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Review on NAGAX by Mismo Monster

Crypto Social Trading & Forex

Let's start at the beginning; NAGAX is an exchange platform, founded in 2015. It is used mostly on the European continent and is available many languages (They are between 8 and 12, but I cannot specify how many, because there are discrepancies between one website and another).

Something that differentiates it from other types of exchanges where trading is done. Is that this platform focuses mainly on trading; What I mean by that is that this platform is not just an exchange site where you enter with your assets and do with them what you please; This platform seeks to provide users: Technology, tools and resources so that the investor can make better decisions when trading.

The products and tools they offer are:

  1. NAGA Protector: Ensures profits and limits losses automatically.
  2. Price Alert
  3. Stock: Purchase / Sale of Shares of the main companies in the world.
  4. Social trading: For those who are not very familiar with the markets or who want to copy the movements of someone experienced. It does not hurt to emphasize, there are always risks when trading. If you choose to copy someone, the responsibility is solely yours (Only you are responsible for your financial choices, if you choose to copy someone, you must be aware and learn to manage your earnings and loss).
  5. Automatic copy for Social Trading (Exclusive to cryptocurrencies)
Those traders who are copied receive bonuses, benefits and commissions when the trading transactions are successful. Commissions are proportional to the amount earned by the person who copied.
As far as Forex is concerned, the available currencies are: EURO, GBP, NZD, AUD, CAD, CHF, USD, JPY. Among the available stocks we find some of the world's leading brands: Apple, McDonalds, Tesla, CocaCola, Starbucks, Microsoft, Wallmart, AMD, NVIDIA, Ford, Netflix, Tesla, Google and FedEx.
The NAGA Group AG, a FinTech company based in Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange* Has a referral program, in case you want to have some extra income with the investments of any of your guests.If you are interested in downloading the app it is available for Android and iOS.
I hope the information is useful to you, if you know any other information, let us know.


Pros & cons

  • Fiat wallets: Euros and Dollars.
  • 500 assets, Cryptocurrencies, markets and Forex.
  • The cryptocurrencies available are: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, ZEC, EOS, IOTA, TRX, XMR, BCH, NEO.
  • The utility token of this ecosystem is NGC, it is mainly traded on HitBTC (You can read some reviews about it, in the projects section).
  • Customer service is 24/5, it's a good thing; But 24/7 would be better, you never know.
  • The NAGAX DNS is different from Coingecko, and both are different from the link of the Twitter account (It is possible that the first refers to the DEX and the second to the token project) The company could clarify this, it can avoid misunderstandings. Although they both seem authentic, be careful with scamers.