comparison to other popular exchanges.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

BitexLive Exchange

BitexLive Exchange is not a famous exchange among crypto exchanges in the world. The daily trading volume of this exchange is about $ 5 million at the time of writing this review. The number of pair markets of this exchange is currently only 41 pairs, among which there are unknown currencies. According to my survey in coinmarketcap statistics, 15 pairs of pair markets of this exchange currently do not have any daily volume! Is it easy to become a member of this exchange? Registration in this…

  • Many parameters are not required for the registration form
  • Automatic confirmation by email is required when login
  • Daily trading volume is low
  • The number of pair markets is small and a high percentage of them do not trade at all
  • Unable to register with phone number
  • Offers only one type of trade
  • Trading fee is higher than many popular crypto exchanges
  • Withdrawal fees for some currencies in this exchange are much higher compared to other exchanges

Revainrating 5 out of 5


Bitexlive is a cryptocurrency trade for buyers and sellers of all levels, bringing you the pleasant superior coin markets on your exploration. It additionally gives order books with exquisite liquidity so that you can effortlessly exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Ripple and plenty of others. virtual property with minimum slippage. You can exchange with self assurance as you're protected. Bitexlive guarantees that every one internet site information is transmitted over encrypted…

  • it has social media presence
  • it has good liquidity
  • it offers good varieties of coins for trading
  • it has no mobile app

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Today we will talk about the BitexLive cryptocurrency exchange

A little-known, once popular exchange attracts with its simplicity, calm design and fast exchanges with high liquidity. You can work with trading pairs of the most famous coins, although their number is not so large that you will be more disappointed than pleased. The layout of the site is presented to us at the moment already in 5 languages, it is clear that the project is little by little, but expanding its boundaries. For me, analytics on the site is very important, more useful features that

  • High liquidity
  • Over time, other languages \u200b\u200bof the site are added, for convenience
  • Easy and fast exchange
  • 24/7 support
  • Security at a high level: there is a two-factor authentication process everywhere
  • Relatively few trading pairs (only 36)
  • No analytics and help from real traders
  • No mobile app

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My thoughts on the crypto trading platform called BitexLive.

T Hello everyone. I'm going to talk to you about BITEXLIVE today. BITEXLIVE is a cryptocurrency trading in Turkey. The reason for the emergence of trade is to develop a customer base by working with individuals who exchange cryptographic forms of money and spreading its influence to more people. This shouldn’t surprise you with the fact that Fire Up Token was written on this scene. With Bitexclusive, BTC, ETH, Tie, Litecoin, Wave, and others, it is an exchange that delivers books that require…

  • Security frameworks and demonstrations are really worth it. The site is very important and important. The range of electronic media is absolutely worth it.
  • No problems

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Bitexclusive Trade is Turkish And Real

I have consistently had my bookings for Trades coming from Turkey. My predisposition is stemed from no other point except for from my experience most Trades from this spot are phony. Be that as it may BITEXCLUSIVE is unique. It will not actually shock you as trustworthiness to this reality is that Fire up Token Is recorded on this stage. Bitexclusive is a trade that gives request books that is profoundly fluid working with Consistent trade of BTC, ETH, Tie, Litecoin, Wave among others…

  • Bitexclusive is equipped with two factor validation convention.
  • It gets advanced resources in cool stockpiling which from my experience nis profoundly secure.
  • Its online help is accessible nonstop.
  • Consistent Sign up measure.
  • Multi-lingual stage.
  • Evaluated low from certainty Calculation.
  • Not accessible on cell phones.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

BITEXLIVE - A new concept in your opinion

BitexLive Trade is certainly not a well known trade among crypto trades on the planet. The day by day exchanging volume of this trade is about $ 5 million at the hour of composing this audit. The quantity of pair markets of this trade is presently just 41 sets, among which there are obscure monetary standards. As indicated by my review in coinmarketcap insights, 15 sets of pair markets of this trade as of now don't have any every day volume!  Is it simple to turn into an individual

  • Numerous boundaries are not needed for the enrollment structure
  • Programmed affirmation by email is required when login
  • Every day exchanging volume is low
  • The quantity of pair markets is little and a high level of them don't exchange by any means
  • Unfit to enroll with telephone number
  • Offers just one sort of exchange
  • Exchanging charge is higher than numerous famous crypto trades
  • Withdrawal charges for certain monetary standards in this trade are a lot higher contrasted with different trades

BITEXLIVE is a cryptographic money trade stage established in Germany that began its administrations to its market. Here you can purchase and sell however many cryptographic forms of money as you wish. It is feasible to do this in 3 phases. To start with, you need to sign in to the site of this trade and open a record from the sign up area. Furthermore, you can affirm the check email shipped off your email address and send a cryptographic money in this trade to your wallet here, or you can…

  • Security systems and conventions are very acceptable.
  • The site is exceptionally valuable and basic.
  • Web-based media variety is very acceptable.
  • It is extremely simple to arrive at the help line.
  • There are numerous language alternatives.
  • There are more than 40 coins.
  • They should utilize online media all the more adequately.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the new best reviews about BITEXLIVE

In the event that you need to exchange the conventional method of purchasing and selling monetary standards, this trade can be a decent alternative. The trade has 36 unique business sectors, including famous monetary forms. 2 factor validation is one of the fundamentals for a trade, and the bitexlive trade has likewise made it important to empower this component for cases that assume a significant part in account security. The business sectors of this trade are separated into three…

  • Extraordinary focal point of the trade group on the security of client accounts
  • High stacking velocity of site worker
  • Give numerous classes to business sectors
  • Action on most well known social medias
  • The quantity of tradable monetary standards is less contrasted with different trades

Unified trade from Germany, presents an essential plan for exchanging digital currencies for administrators that area and worldwide, so it's anything but an assortment of dialects ​​included in the stage for a superior comprehension of its activity, notwithstanding the part on the plan of The UI and the stage is current with a fundamental appearance that makes it considerably simpler for its clients to comprehend and deal with its capacities.  Exchanging framework The trade comes…

  • It's anything but a cutting edge and straightforward interface plan.
  • Incorporates a few mainstream dialects.
  • It has the essential security systems for the administrator.
  • Its plan is totally adjusted for proficient administrators and novices on the lookout.
  • The plan of the exchanging interface is extremely broad which can be truly awkward for dealers to exchange and perform value examination simultaneously.
  • It has extremely low liquidity in the majority of its sets of optional trades.

BITEXLIVE is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in Germany that started its services to its market. Here you can buy and sell as many cryptocurrencies as you wish. It is possible to do this in 3 stages. First, you need to log in to the website of this exchange and open an account from the sign up section. Secondly, you can confirm the verification e-mail sent to your e-mail address and send a cryptocurrency in this exchange to your wallet here, or you can deposit fiat here with differe

  • Security procedures and protocols are pretty good.
  • The website is very useful and simple.
  • Social media diversity is pretty good.
  • It is very easy to reach the support line.
  • There are many language options.
  • There are over 40 coins.
  • They should use social media more effectively.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My thoughts on a crypto exchange platform named BitexLive.

Hi everybody. Today I will talk you about Bitexlive. It is a poor-known exchange platform. But the co-founders of the platform use the right strategy that I think in the next two years the platform will be very popular. Now let's talk a bit deeply about the platform. Bitexlive is a cryptocurrency alternate for merchants of all stages and it affords you a pinnacle amplify coin markets for your exploration. It additionally gives order books with pinnacle tier liquidity, allowing you to without…

  • Plenty of choices
  • Good Security
  • I do not see any

BitexLive is a Turkish exchange that makes excellent use of cold storage. When I initially saw this exchange, I assumed it was defunct because many of the Turkish exchanges I had come across in the past were either dead or scams. The CEO of the exchange, Halil Beydili, founded the exchange in 2017. The exchange has a simple interface that is a little cluttered, however it can be changed to a dark or light style. Trading commissions are extremely high here; a 0.2 percent commission is quite…

  • This is a company from Turkey
  • This is a recently launched exchange
  • The trading fee is high
  • Only Turkish Lira is accepted as a form of fiat

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Bitexlive is a cryptocurrency exchange for traders of all levels and it offers you a top expand coin markets for your exploration. It also offers order books with top tier liquidity, allowing you to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Ripple and many other digital assets with minimal slippage. You can trade with confidence as your is secured, Bitexlive ensures all data from website is transmitted using encrypted Transport Layer Security connections, you can get in touch with

  • It has 36 trading pairs
  • It has good social media presence
  • It is well secured
  • It offers expanded marketplace for trading
  • It has good liquidity
  • It needs to incorporate mobile app for on the trading experience.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Bitexlive review

Bitexlive Exchange comes with a nicely designed Trading inteface which appears clustered however it absolutely customizable though. It is on an awesome note, this Exchange customers a chilly pockets to save you loss, it hack capacity of customers price range, in a nutshell it shield the customers price range from theft. You want to similarly understand is a centralized trade, nicely I select decentralized ones due to the fact they're extra stable and privateness guaranteed. This change makes…

  • It's a very good exchange platform
  • It's easy to use
  • It has great security features
  • US investors can use it
  • No negative reviews for now, if there's one I will update later

Revainrating 2 out of 5

BITEX Live exchange

Bitexlive is a Turkish exchange that does not seem to have a special advantage for Turkish users other than Turkish. This exchange does not support fiat currencies and it is not possible to use the local currency of this country to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The number of tradable currencies in this exchange is less than 50, which is really very small compared to the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The most important feature of this exchange is the observance of security points for user…

  • Most security protocols are followed
  • Trading is easy for amateurs in this exchange
  • The number of tradable currencies is less than 50, which is much less compared to popular exchanges
  • Fiat currencies are not listed in this exchange
  • It is a Turkish exchange and has no special advantages for the users of this country

Revainrating 5 out of 5

review of bitexlive exchange

In my opinion, security is one of the most important parameters in choosing an exchange for activity. Imagine being able to make a profit with different trades, but eventually losing our assets. We may even lose the money we received from the exchange from the beginning. For this reason, in terms of security, this exchange is one of the best because it uses appropriate security protocols for the website, also 2fa can be activated for user accounts, and finally, the store of users' assets in…

  • Ability to activate 2fa, which increases the security of user accounts
  • Exchange assets are in cold wallets.
  • Website security protocols are enabled on this website
  • Exchange language can be changed to 4 other languages
  • does not have