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I bought it for my brother, it is purple, not a color for boy actually, but apple colors are awesome, even red is useful for both men and women. Let's talk about technic specifications: iPhone 11 is one of the smartphone models that attracts attention with its features. The phone, which has a 6.1-inch screen, has an LCD Multi-Touch screen. The resolution of this screen is 828 x 1792 pixels. In addition, the display offers a maximum brightness of 624 nits and a contrast ratio of 1400:1. The screeSee full review

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I've been using it for about 15 days. I bought it from abroad at an affordable price. I was using 8 plus before. I think the issue of whether it's worth the money is relative. Some said it's not worth it, some said there's no better, etc. There are android phones with better features, which I will not compare with Android. Since I have the latest iPhone 8 plus, I will compare it with it: I can say that the screen quality is better on the pluses, the 8 plus screen was also very good. The lack of See full review

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Hi there. I am Mahammad and I am going to talk you about Apple IPhone 7 today. It is my first review after a long time. Iphone 7 is an old Apple model but inspite of pther firms, Apple makes phones very quality. It is useful device even today. Let's talk about specifications. The iPhone 7 does not bring big differences compared to its predecessor model, especially in terms of its design, it is even possible to think that it is the iPhone 6s at first glance. The most important detail at the desigSee full review

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The best wallet I have ever used. Better than Binance

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hi everybody. Today I want to talk you about KuCoin Wallet. KuCoin is a platform that you can easily store your money, invest it on cryptos, trade and so on. The most important thing to say is that I get my revs via KuCoin. It has two wallet options. They are Ethereum wallet and Tron wallet. I use its Tron wallet because it is fast than another one. The transactions are so fast. They happen in just few seconds. You can register there with mail or phone number. I use phone number option and diffeSee full review

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I have reviewed quite a few crypto exchanges and written reviews so far. Today, I will write a review about one of these exchanges, Bityard. Actually, I had heard about this exchange many times before, but I had not had the opportunity to review this exchange before. A few days ago, Bityard's collaboration with Revain caught my attention, and I decided to do more research on this exchange. My first feelings about the exchange were quite positive, I really liked the interface that greeted me whSee full review

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The topic I want to write today is about LA JAMOTECA. LA JAMOTECA was created in 1956 and is a Miami-based store. LA JAMOTECA, which started its operations as a food store, has managed to become a very large company with a large customer base today. The company sells meat, sausages, mushrooms, caviar, wine and many other similar products. This company, which is described as flawless by its customers, gives 100% guarantee of the quality and health of the products it sells. As we know, the most iSee full review

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The topic I want to write about today is about RazorGator. RazorGator is an e-commerce platform created in 2000. This platform is one of the best platforms where you can find affordable tickets for sports matches, concerts and other similar events around the world. Operating for more than 20 years, RazorGator strives to provide the best service to its customers, so customer satisfaction is well above average. This platform, which has a very large customer base worldwide and locally, makes salesSee full review

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The topic I want to write today is about Kennedy Art. Kennedy Art is a small Irish-based store. It is possible to find almost any tool you are looking for for painting in this store. The experience of the store may not be much, but thanks to the sincerity of the workers with the customers and the store's customer satisfaction above all else, this store has managed to become a place that is very popular with its customers. In the store, you can easily find quality brushes, art papers, paints andSee full review

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The topic I want to write today is about Paintball Discounters. Paintball Discounters is an experienced store that has been operating for nearly 25 years. As the name suggests, this store sells paintball gear and has gained recognition among local residents in this industry. According to statistics, the store's customer base isn't huge, but I believe that may change in the near future. Because store officials are very experienced people. Paintball Discounters store is a store that tries its besSee full review

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The topic I want to write today is about Campus Sports. Campus Sports is a local store operating in Scotland for nearly 30 years. As we can see, the experience of the store is quite large, but I think it is quite a small place compared to the store with such a great experience. Campus Sports is a store that sells running shoes, sportswear, and materials for different kinds of sports. As I just said, the number of customers is very low for now, and I don't know anything about satisfaction. This See full review

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My review today will be about CIRCA1941. CIRCA1941 is a local store created in 2010. Despite only operating for 11 years, this store has already managed to attract the attention of some famous researchers, collectors and many others. The store sells antique and original pieces from the second world war. The store, which even gives an authenticity certificate to prove that the products are truly antique, really does its best to please its customers. We can also look at customers' comments about See full review

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My review today will be about Wooden It Be Crafty. I can say that Wooden It Be Crafty is one of the most creative stores I have come across in recent years. Although it is newly created, this store, which has been met with great interest by people, sells creative products created with laser on wood. In addition, products that are not available on the website but requested by customers are made with special orders. There isn't much information about this store on the internet, I think it's becauSee full review

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My review today will be about Chalkola. Chalkola is a store created in recent years, but despite its young age, it is on its way to become a store that attracts people's attention and succeeds in gaining the reputation of customers. Not only do I say this, but also the customers. When I read the comments of the customers about the store, I realized how high the satisfaction was and I hope the store can continue to keep customer satisfaction at this level. Chalkola is a small local store that selSee full review

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My review today will be about Seattle ReCreative. Seattle ReCreative is a store created in 2015. I really find the work this store does very creative, because it's different and more interesting than many stores I've come across before. Although it has been operating for about 6 years, the customer base of this store, which has managed to gain the reputation and love of its customers, is growing. Seattle ReCreative's goal is to collect trash that is suitable for recycling and bring it back to peSee full review

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My review today will be about Yarn Kandy. Yarn Kandy is a store that started operating in the USA in 2015. Having been in business for only 6 years, Yarn Kandy has managed to achieve greater success than some of the big stores and has been able to gain fame among local local businesses and people. The store is famous for hand-dyed yarns and the products sold are all very high quality products. Although it is still a small business, I think it will be able to become a bigger and stronger store iSee full review

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Hello, the topic I want to write today is about My-D Pins. This store is a US-based store that has been operating for approximately 13 years. Due to the lack of experience and the lack of full attention to advertising, the number of customers is quite low, so it is a store that is still known by very few people. But I think it has the potential to be quite successful in the post-pandemic years. Because while researching about My-D Pins, I realized how right decisions were made and the right straSee full review

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Hello, the topic I want to write today is about Nature Haven. Nature Haven is a small US-based store, but just because it's small doesn't mean it's a failed store. In fact, I can say that it is more successful than some of the big stores that I have researched and written reviews about so far. While researching about Nature Haven, I realized that it's not how big a store is, but how big it does. Even though the store is small, the number of products here is quite large, and therefore the intereSee full review

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Hello, the topic I want to write today is about Heroes World. Heroes World is a locally operating Belgium-based store. The store has a large customer base, but it's a pity that most of these customers are local people. Because the results of my research about the store are quite good and it is a bad situation that such an excellent store is not global. I hope Heroes World will be able to become one of the global stores as soon as possible. Heroes World sells toys, collectibles, and many other itSee full review

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What is DigitalNote Coin (XDN) cryptocurrency, simply put? In the modern world, it is getting harder and harder to stay anonymous. The direct proof of this is the program developed by Russian software developers for face recognition. With this application, all it has to do to find your account on social media networks is to scan your photo and it can find you with 70% accuracy. Such programs help states to have full control over their citizens. This article introduced crypto currency digitalnotSee full review

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Hi everybody. This time we will talk about Coinsto. It is not such a good platform to use. The mission helps customers examine to journey systems. The assignment has been accelerated to maintain customers full of life and true deal with investors. The sketch systems are very ordinary due to the fact I like the background. This venture has a proper website. The fire opens shortly and normally. I regarded at the information about the crypto project, which is tremendous in my opinion. Coinsto utiliSee full review

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