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Description of DigitalNote

DigitalNote (XDN) is a cryptocurrency . Users are able to generate XDN through the process of mining. DigitalNote has a current supply of 8,074,043,323.164733 with 8,011,877,847.461072 in circulation. The last known price of DigitalNote is 0.00004244 USD and is down -1.04 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 9 active market(s) with $2,443.35 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://digitalnote.org/.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

DigitalNote XDN: The Privacy Pioneer of Crypto

Ladies and gentlemen, crypto enthusiasts, and privacy advocates, welcome to the intriguing world of DigitalNote (XDN), a cryptocurrency that has not only stood the test of time but continues to be a trailblazer in the realm of digital privacy. In this review, we will explore the fascinating landscape of DigitalNote, a platform that values anonymity, security, and versatility. A Legacy of Privacy DigitalNote is not just another cryptocurrency. It is a testament to the enduring importance…

  • Privacy-Centric: DigitalNote is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, utilizing ring signatures to provide untraceable transactions. It ensures a high degree of anonymity for users, making it suitable for those who prioritize privacy.
  • Development Risk: As with any cryptocurrency project, the successful development and execution of planned features and improvements are essential to the platform's long-term success

Revainrating 5 out of 5

DigitalNote new coin for mining and investment.

Information about DigitalNote (XDN) courses and other data on this site is automatically obtained from open sources, so we cannot guarantee that it is up to date. COINCOST has nothing to do with DigitalNote cryptocurrency, its creators and representatives.DigitalNote is an open source blockchain based on a hybrid Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake protocol. The cryptocurrency associated with the network is XDN. The XDN masternode network is built on top of this protocol. The main features of this…

  • Good
  • No problems

Revainrating 4 out of 5

No information about the team behind DigitalNote

DigitalNote is a crypto project that emanated from earlier project known as Ducknote which was built on cryptonote technology, a technology known for strong privacy and anonymity. The focus of the project is to bring about a decentralized currency that every investors can benefit from with focus on privacy, security and encryption. In digitalNote, all transactions are hidden from attack from any external sources. It can even weather the 51% attack which has repeatedly affected many crypto…

  • The project can usher in the sort of true anonymity desired in cryptocurrency
  • It is five times faster than bitcoin
  • Transactions are executed almost without cost
  • User enjoy full control over their transaction
  • The crypticurrency project is fully encrypted and resistant to ASIC and any block chain analysis hence all messages and XDN are fully anonymous
  • Holders of coin can enjoy lots of rewards
  • Mining experience is at efficient pace
  • The team behind the project remain anonymous. This can be a proof of lack of transparency
  • The coin is undervalued

Revainrating 3 out of 5

About DigitalNote

Centralization is kept to a minimum so that the economic curve does not fall into the hands of a single institution or organization. Service is provided with open source principle. This directly prevents the occurrence of any situation that may cause suspicion in the market. Centralization is kept to a minimum so that the economic curve does not fall into the hands of a single institution or organization. Service is provided with open source principle. This directly prevents the occurrence

  • it keeps centralization to a minimum.
  • ensures that your personal information and transaction flow remain anonymous.
  • It satisfies people with its user-friendly interface and general functional structure.
  • has problems with full security and protection of personal information
  • value is very low
  • not listed on most exchanges

Revainrating 4 out of 5

From the past to the present, DigitalNote...

Hello. What is this digitalNote? This company was launched in 2014 as dNote, that is, DuckNote, and changed its name to "DarkNote" when it developed and expanded its protocols. And finally, it became official as its current name, "DigitalNote". As of 2017, its founders withdrew from the market, sharing open source code to be advanced by a community team that continues to develop it. If I offer you a site, the center is not obvious, that is, it cannot be tracked. I can make…

  • It allows us to process fast with its infrastructure.
  • Reliable and impossible to track.
  • Reward system for miners.
  • An open source project open to the public.
  • 6-year resume.
  • Growth rate is low in 6 years.
  • Although its volume is large, its value is narrow.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


It can be said that digitalnote has launched a kind of telegram messenger on the blockchain network, which is not a new idea. In general, I do not agree with the idea of ​​the project, and the reason for the huge competitors in the field of messenger such as whatsapp, telegram and many others is that digitalnote has very little chance to be seen among these companies. In XDN currency price analysis, the btc pair can be expected to rise again as long as the price is above 5 Satoshi, especially…

  • Acceptable transmission speed in its network (has a dedicated blockchain)
  • It can be mined with both CPU and GPU
  • Good idea but very strong competitors

Revainrating 4 out of 5

DXN: The DeFi Privacy Project since the beggining.

Launched on June 2014. DXN never been a ERC-20 token. Built on Hybrid Blockchain Half PoW - Half PoS, both ASICs resistant, to reduce centralization. Their developed to provides costumers two important services: InstantTX. The broadcast network through the Masternode, were users can send and recive XDN. DigitalNotes’s. A secure message system, relayed in peer to peer Protocol, to send and recive encrypted messages. Client could does both through the Wallet. The New XDN Web Wallet can be

  • Autonomy
  • hodler rewards
  • ASICs resistance
  • No DApps already
  • Low exchanges list
  • Just BTC pair

Weather you believe in Austrian Economics or not it is the main reason behind valuations of rare things with finite or low growth AKA HARD MONEY. Things like gold have about a 1-2% per year growth rate. XDN is Capped at around 8billion coins that will be in circulation however the max supply including burnt coins is roughly 10billion. Look to other coins with these amounts that do not even have a max supply or end in sight to production. Many of them have values nearing 1.00. Imagine that for a

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Digitalnote is a platform lincenses under a proof-of-work protocol.

DigitalNote (XDN) intends to be an ASIC and blockchain analyst initiative for protected and untraceable exchanges and encoded messages. The XDN blockchain has mixture agreement instrument of proof of stake and proof of work, that is made conceivable through a proof of action protocol. The XDN tokens can be utilized as a money token to make the untraceable exchanges or as a utility token to utilize their scrambled courier administration. In addition,DigitalNote was initially delivered as "duck

  • It enables fast Private transactions for users.
  • It provides a P2P messaging that might be difficult to trace.
  • It totally available on the coinmarket cap.
  • There's none for this review.

With the upward push of cryptocurrencies within the market for numerous years now, there have been many cryptographic advances made to defend users and one of the maximum exceptional is in phrases of security whilst trading. In the contemporary world, it's getting harder and more difficult to live nameless. Direct evidence of this is this system developed by using Russian software program builders for facial recognition. It is regularly blamed for the lack of blockchain era. In this example…

  • Improves community integrity.
  • Secure, non-public transactions.
  • Fast switching and encrypted data are active.
  • I can not see something.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

In-depth overview and analysis about DigitalNote.

With the exception of Bitcoin, DigitalNote is one of the few cryptocurrencies that use a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines both proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS). Fairness in the network is improved as a result of the exclusion of the vast majority of mining power from mining a substantial portion of the network, as well as the reduction of blockchain network resources and power consumption, which results in a less detrimental effect on the environment. The XDN blockchain is…

  • It improves network integrity.
  • A secure communications system is now possible.
  • A future-proof network.
  • NO concern to mention.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review and thoughts on DigitalNote

What is DigitalNote Coin (XDN) cryptocurrency, simply put? In the modern world, it is getting harder and harder to stay anonymous. The direct proof of this is the program developed by Russian software developers for face recognition. With this application, all it has to do to find your account on social media networks is to scan your photo and it can find you with 70% accuracy. Such programs help states to have full control over their citizens. This article introduced crypto currency…

  • It has a good technology
  • It has fast transactions
  • I do not see any

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Is DigitalNote still has good investment opportunities?

The crypto industry is continuously developing new initiatives to meet the requirements of consumers. When it comes to privacy and security, Blockchain technology is frequently blamed for a lack thereof. In this instance, DigitalNote is created in order to address the issues of privacy and security that are often associated with blockchain technology. As a result, DigitalNote becomes the perfect platform for individuals that need transactions that are quick, secure, and difficult to track. A…

  • The platform is constantly evolving and supported by its users.
  • Secure, private transactions.
  • It has a great P2P messaging service with maximum privacy.
  • It features a lightweight wallet.
  • Still quite unfamiliar.

Centralization is maintained at the base, so the financial curve will not be under the control of a single fund or organization. The service is provided with open source instructions. This directly closes any event that could cast doubt on the search. The convention uses the needs of the best-in-class organization, easy to use GUI wallet and various organizational updates, a worldview with a libertarian market, unique action bending, decentralization equal to the CPU manufacturer, ASIC secure…

  • Fast exchange and encrypted data are dynamic
  • retains centralization to a minimum.
  • The value of coins is low

DigitalNote, a crypto project made before an endeavor called Daknot, which is associated with the improvement of crypto, is a fantastic affirmation and a headway known for secret. Beginning here of view, the thinking about the high level note arrangement is that, as it depends upon the improvements of the kryptonote, vulnerability is the creation of air, which is the crucial condition of the whole issue. Men The philosophy is to bring decentralized cash through security, encryption, and

  • Open Source Venture for the Local area.
  • Quick exchanging and encoded information is dynamic
  • I didn't met blemishes

DigitalNote, a crypto project made before a venture called Daknot, which is connected to the improvement of crypto, is an incredible assurance and an advancement known for secret. Starting here of view, the thinking of the advanced note configuration is that, as it relies upon the developments of the kryptonote, uncertainty is the production of air, which is the fundamental state of the entire issue. Men The methodology is to bring decentralized money through security, encryption, and…

  • Open Source Project for the Community.
  • Fast switching and encrypted data is active
  • I did not met flaws

With the rise of digital currency in recent research, a number of cryptographic developments have been made to provide customers, perhaps the most prominent of which is security in exchange. From this point of view, since the digital signage design method is dependent on kryptonot innovations, darkness is the key to creating an atmosphere that is the key to all work. The rapprochement of this work is to make decentralized money by circulating each money sponsor through guarantees, security and

  • The coin is distinguished by respect and is open to various individuals.
  • no flaws

Revainrating 3 out of 5

No data about the group behind DigitalNote

DigitalNote is a crypto project that exuded from before project known as Ducknote which was based on cryptonote innovation, an innovation known for solid protection and secrecy.  The focal point of the undertaking is to achieve a decentralized cash that each financial backer can profit with center around protection, security and encryption.  In digitalNote, all exchanges are stowed away from assault from any outside sources. It can much climate the 5% assault which has over and over

  • The venture can introduce the kind of obvious obscurity wanted in digital money
  • It is multiple times quicker than bitcoin
  • The coin is underestimated

For quite a long while, with the ascent of digital currencies on the lookout, there are numerous cryptographic advances that have been made to ensure clients, and perhaps the most prominent is as far as security when making exchanges. In this sense, the way of thinking of the digitalnote project is to establish a climate where namelessness is the premise of the whole undertaking, since it depends on cryptonote innovation. It is an open source project, made in , and offers ASIC-safe mining, with

  • Exchanges utilizing digitalnote are completely unintelligible and information is completely encoded
  • It is a venture that actually doesn't have a lot of liquidity in the trades wherein it is recorded, so I accept that it actually needs to chip away at persuading the local area to join the undertaking.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Anonymous coin.

On the 30th of Hawthorn 2014, DigitalNote was released from the very beginning in the "duckNote" section. Its goal was to initiate funds with modern attributes and trademarks for an outstanding collection of digital currency focused on the anonymous CryptoNote application. Principles of behavior established as commonplace, ideal for sysadmin, justified inter-stage interface and unsure improvements above, libertarian commercial center worldview, modern transmission bend, balance distribution…

  • Based on CryptoNote technology anonymous.
  • Exhibition of decentralization with efficient processor, ASIC processes, sustainable mining.
  • Convenient cross-platform GUI wallet.
  • Fast operations and transmission of encrypted information.
  • No liquidity.