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Review on Chalkola by Mehemmed Akberov

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Chalkola is a new store, but it's running some pretty successful strategies

My review today will be about Chalkola. Chalkola is a store created in recent years, but despite its young age, it is on its way to become a store that attracts people's attention and succeeds in gaining the reputation of customers. Not only do I say this, but also the customers. When I read the comments of the customers about the store, I realized how high the satisfaction was and I hope the store can continue to keep customer satisfaction at this level. Chalkola is a small local store that sells pencils, paints and other similar items. In fact, when it was created, Chalkola, which aimed to sell only special pens for children, decided to expand this business after a while and started selling paints and pens for creative people. Since the majority of its customers are children, the store has to pay great attention to the quality of the products it sells and how harmless it is. I think Chalkola does this job pretty well too, because according to the demonstrators, the products are all made specifically for children and approved by mothers. This feature increases people's trust in the store. Chalkola's website is also available, there is a lot of information about the store on this site, it is also possible to order online. Here I end my review of Chalkola.

  • The majority of the shop's customers are children, so the shop pays great attention to ensuring that the products are safe and harmless.
  • It is clear from the comments of the customers that people love Chalkola very much.
  • I don't think the store has a serious minus feature

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