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It is a native token of the Coinex Smart Chain, CSC. Therefore, it can be found in 2 types: The CET CSC and the CET ERC-20. The main function of CET, Coinex Centralized Exchange is to reduce transaction fees on its platform; As well as granting privileges to the holders (These increase as they are had) There are up to 6 levels. The platform has liquidity pools, paired with BTC, BCH, ETH and USDT; It can be entered with the minimum equivalent of 200 USDT per Asset. recently added the USDC pair See full review

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This action is carried out on the Bitcoinus website; By registering, users get a portfolio for different assets: Bitcoinus, BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, XEUR, XRP, DASH, and XEM; That can be exchanged for EUR. Users must verify their identity in order to access this exchange option. The wallet is well organized, it has a transactions section, to review the payments received and made. A section to create payment orders. It contains the option to add projects, which can be integrated into the Bitcoinus See full review

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Will Elon Musk's opinion influence too?

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The purpose of the token is to become the main contender for DogeCoin. The project was ready in early February 2021. At first glance it would seem that the project has little activity, it has less than 200 followers on Twitter; But it has more than 6K members on Telegram, the active group is around 900. Acquiring the token is within the reach of a click with the Web wallet, although it is a currently cheap token, the gas payment per transaction increases the expense. It can be purchased in DEXSee full review

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XRPress transactions

Revainrating 4 out of 5

This coin is undoubtedly one of the most controversial. He has recently had problems with the SEC and is torn between being a security asset and not being one. Hated by many and loved by others, during 2019 and 2020 she found herself in place no. 4 by market capitalization, in late 2020 and early 2021 it became asset no. 3 outperforming USDT; But soon he returned to his position. It is a currency that struggles to achieve supremacy in the DeFi world and is the "Big Sister of XLM" Although it dSee full review

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HBTC exchange review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It's a simple registration exchange, it takes less than a minute; It is with cell phone and does not require initial KYC. Has several levels of security; For login, Assets, trading and withdrawals; Essential to protect your investments. Its trading platform is complete and its portal is developed to meet the needs of any experienced or beginner trader; It has its own token (HBC) with which benefits are obtained when operating on the portal. It has its own token (HBC (the renewed brand of BHT)See full review

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Metaprediction = Nothing

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This token claimed to be a market predictor. The project was created a little over a year ago and it didn't take long for it to go on sale. It has a green logo, which looks like that of the Midas project. It was up for sale on various exchanges in mid-April 2020; With a total supply of 850 B. HitBTC listed it for a couple of weeks, then I disable it for transactions, it is only available for withdrawals. The only exchange that sells it is STEX, it does so in exchange for Ethereum, apparentlSee full review

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A privacy token for EOS

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It is a project generated in EOS, its objective is privacy; The transactions are cheap and fast. In Some exchanges it can be exchanged for pBTC, it is an important point; Although at the moment and its low market cap, it is bought at a low cost; It is a token that moves a lot and from what I have seen, it can be staked on Wax and Telos. It coul be exchanged for USDT, BNT too, this allows you to migrate from one blockchain to another. The market is dynamic in Hotbit but rigged. Has high liquidSee full review

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The investment pool is very broad and offers a vault for various assets, with attractive profit percentages; There are fixed and flexible. Something that I think is important to highlight is that it has a list of EOS tokens, which can be exchanged for USDT, ETH or BTC🧐. It is something very useful to change the Blockchain. It is a characteristic of flexibility that is enjoyed; Therefore, the price must be paid. The withdrawal fees on some tokens are very high; It would seem that what is leSee full review

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Mr. EOS & Mrs. Blockchain

Revainrating 5 out of 5

EOS is the asset that sustains and speeds up the entire EOSIO Blockchain Platform; The block creation process is powerful (1block/0.5secondes). Fastest! Processes between 50-60 transactions/second. Is complete, competitive and popular since its ICO launch in July 2017 ( many of the ICOs fail with the roadmap or fulfill their whitepaper; EOS is already designing 2.1 V). Their software releases are on their official site in chronological order, are open source & free download. The 3rd partiesSee full review

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Instanty balance reload

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Something that is quite good, because the regulatory Institutions of the country, intervene in case BitPay does not comply with any of its obligations. But, the above is somewhat contradictory in the world of decentralized Finance, because "Decentralization" is sought; Although regulatory measures are necessary and important, they are part of the measures already used by banking systems. This is a is a reloadable prepaid card: The balance can be reload with no conversion fees Reload instantly wSee full review

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The project defines itself in the category of: Crypto payment gateway & merchant tools. Apparently it had a good season at the end of last year (the period lasted about four months ) from november 2019 to march 2020. But, can not be lifted from the fall; It was a heavy blow for many crypto assets. Talking about their social networks and web site: The page seems outdated, abandoned, cluttered and badly designed. They haven't uploaded anything to their YouTube channel for more than eight monSee full review

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Crypto anywhere

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This card is empowered by CRYPTO. One of the most secure, extensive, robust and experienced exchanges in the DeFi world; The advantage of DeFi Wallet (unlike an exchange account) is: You have the keys of your crypto. One of the attractive things in all cards are: Discounts! And this card offers many, are ranging from 10 to 100%. In addition, rewards of 8% for those who have CRO staked and 2% for those who do not. It's a desirable card for travelers; It let's you and one guest, access to the AirSee full review

ultragate logo

Ultra-known formula

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It is a Defi project, with a promising roadmap for 2021. A cryptocurrency An exchange platform. A marketplace. With a design in shades of black, white and yellow; Plus the same total supply of Bitcoin. Ultragate appears to be mimicking the formula of the most famous cryptoactive. Something that could give you an edge in the market; Well, it is following the route that BTC chose to achieve success. While this seems like a compliment, I don't know; At the moment there are more than 6,000 DeSee full review

lbry credits logo

LBRY is an entire organization, as well as being a mineable cryptocurrency. A network that protects copyrights It is a platform for creators. Can be monetized It is a wallet. An app . A utility token. Blockchain Explorer. Available for all the operating systems; Cell phones & computers (Penguins, apples, windows, androids) It is available for all the world, but some registration features are not freely available to everyone; If you can't do it for free, they cost you just under $ 4.99 US. See full review

bancor network logo

It is a practical DEX, just by connecting a compatible wallet to the Bancor dapp, to swap some of the 84 currencies that this Network has. As usual on DEX, this one also has a governance token: BNT, which has 86 pairs. The tokens that are traded there are from Ethereum and EOS; The most popular are Ethereum, DAI and USDT. On the site you can provide single liquidity in a pool, where for your peace of mind you can also protect your token pools with "Special Insurance" for impermanent loss by See full review

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It is a DEx with 296 pairs and 185 currencies, in which you can find the most popular assets, even ones that you had no idea that could exist. That is one of the reasons why it is a good exchange. Its design is not pretty, but it is a safe site. Because of liquidity, the minimum amounts for deposits become high for those of us who handle a few dollars; The same for withdrawal fees. It is possible that for this reason, the assets have a higher price than the regular market; That and another faSee full review

nagax logo

Let's start at the beginning; NAGAX is an exchange platform, founded in 2015. It is used mostly on the European continent and is available many languages (They are between 8 and 12, but I cannot specify how many, because there are discrepancies between one website and another). Something that differentiates it from other types of exchanges where trading is done. Is that this platform focuses mainly on trading; What I mean by that is that this platform is not just an exchange site where ySee full review

naga logo

NGC is the utility token of NAGAX (You can read some reviews in the exchanges section of this platform ). There are 77,910,266, all circulating. And can be purchased at HitBTC, Bitrrex and Sistemcoin. Its pairs are: BTC, ETH, USDT and TRY. The project was launched as an ICO at the end of December 2017. Its value has dropped considerably from the day of its launch to date, something usual in initial offer projects. But, the fact that its price has dropped does not detract from its valuSee full review

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This DEX, from Cayman Islands was incorporated during 2018. It currently has 71 currencies and 138 pairs; Among them its NDX token, the main utility is to reduce the initial 0.2% fee on transactions. The Fee is reduced by staking the Newdex Token on the platform. By doing so, you become a VIP member (There are at least 10 levels). Depending on the blocked amount, in addition to the fee discount, you also can receive other benefits, such as: Claim BOX reward for free Receive Airdrops CPUSee full review

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People 2 People

Revainrating 4 out of 5

If you like anonymity, on this platform you will have to identify yourself; KYC is required before making your first deposit. In some DEX the initial commissions go from 0.1 to 0.05%, here the initial fee is 0.2% for Taker and Maker; It has a referral code program with which you can earn commissions for the trading of your guests. With those earnings, the commission expense can be offset. There is a lot that can be written about the exchanges, about this, more than a review, I wrSee full review

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